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0s Bounty Hunter is back as of the 24th of
3s May my name is pure spam and I'm working
5s with editor John MP4 to Showcase how to
7s build a basic starter pure to get
9s involved in this highly anticipated and
11s exciting PVP update with 48 hours
14s Playtime required to access this new
15s mini game I've set myself the challenge
17s to create a pure with a bonds investment
19s the end goal being a quested and
21s Powerful pking account and by the end of
23s this video I'm going to Showcase its
25s potential so what exactly is a pure well
28s in RuneScape all of your combat stats
30s are not all equal in the combat formula
32s for example in many cases you could gain
34s either Seven prayer levels or four hit
36s point levels to gain a combat level but
38s the stats you've gained to get there
40s provide different benefits the pure
42s build is the PVP glass Cannon as they
45s have no defense and therefore make up
47s for it with exceptionally High offensive
49s stats compared to the average player
50s their level building an account around
52s certain requirements whether that be
53s attack level for a weapon magic level
55s for a spell or even a prayer level is
57s the key to understanding the reasoning
59s behind why pure's are so strong at their
62s level bracket within the world of pures
64s there are multiple pure builds ranging
65s attack prayer and combos from Dragon
68s daggers to armadill godswords in this
70s video I've opted to base this account
71s around the power of the Granite Mall a
74s weapon requiring 50 attack and strength
75s what makes it so strong in PvP scenarios
78s is that the special attack hits
79s instantly with high damage and with such
82s low requirements it's the perfect
83s account to build within only 40 hours of
86s play time right here we are in lumbridge
88s here as I mean straight off the bat we
89s are trading the main I gave my account
91s two bonds to begin with one for two
93s weeks of membership to hit that 48 Hours
94s of play time and one to invest into
96s creating the account whenever I create a
98s new account questing is for sure the way
100s to start the experience rewards
102s catapults you out of the lower levels
103s and give you a great Foundation to build
105s upon before I do anything I'm gonna buy
107s most of the items I need from the grand
108s exchange so that I don't have to come
110s back too often we're starting off with
112s implicature because with the necklace of
113s Passage and Beads bought from the grand
114s exchange it's a fast way to start magic
116s give me a quest please and thank you
119s there it is one to eight man in a couple
121s of seconds beautiful straight after that
122s we teleport to water birth Island to
124s start training up on the crabs a pure's
126s best friend
128s all right 18 Mage change of plan for me
132s personally now you could just stay here
133s and start using chaos spells and get
135s yourself to 35 maze just semi AFK it's
137s rather cheap as well on the crabs but
139s instead I'm gonna do it very rapidly I'm
140s about to go and exchange and I'll buy
141s myself a bunch of nature runes and
144s wizard mine bombs so if I buy
146s 610 and I get myself maybe just a couple
150s of wizard mine bombs which give a plus
152s free Mage boost here's when I figure out
154s that they do not give plus free Mage
155s boost because they scale with your level
156s please
158s oh my God they do scale of your level
160s all right one sec
162s any second now there it is okay 90 mage
167s which means now I can drink them as a
168s mind bomb I've now got access to low ALK
171s and I can very quickly click 600 times
175s and get myself the 35 Mage I'm beginning
178s by getting 35 magic and the reason for
180s that is it will just make taking down
181s any of the quest bosses that much easier
183s now that I have 35 magic my first combat
186s Quest is going to be Witch's House and
188s that's 13 to 25 hit points which makes
190s up from the alken which doesn't give any
191s hit points experience hit points is a
193s stat that is very important in PvP the
196s larger your health pool the less likely
197s you are to get kod when eating against
199s Combos and then as a result less deaths
201s ultimately results in more profit
203s waterfall Quest is one that you see
204s everybody doing early on and on a pure
206s it's no exception the easy early attack
209s and strength levels are huge and they
211s save so much time compared to
212s traditionally hitting goblins and
214s lumbridge I remember getting lost here
216s so many times as a kid will I make it
219s through and while I'm here since I've
220s come here anyways past this Quest I may
222s as well start tree Gnome Village which
224s you begin at King Ballroom over here and
226s then continue with the waterfall Quest
227s afterwards and there we go this Quest
229s has been started too beautiful and this
231s is why we got this extra hit points
233s because these Moss Giants will be able
234s to one hit me pretty much if my HP was
236s lower now I feel very safe down here and
239s boom Quest completed they got me from
240s one to 30 attack and 30 strength so much
243s time saved and it wasn't that long of a
245s quest either so beautiful we're now 26
247s combat as well for this 50 attack build
249s I'll be going for 31 prayer so that I
251s can protect my granite more as well as
253s unlock Ultimate strength to gain extra
255s Max hits and reduce my risk in PvP for
258s more reliable profits my goal will be at
260s least 70 ranged as a big ball from a
262s roon crossbow into my gmorph special can
264s stack for large unavoidable Combos and
266s it's going to be my main way to
268s eliminate opponents looking at a combat
270s calculator with 73 ranged I can get 50
272s attack and 59 strength without getting
275s any extra levels giving me the best
277s possible Market sets for each style at
279s level 55 combat fight Arena and Vampire
282s Slayer are quick and easy early attack
284s levels getting me closer to 50 attacks
286s my granite Mall another one completed
288s that gives me 36 attack and some
291s thieving levels nice as well this is
293s exactly all we got chaos sport earlier
294s just make all the quest bosses very fast
297s more attack experience now with 38
299s Beautiful Death Plateau gives me some
301s attack experience but most importantly
302s it unlocks the shoe slot are we pking
304s with as they are very cheap to use
306s they're only 500 coins each so yeah nice
309s to my strength training as well climbing
311s boots give two strength bonus which
312s gives my granite more extra damage and
314s they cost pennies so they're an obvious
316s choice for my PK setup back to trenome
318s Village to find ballrooms stolen balls
320s some more attack experience obtained
322s here and a requirement for monkey
323s Madness if I want to do it later on the
325s balls have been reclaimed the orb sorry
327s there it is tree known Village completed
329s 11k attack XP we're now over 40 so I can
332s actually wear roon Weaponry now which is
333s kind of cool I'm gonna need some agility
335s levels for the next Quest though and
336s Taurus trap offers them we've obtained
338s 10 Fletching 20 smithing we can now
341s start tourist trap there we go put these
342s together
343s make ourselves the bronze Dart there it
346s is perfect
349s oh look at my character I honestly look
352s like I deserve to be in prison let's be
354s real now I'm not 50 combat but we're
356s starting the Grand Tree there it is
357s Grand Tree completed beautiful 44 attack
360s acquired another magic level 2 and some
362s more agility for a future Quest later
364s down the line Restless ghost and Rune
366s Mysteries a quest in similar regions so
368s I may as well try to do them
369s simultaneously alright Rune Mysteries
370s done to lumbrage to hand in this one too
372s now precious ghost completed we got our
374s first bit of prayer experience in the
375s cat as well which is huge ninth away
378s priests in Peril is next up on the list
380s as it's a requirement for the Quest for
381s the accumulator as my Cape slot just
383s remember to not only bring a little food
385s so you don't get Chance by the dog boss
386s guarding the temple and also speak to
388s drezel after completing the quest to
390s unlock access to Mauritania which I
392s definitely did not forget to do I've
394s added Mountain door to this list of
395s quests as well why might you ask well
398s this bear head cosmetic helmet looks
400s awesome for a star it also has some okay
402s defense bonuses but most importantly it
405s looks really cool the best part of the
407s quest
408s so obviously I have this hat to hide my
411s bald spot but on a stash is still
413s showing so the bear head covers it up
416s now I've done all the quests for Pereira
417s my account I'm going to use somebody
419s else's player and house in World 330
421s Remington so I can finish off my 31
423s prayer for ultimate strength and protect
425s item and there it is 31 prayer
427s accomplished which gives me access to
428s Ultimate strength 15 increase in my
431s strength which is why we've gone for 31
433s also obviously I've got a protect item
435s along the way and Hawkeye for some range
437s bonuses too now that my attack and
438s strength have gotten a lot of quest
439s experience rewards my range seems to be
441s lagging Behind still at level one
443s introducing the dwarf multi-canon the
446s quest is very easy and Swift and
448s although I'll have to invest a fair bit
449s of coin into cannonballs and temporarily
452s invest in the Canon it should still be
453s so much faster than anything else I can
455s do at this level there it is dwarf
457s Cannon completed another one out of the
459s way I can start turning my combat stats
460s up now but more importantly the range
462s skill which is another one it is gonna
464s fly up so quickly
467s oh my God was a flying up shot
477s the final 100 XP and here it is 50 range
482s obtained just enough cannonballs as well
485s have a hundred left over or so now that
487s I have 50 ranged I can obtain the others
489s accumulator after animal magnetism I
491s needed some stat requirements so let's
493s knock those out really quickly and then
495s finish the final quest on the account
496s and there's 19 crafting a requirement
498s for animal magnetism knocked out the way
500s just hit 15 wood cutting onto the oak
503s trees there it is 30 woodcutting
505s normally you'd go to Willow logs at this
506s point but it's actually better at Super
508s Al to stay at the oak logs and there it
510s is 35 woodcutting the final requirement
513s for animal magnetism then I'm gonna do
515s the museum quiz because it gets me one
517s to nine Slayer and Hunter two which is
520s quite nice now this isn't necessary but
521s it is a very nice quality of life if you
523s are using room light you can use the
524s puzzle solver plugin which just
526s highlights the correct different bits of
529s information here and I'm gonna use it
530s because it saves me a lot of time having
532s to look at a Wiki constantly but you
534s don't need to it just saves a bit of
536s time okay that's all them done and we
538s get ourselves one 2K experience in both
540s Slayer and Hunter which is level nine in
542s each now to get a Slayer task from
545s burforp I guess since my low combat
546s level that's right that was rapid 18
549s Slayer right let's start this Quest and
552s off we go
556s and also speak to drezel after
558s completing the quest to unlock access to
560s Mauritania oh I realize now you can't
564s use these teleports until you've talked
566s to the guy the best part of this Quest
568s cow leaked killer so nostalgic maybe
570s we'll see this guy in Bounty Hunter
572s there it is avas accumulator acquire
575s nanomatism finished we get a bunch of
577s rewards as well a few random levels
579s which is just nice to have I guess I
581s want to try and make out further also
582s obtained 36 woodcutting philosophy laid
584s down the line if you want to go 60
585s attack for the DDS there it is the count
587s is now perfectly ready to start AFK for
590s the next few days
592s with every Quest I set out to do
594s completed it's time to spend the next
596s week of my life AFK at the crabs crabs
599s are a pure's best friend whether it's
601s the sand Lads on the south of Zaya or
603s the classic rocks in relica they make
605s for a good repeatable punching bag to
607s farm experience and the levels required
609s to make a powerful pure build at a very
611s low cost here is where I want to mention
613s a client's called runelight that you can
615s download through the jagex launcher on
617s the old school RuneScape website it has
619s a lot of useful features in the form of
620s plugins that can make your RuneScape
622s experience much better Quest helper is
624s an example of a plug-in that would have
625s helped me with my account progression
627s that I would recommend highly and there
629s are many guys on YouTube by fellow
630s content creators and what plugins to
632s check out there is one plugin in
633s particular though that I'll be using
635s here as it makes AFK a lot more friendly
637s and that plug-in is the NPC aggression
640s timer an old-school RuneScape when you
641s enter an area with monsters trying to
643s attack you after 10 minutes they de
645s aggro so just sit here AFK for 10
647s minutes once the 10 minute timer goes
649s out we just step outside of this
650s barrier's little invisible line get out
652s go back in again and it will reset my
654s aggression every 10 minutes for the next
655s 10 plus hours since I had almost 40
658s hours of training up ahead this plugin
660s deserves a mention as it really helped
662s the experience feel so much more
663s relaxing while I was quote unquote
665s working aka just playing RuneScape on
667s all my other accounts right we've just
669s hit the 12 hour mark on the account
672s since I started it or about to got
673s myself 57 range now since I last updated
676s you guys gonna stay here for a longer
678s with a high hit points now too but uh
679s yeah I'm getting off for the night it's
681s been a long day just hit 60 range so I'm
683s equipping my red d-high chaps now time
685s of the account is currently 14 hours
687s right we just hit 73 range on this
690s account so it's time to move on to melee
692s stats so here's the setup for some
693s strength rating strength I mean warrior
695s ring Clan boots some potions and a
697s Teleport back over here so let's get
699s started 50 attack obtained straight on
702s to the Granite hammer
705s wait what oh I need strength level 52 I
708s didn't know that missed it on the
710s recording but we just hit 59 strengths
712s now this account is fully balanced for
714s attack strength and range all I've got
716s to do now is gear up well a week later
718s of eradicating the crabs from this
720s island that seemed to never learn their
722s lesson and 40 hours of play time is now
724s completed my starter pure is ready to
726s rumble okay so I've sent about 2.5 mil
728s on supplies you can see all the
730s necessary items that I would need I've
732s also got myself some steel arrows to buy
733s some more arrows I have about 10 return
734s sets here and lastly most importantly is
737s my big special attack weapon which of
739s course we already attacked pure so
741s that's going to be the ornate more so
743s I'm gonna buy the Gmail separately buy
746s the more handle whatever it costs
748s and then combine the two to make my
750s special attack there it is that's gonna
753s be my plus one item I'll be protecting
754s it unless I get smited which I shouldn't
756s do at this level not many people Smite
757s around here this combat right so the
759s bank is set up like this and so I
760s usually do on my accounts I have my gear
762s that's all nice and easy to equip and
764s I've also got potions and restock stuff
765s at the top of course we've got the
766s climbing boots the strength Amulet the
767s comma bracelet author strength bonus so
769s the G more can hit a little bit higher I
771s have the crossbow into the granite mall
772s for some care potential as well to stack
774s it together magic Showboat is my main
776s hand recoils best in slaughtering for
778s pking Edge style in my opinion and this
780s arrows they must be and the average
781s Community is the best in slot amongst
782s the road for the prayer bonus koi for
783s some more range bonus but uh yeah this
785s is my my inventory we got basic food
787s manta ray call round one for double eats
789s we've got Brew in there as well for a
790s bigger eat if we need it let's give it a
792s spin shall we John you reckon you can
794s showcase a little Montage for the
795s viewers
800s oh my God 31 14 15
804s . maybe here oh my gosh my crossbow is
808s on fire right now
813s oh my God we actually killed him
817s oh my gosh okay
822s I'm dead oh my gosh wait what
827s I am so lucky that I just brewed there I
830s am very lucky I got that Brew off now
832s this is what you get for doing that to
834s me good fight and thank you for your
836s money
837s oh what a combo so the bulk of these
840s combos you've seen were utilizing a
842s projectile into my granite Mall special
844s attack I usually stand with at least
846s three tiles between me and my opponents
847s to stack perfectly in order to catch up
849s to my range projectile this is so
851s powerful because the time it takes for
853s the ball to Javelin or Arrow to hit the
855s opponent when I range from a distance
856s and then run in with the granite Mall
858s means that all three hits can stack
860s together to make a massive combo well
862s I'd say that was a successful first pk
864s trip um the money that we have on this
866s account now is actually my bank in
868s general is more than I started with it's
869s only been about an hour or two of PK so
872s I think that's quite successful if you
873s ask me um not a bad first little runny
875s account the game has a lot to offer and
877s if you've never built a pure stepped
879s foot in PvP maybe Bounty Hunter is the
881s place to start and hopefully this video
883s guide has ignited some passion interest
885s or at the least some curious velocity my
888s name is pure spam all my links are in
890s the description if you'd ever like to
891s see me pvm on a pure or try out the new
893s Bounty Hunter I've played this game my
894s whole life and feel extremely blessed to
896s create content and be here today putting
897s a spotlight on the type of account that
899s has kept me interested in RuneScape my
900s entire life thank you to John MP4 for
902s editing and working with me on this
904s video and thank you to jagex and the
905s entire old school team for reaching out
907s to make this possible as well as
908s bringing back Bounty Hunter much love
910s and I'll see you all there in the Bounty
912s Hunter creator
917s foreign