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RSN: seny bonito

My appeal was denied 7+ times... First things first. I have 2FA and a bank pin. My email has 2FA and phone number and is secure. They changed email through recovery attempts

I dearly need the attention of any jmod to look into this. I can prove in any way possible, screenshots, videos, etc and even clanmates to prove that I am the original owner. The account is tied to my email and has been tied to that email for almost a decade. I have gotten phished once before in 2019 and learned my lesson, but got recovered as I was playing just a few days back.

I have HUNDREDS of screenshots of me playing over the years, dating back to even 2016 and 2017. Every one of the hours on my account was played by myself. Even an old post on my reddit account shows that I am the owner of the account.

Currently I am on vacation which is why I suspect my appeal has been constantly rejected :( I have been away from home on holiday but still playing osrs for over a week now. I'm so worried about losing my account and having my account constantly recovered over and over again. It is hard to feel safe.

Please... Help!

Edit: Some posters mentioned using same IP/PC that I usually play on to submit appeal and I'll be doing that. I can get someone to turn on my PC and I'll remote in and submit an appeal from my phone in a few hours.

Edit 2: Appeal has been submitted from my PC at home. Now's to wait for someone to look into it! Will keep updated if my account gets returned to me on the edits

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22 days ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

The account is locked so nobody can access it until the recovery is sorted. We have your latest request, it is strong in parts but I feel won't be enough to recover, if it is denied please submit from the ISP you usually use to play.

22 days ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

Originally posted by senyrin

The last 2 appeals have been sent from the isp I usually play on, not the one where I am currently on vacation at. That ISP before mentioned* has been the ISP I've been using for about 5* years now. Please look at all the appeals collectively, I even sent my plane ticket in one of them, thank you so much for responding!

I'm not sure how you can be on vacation in one country and submit a recovery from your regular ISP in your home country at the same time - the ISP we are seeing is not the one usually used for game access. As I said, the account is secure, it sounds like this might be easier resolved when you return home.

22 days ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

Originally posted by senyrin

Last evening in your local time I got a family member to turn on my home PC and I used chrome desktop to submit 2 appeals. This past week I've been playing from overseas, ISP also mentioned in my appeals. Thank you so much for the reassurance!!

Edit: One of the problems too is I won't be home for awhile, I can give flight details privately if needed.

The ISP mentioned in the free text in your appeals is the one we would like to see used, not the ISP the appeal is actually submitted from.

I know this is frustrating for you but we are only applying due diligence to keep the account safe :)

22 days ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

Originally posted by senyrin

In around 2016-17 I changed ISP to the one you're seeing it from in the most recent appeal. I've been using that since, I can't use my old ISP as I've changed off of it. I'll submit another appeal explaining things!

Edit: Seems like I can't atm, error...

The ISP to use is the one that has been dominant in recent times, the last good login from that ISP was 3 June - since then it is either different ISP's in the same country, or you from abroad or recovery attempts from yet another ISP.

For a stable recovery request we need good info submitted in a recovery form submitted from the ISP used consistently for game access in 2022.