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4s hello hello hello everybody I I realized
7s my third hello is not actually in the
9s script but it probably should be by this
10s point hello welcome uh to this uh lovely
14s Q&A on this bright and sunny Thursday uh
18s in the UK it's lovely outside I've been
20s staring at the the blue skies every
23s moment I can um if you didn't know we're
27s talking about uh Vol part two again in
29s this live stream but this time it's
31s going to be about uh the group boss
32s encounter and its rewards we released
35s the blog on Tuesday cuz Monday was about
38s colay uh Tuesday they gave you a lot of
41s detail um so yeah if you haven't read
44s that should definitely check that out
46s while we're going through uh bits and
47s pieces here but uh and you can you can
50s use exclamation mark group a boss uh in
53s the chat to make uh to check that out uh
56s and we also had a lovely Discord stages
58s call on Tuesday so if you want more on
60s this topic a little insight before we uh
63s jump into questions today you can type
64s exclamation mark stages into the chat to
67s get link to the recording and you can
69s type exclamation mark Discord to not
71s miss upcoming modcast cuz we're going to
73s do more of them they're very chill uh
75s and I enjoy them I enjoy hanging around
77s with uh some people and having a chill
79s time without a camera on it's a bit less
81s pressure you know it's it's a lovely
83s time but I am joined it'd be a Miss if I
85s if I didn't uh introduce our wonderful
87s guest mod squid how are you doing sir
90s how you been hello yeah I'm good thank
93s you it's very warm here actually it
95s suddenly got really hot again not not a
98s fan um but yeah I'm doing right I'm
100s doing good ready to talk about some boss
103s stuff hell yeah it is hot I also have
107s noticed I'm glad I open my windows cuz
109s otherwise I'd be sweltering in here um
112s so I'm I've done the right thing but
115s yeah it's been nice though nice change
116s in the weather I'm enjoying it you know
119s I feel like this has been the most
120s British stream we've done for a while
122s coming straight and talking about the
123s sunshine and then inevitably will moan
126s about it when all of the transports
128s affected and stuff so yeah that's the
132s way um all right I've been I've been
135s asked in the script though uh what have
137s you been up to you should probably uh
139s feel F people on on that what have I've
142s been up to um I've been implenting the
145s boss and uh looking at all the feedback
147s that's
148s coming um yeah it's been keeping me very
152s busy awesome stuff sorry I'm getting I'm
155s getting caught off by chat talking about
157s Harry Potter and wizards uh so thanks
161s for that
162s chat thank you very much um I've also
165s been asked if you can pronounce the
166s boss's name for for
169s me um I would do my best so I think it
172s is uh the
174s quack oh that was that was some good
178s good inflections oh okay I went and
180s checked with some people what is
189s itle okay qule I felt like I did the all
193s right on the reading but the qule I
195s think I need to okay qule all right I
199s like that I like that um awesome all
202s right uh squid before we jump into some
205s uh some questions that you and I are
206s going to go over talking about the group
207s boss you probably do some announcements
209s so first off exclamation mark game
211s update uh the first batch of project
213s rebalance in here uh with improvements
215s to a a agility Slayer Mining and
220s thieving uh as well as the Mage training
222s Arena changes are also out say a hefty
225s update loads of things there's there's
227s tons and tons of things to go over so if
229s you haven't read that yet go and check
230s out the blog uh there's tons and we're
233s not stopping there there's still some
234s more project rebalance to come so stay
237s tuned uh and exclamation mark group boss
240s volore part two group boss proposal is
243s here you can check out an overview of
245s this pvm encounter aimed at season
246s players which can be done both Solo or
249s on mass uh yeah we're talking about it
252s here so if you haven't read the news
253s post don't worry uh we're probably going
255s to go through everything here as well as
257s your uh in-depth feedback uh and next up
260s is exclamation mark game Jam we're back
262s from game Jam Five yes we've had five of
265s them it's been insane uh if you'd like
267s to learn more about what we worked on
268s during game Jam you can use # osrs game
272s jam on Twitter or X or whatever you want
274s to call it or check out the Wiki page
277s with the uh command there I will say as
279s a little teaser there will be a a game
282s Jam News Post and I think this might be
286s the best one we've done yet squid I
288s don't know about you
290s but it very exciting stuff very very
292s cool stuff yeah so you can look forward
295s to that uh at some point soon and then
299s finally exclamation mark GG gore games
302s season 4 is out right now you can check
304s out the first episode with exclamation
306s mark GG maybe wait till after the stream
308s I will say because you know you want to
309s get all the info from us and then if you
312s haven't go and watch soups fantastic uh
315s season 4 of G all games which is insane
317s to think it's already at season 4 uh an
320s amazing start to what is sure to be an
322s amazing series uh so let's go um all
327s right with those out the way I'm going
328s to spend five minutes just talking about
331s some project rebalance changes before we
333s get into um the core of this stream um
337s cuz we've made some some hot we've done
339s some hot fixes and we've made some uh
341s changes especially today we've made some
343s changes that we've added to the news
344s post you can see them at the top of the
346s news post if you use exclamation mark
348s game update uh but I'll run through them
350s now and then I'm going to go over a
351s couple of upcoming changes and I want to
353s stress before I go over the upcoming
356s changes some of them might not happen
358s straight away but they are on our radar
361s and we're exploring a lot of avenues
363s with them so just bear that in mind but
365s in terms of the hot fixes uh we fixed an
366s issue where the brim Haven ticket
368s dispensers XP rates were wrong uh the
371s pirate Hook is now correctly adding to
373s the collection log uh we made changes to
375s SL Koo drops so should feel better when
378s more players are there so uh that should
380s fix some of the issues but we will be
382s keeping an eye on it to make sure uh it
384s still sticks in the right area we want
386s it to be um we've issued a temporary hot
389s fix uh to stop the world hop abuse we've
392s seen within the brim Haven agility Arena
394s so for the meantime you will have to do
396s two tags in a row to start any tickets
398s like you did before so just please bear
400s in mind this is temporary uh we will let
402s you know more once we've got a an
404s official fix in place uh We've adjusted
407s the XP rates for the opt out resources
409s version of zalcano as some players were
411s reporting getting excessively High rates
412s on mass uh so we'll be keeping an eye on
415s this area as well for more feedback and
417s finally probably the most uh contentious
420s uh hot fix we've done is we've removed
422s the ability for mining gloves to work on
424s granite and sand Sandstone now I just
427s wanted to expand on this because a lot
429s of people wondering why the whole goal
431s of project rebalance has been to make
434s Skilling or those areas that we've
436s touched on better at least improve the
440s the whole landscape of those skills and
443s higher intensity SK so it it wasn't
445s touching the free tick Granite methods
448s we were seeing in terms of XP but
450s because it was so low intensity compared
452s to some of the other things and giving
453s more XP than those methods we felt it
456s was only fair to keep to our project
460s goals and make sure this Falls in line
462s with that aspect so they have been
464s removed um you can still use them on all
467s the other ores like you know that we've
469s listed in the blog uh but granite and
471s sandin have been taken off so that's
475s that's the idea behind it so I'm sorry
477s for those of you that were enjoying that
480s uh we just didn't want to leave this for
481s too much longer because we felt it was a
483s a shame to take that away later rather
487s than earlier so yeah so there's still
490s plenty of methods to do that's the whole
491s beauty of the project rebalance right is
493s like we've made a lot of mining
496s improvements to a lot of other uh mining
499s methods that you can go and try now and
501s I would say a lot of them have just
503s generally improved overall so go and
505s test out maybe you should test out some
506s mining activities that you not done
508s before if you not done volcanic mine go
509s and test that out not done Soo maybe go
511s test that out see how you feel um so
514s yeah uh and outside of that the upcoming
517s changes and again I want to stress this
519s might not be instant but uh we're
521s looking to add a UK worlds to the brim
523s Haven agility Arena uh we're also
525s looking into giving you ways of
527s converting your old brim Haven tickets
529s into new ones because we know there were
531s players that had lots of them on mass um
535s and felt a bit shafted when we brought
537s in the new ticketing system um so we are
540s looking into having ways of converting
542s them um we're also exploring Falls at
546s both canifis and apol so I don't know if
549s we're going to take away every fall but
551s we're definitely exploring making that
553s just feel better overall because I know
555s that that was definitely one of the the
557s highlights uh we saw from feedback that
559s people wanted to look into um we're
562s readjusting the fail rates on hero and
564s paladins because we also saw that that
565s was maybe a little bit too high than
567s than what we wanted uh and for the
570s Gnomes that means readjusting the clue
572s rates for them um and then finally and
575s this is the one I want to stress most
578s about not being straight away uh but
582s we're potentially looking at a way to be
584s able to swap a current task with a
587s stored task in terms of Slayer so you
590s know you could be on a Slayer task and
592s you go you know what I want to do
593s something else and you can switch it
594s around with something so I'm not sure on
596s like the full ins and outs we've only
598s had these this discussions today and it
601s probably won't come with next week's
603s game update it will probably come later
604s on but we are exploring it so please
607s bear in mind those things that I just
608s talked about they might not com in next
609s week's update they might be a little bit
611s longer than that um so yeah hopefully
615s this is good news for you all uh we
618s think project rebalance has gone pretty
620s pretty well I would say um we're still
622s going to continue to keep an eye on
624s things we've had to patch a couple of uh
626s uh
627s unnecessary uh I would say exploits
630s they're definitely like unnecessary uh
632s XP Gams like the Mage training Arena
635s methods so uh that was crazy XP per hour
638s so we want to make sure that any of
640s those methods get patched uh but yeah we
642s will keep continuing to look at your
644s feedback and and go over that in detail
646s all right so hopefully that's good and
649s now project rebalance this part of the
651s stream is done so if you came for that
653s I'm sorry we're going to be talking
655s about uh the group boss now uh and we've
658s got a lot to talk about I'd say squid
659s with the group boss again if you haven't
662s checked it out you might want to have
663s the news post up on the side so you can
665s sort of follow us along as we we go
666s through questions with uh exclamation
668s mark I want to say group boss it is
670s exclamation mark group boss um so I
674s think we'll just start going into uh to
677s the questions squid are you are you
679s ready for how many we got on the list 33
682s questions so far there's a lot right I
684s switched my mic is that better that
687s coming through clearer
691s I can hear you well I
694s think I think behind the scenes will
696s know a bit more than me but it's proba
699s not switched whatever okay well if you
703s can hear squid that's the main thing I
705s hope as long as you can hear them like
707s you know can you hear him that that's
708s the main thing
711s um unforunate this is such a nice mic
714s like
715s music you know what you need to do squid
717s oh my camera's going a well as well um
720s we talk about after but there's there's
722s a setting you can do into this where you
724s can actually change your settings in the
725s in the thing so
727s oh um never do this just use the main
730s mic for whatever yeah I don't know I I
733s did just see a first time chat asking
735s how I survived Voldemort uh so oh that
739s caught me off guard as well so we'll see
742s anyway we're going to get into some
744s questions now while squid and behind the
746s scenes check out the things um
750s let's start with the first one nice
751s simple easy one squid I think uh is the
755s group boss going to be
758s draconic uh yeah so we were talking
760s about this I know everyone's looked at
762s it and gone oh is that a dragon um yeah
766s so we are going to make it draconic yeah
768s it will be a weak to Dragon Bane weapons
773s yes yes so it wasn't draconic and then
777s we went you know what maybe we should
780s make it draconic because a lot of see
782s people seem to think it is so yes it
785s will be draconic um from now on I I was
789s saying this in I can't remember if I
790s said it on the stages call or just in
791s personal meetings but I did look at it
794s and sort of feel very closely resembled
796s Rayquaza had sort of in the back of my
799s mind so I instantly went to Dragon but
801s you know but now now it is now is a
804s dragon so there you go I can see merch
807s is in the chat going nuts they're very
809s happy um but speaking of draconic I
813s think we should probably talk about the
815s jeweling one mod squid which is probably
818s been the most
819s contentious reward on this list um I
823s don't know if you just want to just
824s start going over like why we chose to
828s look at the design of the Julian W as it
830s is and then we'll go into what we SP
831s spoke about
832s today yeah yeah sure um also thanks guys
835s I know it's the wrong mic I can't do
837s anything about it right now it's just
839s have to be like this um yeah so the
843s original drwing one we were looking at
845s with the rebalance in mind of like
847s things are going to have elemental
848s weaknesses um once the elemental
851s rebalance is out so we can start
853s fleshing out some of that space um so we
856s were looking at making Earth spells in
858s this case an earth spell that would be
860s pretty strong um and competitive and
863s also get the nice Boost from the
864s rebalance afterwards
867s um of you know we saw your Fe back on
869s and say quite rightly that the only
872s things that would actually be uh weak to
875s that would be metal dragons initially um
877s and I mean this boss will have an
879s elemental weakness um but obviously
882s things in the future will have more
884s weaknesses but that's not very cool now
887s so and also obviously the space with the
891s um the
893s scepter um it it doesn't become better
896s till a bit later but it feels like it's
898s competing for the same thing so so um so
901s we've had another look at it and we're
902s discussing stuff earlier and um so our
905s current thinking now so let us know what
906s you think of this is we'll get rid of
910s the
913s um unique spell the special spell coming
916s out with it and so it's just a normal
918s wand but it would have dragon Bane on it
920s so it will be a magic dragon Bane weapon
925s it would be obviously it's coming from a
928s mid-level boss so it's going to tuned
930s accordingly but it might be a nice
931s stepping stone for Dragon Bane for sort
932s of mid levels and then potentially later
935s on it could be uh we could upgrade it
938s from high level content to something
940s that's an endgame Dragon Bane magic
944s weapon yeah so I think I think some of
947s the feedback we saw especially with the
950s first iteration was um and this is again
954s what squid of saying rightly so is that
957s I don't know how many of people
958s especially in chat have tried the beta
961s rout so there was a period where you
963s could try Elemental weaknesses but I
966s think it is also unfair of us to just
968s hold on that point that you tried the
970s beta and read the blogs and understand
972s how impactful that was going to be
974s without actually having it be in game
976s and be in game for a little bit and then
979s I think we're then going to start
981s exploring that remit of uh reward spaces
984s in like Elemental specific weapons so
988s just to clear up some air this won't be
991s a fre tick St uh wand it will be five
996s tick squid am I right um yeah normal
999s normal casting speed and um on the
1001s standard spell book yeah on the standard
1003s spell book so not a free tick so because
1006s free tick weapons are for magic
1009s especially maybe a little bit
1011s crazy um could you imagine a free tick
1014s what was saying free tick fire surge
1016s before in our little call would be
1018s insane
1020s um so yeah and again it is so it is a
1023s mid it is mid mid level these the
1026s terminologies are are always like so
1029s loose I think like especially with
1030s players and devs so normal weapons on a
1033s normal spell book with dragon Bane five
1036s tick um so that's the sort of approach
1039s we're going for because again it would
1040s be unfair to give you a weapon that has
1042s got we're saying like it's going to be
1043s good it's going to be good but you don't
1045s really know it's going to be good
1046s without being in the game itself so
1049s it wasn't a charge staff no as far as
1051s I'm aware we never made it a charge
1053s staff that was squid no no it wasn't
1055s charged it just had a unique
1057s spell yeah we will say this isn't like
1060s the final iteration of this and the
1063s designers behind it will still need to
1065s go through numbers and find out where it
1068s needs to balance in between like other
1069s draconic weapons what What creatures it
1072s will be good against and how good it
1074s will be against so we're going to that's
1077s why we're not like I wanted to get a
1079s update your blog out by tomorrow but I
1081s think we're going to step back and take
1082s a little bit of time and just make sure
1084s that it's in a it's in a good place um
1087s before we like come out to you with like
1089s the the whole thing so hopefully next
1090s week we will have it something like that
1092s I'm seeing a lot of people in chat
1093s saying make it a four tick I think if we
1096s if we do that we'll have to again we'll
1098s have to look into like the
1101s actual um how powerful that will be cuz
1105s that's the ultimate decision right like
1106s we don't want to just SL out DPS
1108s everything else up to a certain point
1110s and then it just becomes the best in
1112s slot for everything other than the
1115s Shadow or something you know so it's all
1118s about balance I'm not going to say we're
1120s going to make it four tick but for now
1121s just keep it in mind it's a five tick
1123s standard spell book AutoCast weapon with
1126s dragon Bane on it so that is that is the
1129s gist okay yes I'm seeing like again
1131s forti may be too crazy for Serge as well
1134s again so we shall see the forti could be
1137s the upgraded version yeah you're right
1138s so but you know so again just to clarify
1142s five tick standard spell book AutoCast
1144s weapon with dragon Bane on it that is
1146s our new thinking for this weapon um do
1150s you want to anything else you want to
1152s say
1153s squid that no that covers it um we're
1156s not going to we have no intention of
1159s increasing the spellcasting speed of the
1161s normal spell book in the moment
1163s this yeah one one or two-handed I I I I
1167s think it will still be one-handed like
1169s like the the Wonder was intentionally so
1172s you should still be able to get access
1174s from any um TOS you can use for
1178s Elemental damages um which it will
1181s benefit from which will be nice um but
1184s there's no like specific you can at
1186s least pick your spell book pick your
1188s pick your Elemental spell pick your book
1190s and then go off and do whatever you need
1192s to do with it
1194s so yeah awesome all right that was like
1197s five or six questions you in a row cuz I
1199s didn't want to go through them
1200s systematically cuz I felt like that
1202s would be a bit a bit weird one of them I
1204s will say
1206s PVP uh yeah you should be able to use it
1209s in PvP as far as I'm aware I don't think
1211s there's anything that's stopping it
1213s unless we make it like four tick or
1217s something crazy like that then we might
1219s have to think about PVP and not having
1221s it there but as it is stands now should
1224s be able to be used in
1226s PvP um yeah cool all right uh so I
1230s suppose speaking of the time of Earth
1232s squid why is the time of Earth coming
1234s from a pvm boss instead of a scaling
1235s boss or something mini game mining
1238s related in
1240s particular um yeah that is a fair
1242s question and it is one we have talked
1244s about ourselves as well
1247s um
1249s the the thing the with the rebounds
1252s coming like the toms will be really
1254s pretty decent um and there's there's a
1257s definitely a gap with that um with Earth
1261s and air not having the Boost um so we
1264s were looking to how can we get these TOS
1267s um get the ball rolling on these TOs and
1269s we don't know when there's going to be
1271s like Skilling updates to mining or stuff
1273s like that which can keep it Skilling um
1277s and so thought fit with this it's in a
1279s mountain it's tunneling it's earth
1280s related um there might be a use for the
1283s tone of Earth against this boss as well
1287s um so
1289s yeah we just thought it's plotting quite
1291s nicely I do appreciate that it has a
1293s higher level requirement than like the
1295s water t or something like that um but
1297s they are combat weapons so
1301s um you really you're only going to be
1303s using them with the relevant combat
1306s levels anyway so from that point of view
1309s it's maybe not too crazy it's just
1311s inconsistent right that's the problem it
1312s just feels weird because we're doing
1314s something different
1316s um but yeah that that's that's the thing
1319s we do want to get the T to Rolling so we
1323s thought be a good fit yeah again like we
1326s we spoke about this in the Discord
1327s stages but we thought it would be better
1331s to introduce the to of Earth with
1332s something that we know is coming out
1334s rather than having you
1336s wait to have a to of Earth because
1340s honestly there's no plan to do like
1343s another Skilling boss in the very near
1345s future so when that next tone would come
1348s from a Skilling boss boss I I couldn't
1350s tell you it could be a year's time it
1352s could be 4 years time like would you
1355s want to wait that long because of an
1358s inconsistency or would you rather just
1360s have those extra tones in there just so
1365s that you can use them um so it's up it's
1369s more it's more up to you guys like again
1371s the Air1 I don't know when that will
1373s come and I will say the next question is
1375s on the to of air why didn't we go for a
1377s to of air um so squid I don't know if
1380s you just want to we just want to hop to
1382s that
1383s question uh yeah sure the I mean I know
1386s the the boss has little wings but it
1388s can't really fly and it is like
1389s tunneling through the mountain it's it's
1391s doing earthy things um
1396s and there was we were looking to make
1399s like currently Earth spells don't get
1400s used a lot so we were looking at whether
1402s they could be more beneficial on this
1405s fight um rather than just to fall into
1408s like fire surge
1410s so the T kind of slotted into that and
1413s kind of fed back into the boss itself
1415s for use and and fit the sort theme of
1417s what it's doing with the walls and
1419s tunneling and stuff like that
1420s so
1422s yeah yeah I was I just saw someone say
1425s that boss being uh earthy thing is kind
1428s of a stretch it lives in the tunnel it
1430s lives under in the mountains it doesn't
1432s fly it might I think we were talking
1434s about this before it might Glide maybe
1436s with its tiny wings but it's it's it's a
1439s chonus it's a chonus like it's a long
1442s long boy um so it will be like buried in
1447s the mountain and you'll see you'll see
1449s when you see like the encounter like
1451s you'll see why it's more earth based
1453s than air um so yeah we'll just have to
1458s it might be a horrible excuse for like
1460s some law reasons but we we likeed that
1464s fat idea it was like Earth an earthy boy
1467s long boy earthy long boy is that
1470s right earthy long boy yeah so um all
1475s right the next question on the toone
1476s then CU I think what we should stick
1477s with this is I assumed water and Earth
1480s runes will be granted for muddy Pages
1481s due to the association with mud runes
1483s and mud staff any plans on changing the
1487s name oh squid I think you're muted
1489s unless I've lost
1493s sound Have I Lost sound
1500s oh no this mic stuff's not going well
1504s for squid
1506s today maybe it was behind the scenes
1508s that muted squid all
1515s along no it's I I can I I'll I'll uh
1519s I'll I'll answer the question on while
1522s he's figuring out mic problems but
1525s um yes yeah okay you can you yeah you
1528s can nod squid are we planning to change
1530s the
1535s name there we go there you
1538s go uh yeah so we're not sure what the
1542s what the new name is going to be but we
1543s want to take that Association a bit out
1545s of of from from mud uh just just to make
1548s sure there's a bit more um focus and
1551s make sure it's a bit more refined in
1553s terms of knowing what exactly it does um
1556s so here yeah he typed responses in yeah
1561s squid could type responses he could join
1562s the chat uh and type it in I'm going to
1565s I'm going to open up our like work
1567s messaging platform just in
1571s case um although I've lost my controls
1574s now so you're going to have to just bear
1575s with me guys but anyway uh with that
1578s being said I'm going to skip over the
1579s next question uh behind the scenes just
1581s because I think right we answered it
1583s next question though is Will no I don't
1587s think I'm just going to say it I don't
1588s think we're going with soiled Pages I'm
1590s just going to put it out there don't
1591s think that's going to be the name of
1593s them don't know just probably
1596s not uh the next question though is will
1600s the to of Earth offer anything beyond
1603s 10% damage the water of to give 20%
1606s accuracy 10% damage and the effects to
1608s other spells so having both the to of
1610s fire and the to of Earth just be 10%
1612s feels lacking have we lost
1615s squid okay I think I think squids squid
1619s rebooting um he rebooting squid
1626s yeah uh I can answer this unless squid
1629s is back can you hear me oh my God he's
1633s clear he's loud and he's I think he's
1636s got the right mic let's go excellent the
1639s webcam has now changed all of its color
1641s settings
1644s awesome it's fine it's fine exactly
1650s this is why this this is why stages are
1654s a bit more chill because there's no
1655s camera there's no camera issues right
1657s there's just there's just voices it's
1659s just the problem is I have my camera
1661s unplugged so I plugged it in and
1662s everything then changed to use the
1664s camera and that's just mucked all
1666s everything up there we go well we we've
1669s got you back and we can hear you squid
1670s that's the main thing so I'll repeat the
1673s question um will the to of Earth offer
1676s anything beyond 10% damage the to of
1678s water gives 20% accuracy and 10% damage
1680s and the effects of a spell having both
1682s the tone of fire and the tone of Earth
1683s just be 10% damage feels
1686s lacking um so I think they're all
1690s getting changed with the rebalance right
1692s I believe so as far as I'm aware they're
1694s all going down to 10% uh damage off so
1698s because the thing is the rebalance is
1699s going to make using a particular
1701s Elemental spell against particular Mobs
1704s with a weakness really really good so
1706s the toms then compound that um so that's
1709s the space they're going to be filling
1710s they're going to be much more useful
1712s following all that um so they're all
1714s going to be that 10% so this is pitched
1717s post that so yeah you can't compare it
1719s with the other terms like how they are
1721s now you've got to compare how they will
1722s be which will be the
1724s same yeah exactly I will say for that
1727s person in chat that asked me what's on
1728s my head is their spots bro it's very
1731s obvious look they're just like you know
1733s it's my my weird weird forehead bro
1736s that's just got so much space that it
1738s needs some I need some buddies every now
1741s and then you know it's nice um all right
1744s next question then is why are the prayer
1748s activity prayer recharge potions coming
1749s from pvm and not new herblore
1753s activity uh yes um I mean secondaries do
1757s come from Monsters like that kind of is
1760s reasonable but we get we get it like the
1762s herbl activities coming out at the same
1764s time it does feel a bit weird uh we
1766s appreciate that feedback so we have an
1768s idea
1769s um let us know what you think of
1771s this we could introduce a new valorian
1775s herb which you'd get as seeds from the
1779s boss and that herb would be used to make
1781s unfinished potions which would then be
1783s used with secondaries from the HBL
1785s activity to create the new potions so
1789s you bit a
1790s both what are you guys think to that so
1795s I will say just the
1796s caveat we're still still unsure on what
1800s herb we're going to use for the potion
1804s of goding or as most people are dubbing
1806s it the aggro potion that's still to be
1809s decided we're just talking about the uh
1814s prayer recharge potion cuz there were
1815s there was some like I think there was
1817s like loads of different avws that we
1819s could have gone down really one of them
1821s is like have two separate secondaries
1825s from each of the boss which I think was
1826s our original idea but we saw a lot
1828s players like unsure about that there was
1831s one secondary across the both but then
1833s having them use different herbs but that
1836s in itself creates a bit of like a weird
1838s dynamic like between the boss and the
1840s herbl or activity so we feel like this
1843s way might be like a nicer Middle Ground
1845s um obviously we're going to um we're
1848s still going to put this in the blog and
1849s we're still going to get your feedback
1850s on it but we're just we're just putting
1852s it out there now cuz it's it's cool it
1854s gives it gives the boss something that
1856s to come back for especially after you
1857s get the UN from it that you can just
1860s like grab the seeds and you know plant
1862s them and have this like wonderful herb
1864s that you can create two potions from
1866s maybe uh again we don't know if it's
1869s going to be two potions but at least you
1870s can have one that you're going to come
1872s back for um so yeah we'll put in the
1875s blog we'll see I saw I saw a bit of like
1877s back and forth in in chat saying like
1880s maybe maybe not but I think I think it's
1883s like at least an interesting idea that
1885s sort of like fixes both of the things
1888s would see these come from other Volo
1889s activities um potentially like I I don't
1893s think I can answer that right now
1895s but I I'm not sure maybe but who knows I
1900s don't think we're against I think when
1901s we chatted in the call squid we did say
1905s we're not against adding like either the
1907s herb or the seed later on to something
1909s else but we we don't know H sorry I'm
1912s just going to cut in Squid I'm not from
1914s Essex bro I'm not from Essex I'm from
1917s London
1918s all right this this is a clear thick
1921s London accent can't you can't come in
1923s with that Essex nonsense all right s is
1926s a lovely place but I'm from London all
1928s right so I'm not having
1932s that um sorry s say no it's important
1936s you got to yeah get that
1941s there um yes so I don't know if you
1943s wanted to touch any more on the prayer
1944s recharge potions sorry prayer
1946s Rejuvenation potions
1949s um yeah yeah I mean on the topic of
1952s whether you'd get seeds or the herbs
1954s from somewhere else quite possibly
1956s that's reasonable thing that we do that
1959s with other herbs so um yeah possibly
1962s don't know at this time but initially
1965s potentially just the boss potentially
1967s add it to some other things we we'll get
1968s the discussion going
1971s um but yeah that's that's the uh the
1973s current current idea get them both
1976s useful exactly exactly so again we'll
1979s put it in the blog again it will
1980s probably be next week rather than my
1982s initial pitch of or plan of of Friday
1985s just cuz we need to make sure we do a
1986s bit more uh tuning with with rewards and
1989s stuff especially the new uh the new area
1994s for the wand to go into uh let's have a
1997s look we're going to skip over this about
2000s the single source of the secondary
2002s because we sort of covered that with
2003s this uh one question though just
2006s to sort of fire cuz we didn't really
2009s make it clear in the blog is the prayer
2012s Rejuvenation potion a four dose and is
2015s it 8 minutes per dose or combined for
2017s all four
2019s doses it's four dose 8 minutes per
2026s dose there you go so I think it was and
2028s to answer the next question it doesn't
2030s stuck yeah it I think we said it yeah it
2034s would reset the timer so you can't you
2036s can't go in and drink a prayer
2040s Rejuvenation potion for your six- hour
2041s log
2043s timer and be ready for the whole thing
2045s it will just like reset the timer when
2047s you drink it again um so yeah cuz
2051s otherwise it feels a bit weird if uh why
2054s not that would be insane that would be
2057s insane you just drink this at the you
2059s drink like what I don't know like four
2060s preot potions as you log in and then you
2063s don't have to touch that potion again
2065s until you log in next like that's crazy
2067s that's crazy talk
2070s um all right let's go can you give
2073s confirmation I mean this this might not
2075s be one you can answer squid but can you
2077s give a confirmation whether or not you
2079s can pot share the new pre uh prayer
2082s Rejuvenation potion if not can it be
2084s considered to let us pot share
2086s it um you can't pot share prayer potions
2090s can
2091s you
2093s so I don't think you can put pray
2095s potions you can't do those then you
2097s probably can't do this apparently you
2100s can yeah oh wa you can po oh you can
2105s there you go okay I'm looking at the
2106s wrong pot
2107s share um oh never mind I'm looking at
2110s boosted pot share don't worry okay okay
2112s so maybe then yeah maybe boosted pot
2114s share would be
2115s insane yeah so possibly then possibly um
2119s I don't see why not
2121s then yeah have discussion about
2124s that yeah again I think we can uh
2128s yeah we'll have to again I think we'll
2130s have to balance it just to make sure
2132s it's not too overpowered but again if if
2135s the prayer pots are doing it then why
2137s not you know but again we'll see when
2140s we've we're going to balancing I will
2142s say just to sort of carry out this I
2143s know there was a lot of sort of
2145s conversation about when vmore launched
2148s and things that have changed during
2151s development and then didn't really get
2152s talked about until launch the plan is
2156s to um have
2158s probably The Gazette but have that use
2162s um like let you know about like things
2165s that have changed during development so
2166s you can sort of keep we can be a bit
2168s more uh open with you guys about like
2171s what's going on so it's the same thing
2172s with like uh process on like pot share
2175s not the pot share the preot device and
2178s elements of the herblore activity like
2180s we'll probably put that into the blog if
2181s any like major changes or how they're
2183s like used uh just so you guys can get
2186s more visibility on everything so
2188s um and we'll probably touch on this so
2190s if that changes at all then we'll
2192s probably add it to the Gazette so just
2194s keep that in mind if big things change
2196s we'll uh we'll we'll let you know um
2199s next question then uh will the new
2201s prayer potion have a certain interaction
2204s with a Holy
2206s wrench uh oh yeah we talked about this
2208s in the stages didn't we yeah it would
2210s make sense for it to get
2213s boosted yeah I was saying I like The
2215s Holy wrench it's a cool little niche
2217s item that doesn't get as much use I
2219s think is very cool um but I know a lot
2223s of people don't need to use it um cuz
2226s they're good at the game um so but it
2229s would nice it' be nice to have that use
2231s honestly so um we don't know how what
2234s the effect will like I don't know if
2237s it'll be like a straight effect that it
2239s will work yeah same way but need to look
2242s into that yeah so again it'll be another
2244s thing that we just we we'll speak to you
2246s about later on after if it get get if it
2248s gets through the pole um and how we go
2250s about doing that um cool so how do you
2253s see the prayer potions interacting with
2256s redemption in highend
2259s content so yeah I was have a look at
2262s this question I'm not not quite sure
2264s what the
2266s um the uh what they were thinking would
2269s the like what the interaction would be I
2270s mean it just gives you just restores
2273s prayer so you just have more prayer fast
2279s to then have Redemption proc um so I
2281s don't think there's any like particular
2284s special interaction unless I am missing
2287s something yeah I think it's I think it's
2290s a bit too slow to proc um it properly
2293s but maybe I'm Maybe I'm Wrong um I see
2297s fery as an example in their
2299s vular um again it will probably be
2302s something we just have to look into and
2303s make sure it's balanced correctly
2305s because again being able to I don't know
2307s if being able to proc
2309s Redemption hundreds of times in a
2311s sitting is a is a good thing if that is
2314s the case so you know it's kind of kind
2317s of crazy uh maybe that maybe that's a
2320s bad take for me I don't know but again I
2322s think it will be a case of
2324s just when it comes to balancing so just
2328s yeah bear that in
2329s mind yeah yeah there's something to for
2332s us to look at um but the the restore
2334s isn't that fast so
2338s yeah it's like especially it depend
2340s dependent on how quick your prayers are
2342s draining you as well it will matter like
2346s it will give the the the scale of
2348s difference in time to be able to use it
2350s will be greater or less depending on how
2352s quick your prayers are being
2355s yeated
2356s yeah um cool all right uh are there any
2361s other reward suggestions in the works
2362s now this is a very interesting question
2366s squid mhm what do you uh do do you want
2369s to talk about that a little bit yeah we
2372s did we did see um some discussion on on
2376s Reddit that we quite liked actually
2378s which was around uh a prayer ranging
2382s set um now initially
2385s we we weren't look we weren't doing like
2388s a range reward just because I thought
2390s you know range is used quite a lot it's
2392s fairly strong maybe we don't need to add
2394s more to that but the suggestion was
2396s really cool it seems fitting it's kind
2398s it's draconic now right so the scales
2399s could actually be used to make some
2400s armor so we were thinking um what about
2404s a slightly stronger as in more prayer
2407s bonus version of blessed God hiide bless
2409s Dragon hide um so you'd make it with
2413s hides from this
2414s boss and it would just be give you more
2417s prayer bonus compared to blessed Dragon
2421s hide yeah I think there's conversations
2423s to figure out how much accuracy and
2426s defense we want to give the this set
2429s just to see where it slots because range
2433s arm was a little bit weird I think when
2435s we were talk having those conversations
2437s and definitely like the jump up is not
2439s as considerably great as some of the
2442s other areas of the game I think um
2445s especially in certain slots like like
2448s head pieces definitely not that many
2451s great head pieces in terms of like the
2453s jump up so I think we're just going to
2456s have to balance how this where this set
2461s sits in terms of
2464s um like its placement I suppose is the
2467s the key thing for
2469s us yeah um yeah it's more to provide a
2472s decent prayer sort of lower level prayer
2476s option for ranged armor um rather than
2479s trying to like slot it in with a
2480s particular like uh particular accuracy
2483s or strength Gap because with the range
2485s progression there basically isn't one so
2487s more going off with the prayer side of
2490s things yeah yeah so again we again this
2494s is exactly why we're not coming out with
2496s like the updated blog tomorrow because
2497s we need to just like make sure these
2500s we've got on not just our numbers
2502s correct but make sure we're in line with
2503s exactly what we're doing with the
2505s rewards so we just thought that one was
2508s like the best alternative to a new
2511s reward that we saw in in terms of
2513s suggestions so we just want to you know
2516s make sure we're doing correctly uh and
2519s again we we can come out and you guys
2521s could hate it and then we go back with
2523s your feedback and and you know keep this
2527s consultation wield turning because
2529s that's what we want to do right that's
2531s what we're here for so um yeah hopefully
2535s you'll like it but if not like you know
2537s we'll we'll we'll go back yeah I see I
2540s see people saying you know what what if
2541s you upgraded God hide um the problem is
2544s they come from treasure trails and
2546s that's such a
2548s difficult space to be like oh yeah yeah
2549s you just need to go get bless godh um I
2553s Know M can buy it but even so treasure
2555s trails are just an odd place for that to
2557s come from especially if you need it to
2558s upgrade so yeah it's when we need to
2561s discuss more and see what you guys play
2563s B things it's it's interesting as well
2566s cuz like
2567s um I don't like they'll probably will
2571s they probably will be some element of
2573s like
2573s devaluing bless deide from that but
2577s bless the will also have it it's always
2580s going to have its place in God Wars
2581s dungeon being able to use it there and
2583s negate damage from
2585s X uh creatures when in there so it will
2588s sort of have its space but I don't know
2590s if that's like good enough so again it's
2592s like we need to make sure that where
2595s we're putting this armor still like
2597s helps things so you know again just just
2601s something to bear in mind we we're
2602s putting out on this stream for this
2604s specific reason so you know
2609s that's that's why we do
2610s these um cool all right uh next question
2614s then any chance this group boss could be
2616s tweaked to be next tier near impossible
2618s to solo hard-hitting group
2621s focused um no it's AED at mid level like
2624s the idea was to make a midlevel group
2626s boss um so like maybe another time we
2630s can make another high level group boss
2632s but this one's intended to be a little
2634s more
2636s accessible yeah I'm sorry for all you
2638s endgame players wanting some crazy stuff
2641s but also the crazy stuff takes a lot
2642s more time to balance properly so and you
2645s know we want to get some we want to have
2647s we want to have valmore in a place I
2649s think of like just just a lot going on
2652s but a lot of like good stuff rather than
2653s just loads of mess stuff and I think
2657s this is like I know we've got perilous
2659s moons and I know a lot of people are
2660s saying like we still we are we have
2662s perilous moons that offers that Med
2664s level content but I think that this is
2667s something that is you can do with
2669s friends that is a bit more interactive
2671s than perilous moons like perilous moons
2673s I think fits a really good place in that
2676s journey and now this will fit like
2679s another part of that Journey so and you
2680s have a bit of a choice as well while
2682s you're in valmore staying in the same
2683s place
2685s so um all right so next one can ironmen
2689s kill this in a group like next or
2692s nightmare uh yeah have to make an
2695s instance um on join the public one yes
2698s sorry this is man yeah yeah it be like
2700s next
2701s yeah yeah so if you don't want people
2703s coming in and ruining your prestige just
2705s turn private off on your friends and
2708s synchronize with them properly so no one
2710s crashes your
2712s uh your
2714s instance um all right so what other loot
2718s can we expect on the drop table will
2720s bless bone shards or Sunfire splinters
2722s be on the boss's drop
2724s table uh yeah we were talking about
2726s having both of them on there um bless
2728s bones and probably some fire shards to a
2732s suitable extent for the
2736s level y yeah so we're not going to it's
2739s probably not going to be as as good to
2741s do as Coliseum but it'll be like a a
2745s fair amount that you know you can get
2747s just there MH um all right uh next one
2752s does the group boss retaliate while
2753s attacking it on its different parts
2755s while scaling the mountain or is
2756s fighting these part similar to killing
2758s hisp plants or skizo alters for instance
2761s so no
2763s retaliation um I mean obviously it's
2765s still early days of implantation and
2767s testing but the idea at the moment is
2770s they don't retaliate uh you just hit
2772s them while dealing with the other
2773s mechanics that the boss is doing yeah so
2777s attacking them directly will be fine
2779s like they won't like hit you back but
2782s you I'm guessing the the motorbike Was
2785s Heard by so
2790s um yeah so the the the the parts itself
2794s you're attacking are um they won't hit
2797s you back directly but you will need to
2799s deal with some other things uh while
2802s you're running around and doing stuff so
2804s you know just keep that in mind I I
2807s think I mentioned twice in the blog
2808s protection
2811s prayers they are they are required so
2814s make sure that you you come prepared um
2817s all right does the Dwarven priest
2819s require protection from the player
2821s during the boss fight will the fa Will
2822s you fail the encounter if the priest
2825s dies uh no you don't need to worry about
2827s protecting the priest the priest is
2828s there to help you um they can take care
2831s of
2832s themselves yeah this isn't a uh this
2835s isn't an escort Mission uh cuz everyone
2838s hates escort missions so we're not
2840s putting that in there for you so don't
2842s worry the dwarves can handle themselves
2844s they've been handling themselves for
2845s hundreds of years they're just leave
2848s them to their thing so don't
2850s worry um all right next question then
2854s will we need to bring our pickaxes with
2855s us as we Embark with this Dwarven
2858s party uh no you won't need to bring a
2860s pickaxe there's no like skilly
2862s bits you're all good yeah just you know
2867s get rid of the boss's parts or at least
2869s like I what was what was I say in the
2872s Discord stage is called tigle tigle the
2874s parts away until oh yeah that's right
2877s tickle yeah give it a little tickle with
2879s your with your weapons until it moves
2881s and then go out from face the head so I
2883s I I want I want to mention this actually
2884s I saw a lot of people saying like oh is
2886s it going to be like duke or um oh what
2890s was the other one that that I saw sort
2893s of like in that prep phase where you
2894s just like oh you have to do this I think
2896s it's on play testing it's like more
2900s active than I think like Juke prep phas
2903s is it's like part of the fight it feels
2905s like part of the fight rather than prep
2907s so I wouldn't worry too much about
2910s that yeah that's what we're going for we
2912s shouldn't feel like a like a prep thing
2915s that's like separate to the actual fight
2917s you are fighting
2919s stuff yeah exactly exactly uh all right
2923s here we go because I've seen this pop up
2925s multiple times but we didn't say in the
2928s blog but I'll add it to the updated blog
2930s will this boss have a pet
2932s squid yes it
2936s will yeah yes yes it will uh We've I
2940s mentioned this on the stages I've seen
2942s some concept art and there are two
2943s versions of the pet at the moment and
2945s I'm I'm still leaning
2947s towards the spinny concept A version
2950s because I kind of like that just because
2951s of how Derpy it is um but we'll see
2955s we'll see what we
2957s get um right okay uh will there be a
2960s quest needed into uh unlock the
2963s boss probably not um
2968s then we may maybe could add a quest
2970s later to sort of introduce more stuff
2972s but probably initially there won't be a
2973s quest at least definitely not gating
2978s it oh okay you can
2981s hit they know now they know now I've now
2984s I've now I've looked at them they know
2986s what they're doing these birds outside
2990s um all right so the next one is how do
2992s loot rolls work are there individual
2995s drops um we need to iron out the
2998s specifics um but we're basing off the
3001s next system um so there'll be loot
3004s distributed based on
3006s contribution
3008s um yeah but we need to sort
3011s of can't get any more detailed at the
3013s moment we want it to be fair you know we
3015s want people to feel like they're getting
3017s they're getting drops for for um their
3020s contribution and we also there's the
3021s question of like well it's a mid-level
3023s boss so what if a few high levels come
3024s in and just absolutely blast it and
3026s they're going to steal the for everyone
3027s else you know that doesn't feel very
3028s fair either so there's some there's some
3030s things to figure out
3033s there yeah yeah we're going to try and
3035s make it like a nice middle ground that
3036s is not like you know high level can just
3038s come in and just be like yo this is our
3040s turf now so it's midle bus it's for
3044s everybody that can do it you know um all
3049s right so next question then is do you
3052s have the boss kind of designed to be
3054s sight red similar to scaras and AKA not
3057s needing to pre-read the wiki and the
3060s sorts and having to pre-prep nonsense
3062s like recoils or stamas or antifire or
3066s poisons uh yeah yeah it's intended to
3069s sort of go in you can learn it or from
3071s what you're looking at um the hidden
3073s stuff to to Wiki and figure out
3076s um there's some mechanics in there that
3078s would be familiar to this sort this
3080s level player and a few things that will
3082s be new that I used later on um to sort
3086s of get comfortable with
3087s but nothing like yeah no no uh obscure
3091s stuff I I see a thing in uh in in chat
3095s about how difficult the mechanics will
3097s be
3099s um I will say and maybe disagree squid
3103s but I will say it's probably on par with
3107s perilous moons aside from the blood
3112s moon so I feel like blood moon is a
3114s little bit little bit more higher
3120s yeah yeah that's probably fair I mean
3122s there might be there's maybe a little
3124s more to watch out for but not so
3127s like um accurate click intensive I
3131s guess the way do it cuz like we're going
3135s for that like social group field you
3136s know when it's a solo boss you really
3138s just kind of really focus you be super
3140s intense we want this to be a little bit
3141s more um
3143s chill um yeah and I see it's also people
3147s asking about you know solos and stuff
3149s there are mechanics that we're
3150s experimenting with at the moment that
3153s are just make everything cleaner and
3156s faster in a larger group um so you
3159s technically can solo it but you're
3161s better off with
3162s people yeah there's part there's there's
3164s things that we purposely emitted from
3168s the blog because one we didn't want to
3170s give it away and two we think it'd be
3172s interesting for you guys to figure it
3175s out when it
3177s launches because I don't think we've
3179s done anything like that before squid no
3183s we'll
3184s see see how it goes
3187s down so yeah again that's what exactly
3190s why we emitted it from the Block because
3192s we want to make it a bit more like on
3193s launch day you can come in and try and
3195s figure out what exactly you need to do
3198s so yeah uh where do you see this boss
3200s fitting into progression for an account
3203s mid game like Zora or VF
3207s um I remember the
3210s numbers
3211s um yeah it's kind of around that it's
3214s like people they've got you know got
3217s fire C with stepping into some more
3219s serious bossing um it's not super
3223s crazy um so it's
3227s like one of your first big
3230s bosses I like one of our first big
3232s bosses after Jad I kind of like that
3236s yeah yeah and you can do it with friends
3238s which is quite nice you know do it with
3240s friends or uh other players I would say
3243s you know other players yeah I think I
3246s think the group part that changes the
3247s like the vibe quite a bit I think um you
3250s know when we talk about difficulty and
3252s stuff like that when you've got at this
3254s level content when you've got solo
3257s bosses you can kind of really make
3259s people focus up for a bit and you you're
3261s just the only person there you can
3262s really focus on yourself and what you're
3263s doing um with the group one we kind of
3265s want to make it a little bit more
3267s social a little bit more
3270s uh a nice thing to see other people you
3272s want to hop into the open world one you
3273s don't just want to make a instance
3275s version um so we don't want it to be
3277s like too too intense to focus on we want
3280s those you know period where you can like
3283s oh yeah I'm with people can maybe have a
3284s chat or something um while also having
3288s those boss mechanics that are G to you
3290s know want to get better at and can
3293s progress through yeah I think it's quite
3295s nice having that option to do something
3296s bit more chill especially after if you
3298s have done Jad for the first time and
3300s obviously everyone knows Jad hands when
3302s you first do uh it firstate your fire C
3306s just doing Jad in general um and then
3309s coming out of that and not having to
3311s feel that intenseness again straight
3315s away is quite nice um I think having
3318s that option at least is I think a good a
3320s good Avenue to go down you know and you
3322s just get yeah like someone saying Jad so
3325s easy yes but you've also got to remember
3328s riddle Riddle Box I think that's how you
3330s pronounced your name like not everyone
3332s is where you might be at in your PBM
3335s journey and for people coming in and
3338s that are doing J for the first time it
3340s might it especially because I think
3342s scaras lends a bit more to it now
3344s because that journey is a bit more there
3346s but realistically before scaras there
3348s was nothing that sort of set you up to
3350s do Jad properly honestly like it's the
3353s first time you're properly effectively
3355s switch in um
3357s prayers and you know and you've also got
3360s 60 oh God 63 waves I might be wrong in
3363s that 60 plus waves to do before you get
3365s to the Jad so it's quite intense
3367s especially for your first big it could
3369s be your first big boss so like you know
3372s it's just something to keep in mind that
3374s um you know it's fair if you find Jad
3377s easy but not everyone finds Jad easy
3378s especially if they're doing it for the
3379s first time you know so like I think it's
3381s good to have this balance of like one
3384s it' be optional and two not everything
3385s needs to be that intense
3388s yep um cool so um is the boss and we'll
3393s just touch on this again because it was
3395s the first question but is the boss weak
3396s to Dragon Bane weapons it is
3400s now uh yeah it's draconic now so it will
3404s be yeah it is draconic now so yes you
3408s can it will you can hit it with dragon
3410s Bane and it will probably hurt it quite
3412s a bit so uh yeah we again we're not
3415s going to say how much but you know you
3416s know and again if anyone missed it at
3419s the start the new weapon will
3421s be is now going to be have a dragon Bane
3424s on it it's it's not the previous
3426s iteration of the weapon it's going to be
3428s uh a dragon Bane weapon Mage weapon in
3431s fact which I think is the first we've
3433s done yeah yeah I think it it is it is
3436s it's an interesting one um there's some
3438s tuning and tweaking to do there but yeah
3442s cool yeah exactly nice all right uh I'm
3446s just going to have a quick look at
3447s twitch chat squid just see if there's
3448s any uh any questions that we haven't
3453s touched upon uh but how you felt the
3456s stream was gone while I look look
3458s through this apart from all the tech
3460s issues yeah yeah that's crazy I don't
3462s know what went on them but we're good um
3465s yeah no it's cool I like seeing all the
3469s uh the reactions immediately to just how
3471s about this boom boom boom um yeah we
3475s need to get some more feedback but it's
3478s looking kind of good I think yeah I
3480s think it's quite nice that we can just
3481s sort of like give you guys the
3482s opportunity to hear our thoughts
3484s directly from after like we only had the
3487s the feedback meeting today because of
3488s yesterday's game update was so chunky so
3492s um and again hence why we're not rushing
3494s the feedback updated version of the blog
3497s until next week now um because we want
3500s to take our time so uh I'll wrap up
3503s everything at the end but I want to I
3505s want to ask one question will there be
3507s any new cosmetic kits from this boss for
3509s example a new Slayer helmet with the
3510s feathers or a kit for the magic outfit
3512s with dragon
3514s scales yeah Cosmetics would be really
3517s cool it looks so good that we could make
3518s some really cool cosmetic stuff um we
3521s need to explore exactly what um but yeah
3524s I would really like to have some
3525s Cosmetics from this whatever shape that
3528s may
3528s take what would be kind of cool and hear
3532s me out this is this is sort of going
3534s away from Cosmetics but what if we had a
3537s transmog option on the group boss that
3540s gave you the perilous
3542s moons
3545s bosses so he could use something from
3547s perilous moons to transmog the
3550s uh the
3552s pet oh I see the pet pet transmogs
3556s volore pet yeah so cuz I know there was
3560s there was ideas floating around about
3562s maybe there is you know have the FRS I
3566s think was transm for the FRS as the par
3568s moves which I also think is sick as like
3570s super sick that's pretty cool
3572s yeah um so I don't know maybe
3577s maybe um we'll see again cosmetic stuff
3580s though I think that's something we'll
3581s probably
3582s decide later on once we've hashed out
3585s all the details for the new new stuff um
3588s that we want to want to
3591s change awesome cool right so I'm just
3594s going to quickly go through the bits
3595s that we touched upon on uh earlier I
3598s need my notes cuz they're not in the
3599s script this is sort of
3601s freehand uh right so the 10 changes
3604s we're making just to make it very very
3607s clear one we're making the boss dronic
3609s so weak to Dragon Bone weapons we're
3611s reworking the drooling wand so the
3613s buil-in spell is being removed it's
3615s being cut down well cut down changed to
3619s a five tick weapon that can AutoCast
3621s from the standard spell book and it's
3622s going to be given Dragon Bane so it will
3624s be the first magic b Dragon Bane weapon
3628s comes from the boss there will be a new
3631s lot of rewards which is prayer ranged
3634s armor that will give a better prayer
3637s bonus than bless dehy we're still
3639s working out the details of exactly where
3641s it fits but just want to make that very
3643s clear um we're going to rename the to of
3646s Earth pages to something else again
3648s probably not sword Pages not be fan of
3651s that uh that name myself uh then we're
3654s going to create a new her which the seed
3657s only drops from the boss and then the
3659s new herb and the secondary from The
3661s herbl Guild will be used to create the
3663s prayer um Rejuvenation pot uh we're
3667s adding Sunfire splinters and bless bones
3668s to the drop table so that is the summary
3673s of all the changes that we want to make
3675s I don't think I missed anything out
3676s squid but please feel free to jump in if
3678s not I think that covered
3681s it sick sick all right nice all right
3686s well let's go through it oh oh mod mod
3689s you may just put them all in the chat uh
3691s just as I finished so thank you you I
3693s appreciate that uh no no poopy Pages
3697s guys grow up bro grow up what's going
3701s on poopy Pages come on bro um all right
3705s let's go uh over the announcements
3708s exclamation mark game update the first
3710s batch of project rebalance is here with
3713s improvements to agility Slayer Mining
3715s and thieving
3716s also made training Arena a whole lot
3719s better now it's kind of sick I'm not
3721s going to lie I've been watching uh mod
3723s Goblin play it while he's off at the
3724s moment on the side which has been lovely
3727s uh so you can use exclamation mark game
3728s update to check out that uh there have
3731s been a few hot fixes and changes uh that
3735s uh I've put into the blog so you can see
3736s them at the top uh but I'll just quickly
3739s go through um the upcoming changes that
3742s we are looking into might not be
3744s straight away just want to stress adding
3745s a UK we for the brim Haven agility Arena
3747s looking to giving you a way to convert
3749s your old brim Haven tickets into new
3750s ones exploring Falls at both canifis and
3753s apol rooftop courses readjusting fail
3756s rates for Heroes and paladins piit
3758s pocket in readjusting the clue rates for
3760s gnomes and this is the one I want to
3762s stress on that it might not be instant
3764s because it probably won't we're looking
3766s at exploring being able to swap a
3768s current task with a stored task so you
3771s can look forward to all of that most
3773s likely soon TM I'm just going to put out
3776s there as that uh exclamation mark group
3779s boss this is the thing we've all been
3780s here for vmore part two group boss
3782s proposal you can see an overview of the
3784s pvm encounter uh aimed at uh players
3787s that have uh just done their fire C and
3789s starting to get into a bit more intense
3790s bossing uh and all the rewards that we
3793s put in there but there will be an
3794s updated blog that goes out um next week
3797s so just bear that in mind with all the
3799s things that I summarized here uh so just
3801s keep that in mind exclamation mark game
3803s Jam we're back from game Jam 5 if you'd
3805s like to learn more about what we owe
3807s done during game Jam you can use # osrs
3810s game Jam uh on Twitter or X or whatever
3813s you want to call it or check out the
3815s Wiki page that the lovely Wiki team has
3816s been updating not all of it's on there
3819s but you can expect a Blog coming soonish
3822s uh that will detail everything that
3824s we've been doing in uh this game jam and
3826s I will say it's probably the best one
3828s we've done yet so look forward to that H
3830s and finally exclamation mark GG if you
3833s haven't watched it yet what are you
3834s doing after this stream
3836s exclamation mark GG Gillan or Game
3838s season 4 is out now check out the very
3840s first episode it is sick just go watch
3843s it if you haven't watched any gillor
3844s games before don't worry jump in and
3847s then watch maybe watch maybe watch the
3848s old ones first because like there's
3850s there's there's probably some story arcs
3851s that you want to you'll want to catch up
3853s on and follow so there's there's some
3855s good things there but if not don't worry
3856s tune in to season four the first episode
3858s was sick next episode out on Saturday at
3862s 7 p.m. BST I think don't hold me to that
3866s but I'm pretty sure um and that's it
3869s that's it squid you're doing good you're
3871s feeling good after that yeah all good
3873s thank you everyone for your feedback
3874s thank you everyone who filled out the
3876s survey uh really appreciate it we will
3878s keep iterating and talking with you guys
3881s and come up with something as cool as we
3883s can indeed indeed uh yes we will be
3887s keeping an eye on your feedback not only
3888s for group boss when it comes out uh when
3890s the new blog comes out next week but
3892s also project rebalance I'll be keeping
3894s an eye on that and thank you all for
3896s tuning in it's been a lovely kind of
3898s chaotic stream this one but I've enjoyed
3900s it thoroughly uh and before I go
3903s remember I'm from London not Essex just
3905s keep that in mind uh and uh I hope you
3909s all have a wonderful day and we will see
3911s you next time goodbye oh we're raiding
3913s someone I'm we're raiding someone before
3916s I go we're raid who who are we
3922s raiding Becky
3926s okay okay Becky osrs we're raiding so
3930s make sure you uh you know get your put
3934s your hellos ready in chat to say hello
3936s and give her a lot of support it's she
3938s it's got a it's got a cam off today I
3940s think but um did you say it's not
3943s feeling
3944s great M
3948s just chill stream chill stream cuz she's
3951s ill so go and give her some support and
3953s send her some love uh from all of you
3955s lovely individuals so uh yeah we'll be
3958s raiding uh very shortly so prepare for
3962s that but yeah hope you all have a lovely
3964s rest of the week uh and we will see you
3966s very
3967s soon bye goodbye