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Why is Fossil Island one of the only places in all of Gielinor that has a toilet?

In case the dig crew needs to take an archaeolopee!

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16 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

I brought this suggestion forward formally today and I learned that there’s no space in the current roadmap for a big piece of content around fossils (such as a boss or unique rewards) at this stage - and it is unlikely that I can justify any changes to our schedule because of a popular reddit thread at this stage.

I know you guys want changes, so I would love to explore what small QoL changes are possible in light of the above. Not massive big changes but perhaps small tweaks we could look at with a future poll.

Are there any QoL ideas you guys have for rare fossils that are small in scale/dev time that I can pass over to the team who handle QoL? I can’t make any promises and I am not involved in decision making of roadmap content but I do want you to know we are listening to you and appreciate that you are giving suggestions and feedback in a kind way.

Edit: I can see a link to a bunch of suggestions so I’ll review this and ask the team to see if any of these could work as QoL under a Poll. The rewards suggested look to be quite unique so it’s probably not something suitable for QoL Polls. If any are considered, please understand that we can only really focus on the small suggestions. These are likely to go to the operators who handle QoL across the game. We probably wouldn’t be able to work on this as a large project.