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Hello r/2007scape. On December 10th, 2015, my now 13 year old RS account was handed a manual permanent mute during a spam wave in Mod Mark’s clan chat for saying “Markdonalds.” I submitted an appeal within a couple of days but almost instantly I was given an automated response denying my appeal. Additionally, since it was a manual permanent mute, I have never been able to see evidence relating to the incident either.

If anyone is doubting my story, thinking I couldn’t possibly me perm muted just for a simple “markdonalds,” notice that date 10-Dec-2015. Many other users were permanently muted in the same spam wave, including the user in this reddit post I’ll link below. This guy received a response and was unmuted by former Community Manager, Mod Balance:*ck_is_permamuting_first_time_offenders/

On and off since 2015, I have put over 100 days into my account, recently reaching over 2000 total and 99 slayer. I’ve tried getting the attention of Jagex through twitter, reddit, and email numerous times over these past 6 years but to no avail. All I ask is that someone who sees this post takes a second look at my punishment after all of these years.

Thank you 2007scape. Hopefully I can speak with you all again someday.

EDIT: Thanks for the support everyone. Hopefully this catches someone's eye at Jagex.

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13 days ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

If it's a perm mute it sounds to me like it might be a bit more than an isolated incident .. but let me know the RSN and I'll take a review of it

Update: I've received the RSN and checked the mute, it is nothing to do with 'Mark Donalds' and perm mute is the correct penalty.

13 days ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

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pop a ban appeal in