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Pets are supposed to be fun content, something to enjoy and bring out with you whenever you want without the fear of losing 1m on a death. And it definitely shouldn't ever be lost if you die right after you get it (wildy pets especially but also wherever). I really don't get why the current system have to stay this way and be so annoying. Money sink? I think the G.E tax have proven that this money sink is kind of pointless, if I had to guess, in the day of release of G.E tax it probably removed more money than pets since the release of pets. Just let us enjoy pets please, they're rare enough as it is and they don't bring you any advantage or value except for flex and fun, don't keep them stuck with this bad system.

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2 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

This is an interesting discussion and the team has been up for discussing it recently.

I'd love to see how this thread progresses to gather some more player feedback on the topic and bring it back to them. So please do keep leaving your thoughts on the topic, if you are willing to do so. :)