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Originally posted by RS_Aska

Hoping this is just wording confusing me on question number 1. Is it "do you want group ironman to come out as it is described in this blog?" And if it doesn't pass, it goes back to the drawing board? Or is it "do you want group ironman to be added to the game period." I completely understand that this high an absurdly high chance of passing, but do we really have to actually worry about it getting spite voted or barely failing and missing out on it? I'm anxious by nature so this is definitely ramping up the panic since I've been wanting to do this with my friends since 2019.

If the poll fails then I don't think it'd be outrageous for us to consider going back to the drawing board to refine the proposal, but the question on offer is essentially "do you want group ironman to be added to the game period."

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Originally posted by TehStuzz

To me it feels like releasing GIM without a shared poh and even shared storage is releasing it too soon in a gimped state. Better to wait a bit and release it later, we've been waiting for years anyway.

If it doesn't release with shared storage then actually adding it will be added to the backlog of issues and will probably take a long time. Shared poh will probably never be released if it isn't part of the original update, as everyone will already have their own poh.

Shared PoH isn't something that is currently possible.

Delaying the launch of Group Ironman to include it is not an option - we have no indication of how long it might be until this is technically possible, yet alone the dev work and testing that would then have to follow. It really is a substantial piece of work.

Whilst it's unfortunate we can't offer it, especialy given the supportive feedback we've had for the feature, it's the reality we have to accept right now in order to see Group Ironman actually release.

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Originally posted by Responsible-Tea-2199

I was hoping to get some clarification on Individual vs. Group prestige and how that effects item sharing.

I would imagine that individual prestige would be the driving factor in the equipment lock behind 1 kc as opposed to group prestige. Since this is intended to stop groups from boosting a new member this should allow for group who lose group prestige (due to raiding with outside members) to still swap gear amongst themselves without the kc restriction. Is this the case or is the gear restriction done based on group prestige?

The blog covers this exact point - was it not clear enough there?

Group Prestige is simply an indicator that you're the same group of people since creation and that none of the group has done CoX/ToB/Nightmare of Ashihama with players not in their group.

Individual Prestige determines whether or not wealth and item transfer restrictions are applied to an individual group member.
* If you join a group other than the one you started with, you will lose Individual Prestige.
* You will always have Individual Prestige unless you join another group.
* Every player in the group will have Individual Prestige when the initial group is formed.
* New players added to the group after formation will not have Individual Prestige.
* Losing Group Prestige does not have an impact upon Individual Prestige.

Grouping with outsiders will not lead to any restrictions to trading the original group members - these will only be applied to individuals who swap groups. You can freely trade items between anyone that was there when the group was formed, even if new members are added - trade restrictions will only be in place when trading new group members.

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Originally posted by Responsible-Tea-2199

I was seeking clarification because that statement felt like it pointed more towards the time locked wealth transfer cap and less towards the 1 kc requirement.

I didn’t know if the group could technically trade your skiller a whip but he couldnt equip it till 1kc.

I was also seeking clarification because after the stream in offline chat I asked Mod Elena if inviting a new member to the group would impose the 1 kc requirement and she said yes, it seemed this was saying the opposite so I wanted to make sure

So there are no restrictions between original members - only those who join the group after its initial creation.

You can trade anything that is tradeable freely between group members, so long as they're the same members that were there from the start - also known as the "Prestige" group members. This includes items that would otherwise be restricted for new members, such as the Abyssal Whip.

Hope that clears it up for you!

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Originally posted by Responsible-Tea-2199

Ok, yes it seems, like the blog stated that the only thing tied to group prestige is highscores, I just wanted to make sure that this included the 1kc/skill level requirement as it was specifically mentioned.

Thanks for your patience and quick response as well as all of the hard work that all of you put in to keep our game fun and community informed!

No worries at all! Glad to have been able to help :)

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Originally posted by teaklog2

Would you be able to make it so that you're locked out of inviting people not in your group for raids unless your team does like a vote at the ironman tutor?

I'm concerned that my group will be going for group prestige, but then we'll have that one person who stops caring and causes us all to lose it. Or someone forgets, drinks a little too much, etc

It would be nice if you could lock all members out of it unless they all agree to do a group prestige loss action.

There won't be a way to lock people from grouping with others like you suggest, but you'll be given warnings should you attempt to do an activity that could cause you to lose Group Prestige.

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Originally posted by Ollie1700

They made this mistake with the setup of the polled questions when the new skills were being presented and ended up almost passing but not quite. They are asking if GIM should be added "as described in the blog" as a single question.

This, and future big updates that have overwhelming support + many hours of development work gone into them, need to be posed as two questions:

  1. Should GIM be added to the game?
  2. Should GIM exist as described in the blog?

This way, for new OSRS features that have overwhelming support, you will clearly see that reflected in the question 1 of the poll. Then if there are heavy balance issues or still things left to be address, they can at least spend more time getting community feedback and equally they know their development work isn't going to waste.

I hope that they either change the question formatting for this poll or at least take note of this for future big feature polls...

EDIT: Wow my first reddit award on a somewhat political RuneScape thread. Thank you!

This is some great feedback! I'll personally share it with the team.