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1s foreign
5s good afternoon and Welcome to our latest
8s q a live stream where we're going to be
11s talking about your questions on the new
13s skill pitches uh we release a vlog if
17s you didn't know uh on Monday and we've
20s revealed three proposed new skills so
22s sailing Shamanism or taming
26s um and if you have any questions that
28s you'd like answered make sure to ask us
30s in chat at Old School RS we'll do our
32s best to answer them although we do have
34s some preferred questions from looking at
36s socials from the last few days
39s um first off I'd love to ask how
40s everyone's doing are you excited about
43s this week how's it been
45s um I use it we'll start with you first
48s I'm not excited yes also extremely
51s nervous pretty tired it's been it's been
53s a long week but a very enjoyable one at
55s that so no complaints definitely not
57s complaining about it
59s um overall though the week's been pretty
60s good it's been amazing to see the
62s reception to all of the pitches that
63s we've put forward I've been pretty
66s surprised with the responses that we've
68s got to certain pitches and which one
70s seems to be the majority favorite and
72s how every day that passes and new
75s information that we share people's
77s opinions seem to be swaying so it's been
79s a wild ride trying to stand up with
81s things but thoroughly enjoyable so thank
82s you so much everyone for being as
83s involved as you have been it's been
85s incredible to see
86s I agree on that one I mean the community
88s sentiment changing day by day but I'm so
92s happy that people seem to like all three
94s of them
96s um for the most part anyways so uh Elena
98s how's your week been how's everything
101s yeah um pretty much in the same boat as
104s the yiza honestly I'm excited about the
107s new skill but also at the same time it's
109s been so overwhelmingly much to deal with
112s this week in terms of feedback
115s um but that's a good thing you know uh
117s I'm continuously Amazed by how passion
120s and passionate the community really is
123s and
124s and time and time again you show that so
126s it yeah it's just
129s amazing to see how many people get
131s involved and get excited about and
133s taking up you know spending their free
134s time discussing these new skills it's
138s just amazing to see
140s so and Kieran how how's the reception
143s been for you what do you think what a
145s crazy week it's so busy we're just
148s talking before we joined the stream like
150s we've done something pretty major every
152s single day but obviously it's just been
154s so much to read through the person
155s Reddit Twitter social media everywhere
158s like it's it's amazing
160s um it's exhausting but this is kind of
162s like what we love doing right this is
163s this to me is like gosh we are this
167s community different game we do both we
168s speak to the community we are driven by
170s what you guys say and this kind of
173s Screams that to the maximum really in
176s how we've approached this but I just
177s feel proud like the culmination of so
180s much effort that's got going in by the
182s team to even get us to this stage so no
185s it feels good it still feels early like
187s this is kind of just the start right
189s we're trying to get settled down onto
191s whichever skill goes to the next stage
194s that's the start of the journey still
196s and we're we're getting close to that
198s kind of proper starting point
201s um but yeah also shout out to mod husky
203s it was obviously a huge part in in these
206s pictures who isn't here at the minute
209s he's away on holiday having a good time
212s in Japan
214s um that's awesome and yeah this is such
216s a hype time for old school RuneScape you
218s can really just feel it like the play of
221s this is so passionate it is amazing and
224s I'm just super happy to be part of this
226s journey
228s um yeah so this stream is going to be
230s about your questions on the new skill
232s pictures but before we get to your
234s questions we have a few announcements
236s just to go through so exclamation mark
238s QA if you missed out on the pre-recorded
241s live stream uh make sure to check that
243s out it answers a bunch of questions that
246s we thought you would have before the
247s blog went live and I can definitely
250s notice
251s um players have felt a lot more of a
253s short reassured after watching that VOD
255s so make sure to check it out it has time
257s stamps if you don't want to be around
259s for the whole of that stream
261s um a lots of players have found that
263s valuable exclamation mark blog will take
265s you to the blog itself definitely give
268s that a read and was a bunch of really
271s cool Community artwork from Dental
273s tractor and volca band which we'd love
275s to shout out on this stream exclamation
277s mark game update with this week's update
279s came the Bounty Hunter Rewards Beta And
281s you can now test them out and see how
282s well they work as always we'd love to
285s hear your feedback so make sure to reach
287s out on the relevant social media
288s channels and exclamation mark Discord
291s we've been ramping off our efforts
293s actually with Discord and experimenting
297s with what works and we've recently just
299s held like a stages discussion on the new
302s skill player Council Discord which was
304s super fun really engaging
307s um and really awesome so make sure to
309s get involved if you like
311s okay
313s um now for the first segment we just
314s want to shout out uh gentle tractor and
317s volkaban with a little shout out here
321s little little round of applause if you
323s can hear that guys
326s um we have been working with these two
327s with some amazing concept art that you
330s will have come across
332s um if you read the blogs and have been
334s keeping an eye on social media so all of
336s the work with the uh as you can see here
339s was done in combination with their
341s efforts gentle tractor and volca ban
343s what do you think guys isn't it just
346s amazing amazing they are so good I was
350s blown away when I saw the the images for
352s the first time
354s just fantastic yeah it really made a lot
358s of what we were talking about behind the
359s scenes feel even more real which was
362s epic um Elena and Kieran did you want to
364s add anything to that
365s I I love them so much I think um for
368s those who aren't familiar we've seen in
370s the past by gentle tractor if you like
372s similar looking layer made concepts for
375s new skill
377s um Bard was one of them for example and
380s so being able to work with gentle
381s tractor Now to create that familiar
383s format but in an actual Like official
386s presentation uh it's really cool and
388s volca bands made these like
391s um really cool bigger pictures that
393s really to me they they just sell that
396s dream that we've been trying so hard to
398s really
399s you know
401s explain to you guys I suppose
404s um it's just it hits different when you
406s see it you know so I I just love them
409s yeah so that's so so good and I think
412s this kind of Echoes what I was saying
413s earlier like even the community of being
416s involved in helping to sort of
418s communicate these pictures to The Wider
420s player base and so it speaks to the very
423s essence of like almost what this game is
425s nowadays but gosh isn't the art good and
428s as Elena says a familiar format for
430s people who've often seen a lot of skill
431s suggestions on Reddit or anything else
433s that matter right Brewing suggestions
435s and all sorts of things have come in
437s this kind of format
438s um but I love that we've got this whole
441s package right you've got like the blog
443s if you want really a bit more in-depth
445s reading you've got these images for ease
447s of reading in a format it used to we've
449s got the pitch videos like we've really
450s tried to hammer it out in lots of
452s different ways that you can get that
453s information in whatever way Suits You
457s definitely yeah yeah I noticed that
459s deaf terms of like this visual format
462s works really well for players we've also
463s got the video format so shout out
465s volkaban and Johnson Tractor you are the
468s MVPs with the community concept art we
470s really appreciate it and you can find
473s their social media links by using
474s exclamation mark volkaban and
477s exclamation mark GT so make sure to let
480s them know what you thought of the work
482s that's obviously stunning so please do
485s send your uh your well wishes to them
489s um they're valued members of the
490s community
491s um so thank you so much guys all right
493s without further Ado uh let's jump into
496s some new skill pitches questions can I
498s just do one small announcement before we
500s do oh yeah before I use it take it away
502s all right just really quickly it was it
505s was added in and it's a really good
507s thing for us to remind everyone about as
508s well though but if you didn't see it
509s already there were some socials posted
511s out and an updated blog out in regards
513s to jagex accounts there is an ongoing
516s open Beta at the moment where we're
517s looking to invite people into the jagex
519s account system system which allows you
521s to migrate your RuneScape account over
523s to a jagex account and that brings a
525s whole host of improvements most
527s importantly of them all are so many
530s changes in terms of account security a
532s lot of the things that you've been
533s asking for for many years they're
534s finally here and the best way that you
536s can get access to them is by migrating
538s over from an old school or a normal
539s RuneScape account into a jagex account
542s today we actually expanded the beta so
544s that around 50 of all players have now
546s been invited you should have got an
548s email from us but in all honesty the
550s best way to check is just log in on the
552s website go to the account Center section
554s and there should be a big button in
555s there that says you're now eligible to
557s upgrade to a JX account so go have a
560s look see if you've got in it is honestly
562s super convenient I'm not just trying to
564s sell it for the sake of it I use it now
565s myself and I was able to add six of my
568s accounts and four of them I always
570s forget the passwords for but now I can
572s just literally with a drop down click
573s log into them straight away room lights
575s available on there as well you don't
577s have to change anything as long as
578s you've got it installed all your plugins
579s and stuff should copy over so super
581s convenient super secure really good way
583s to protect your account and also just be
585s super convenient for playing old school
587s going forward so
588s um we then will be looking to expand
590s that open Beta fully
593s um sorry so there's an open Beta in
594s early A4 or enclosed bait at the moment
595s hence the invite so a little bit of
597s mishap there that's what you get for
598s doing on the Fly announcements but open
600s beta for everyone will be in early April
602s at the moment close beta but about 50 of
604s players have been invited so that's my
606s little bit thank you for giving me the
608s moment it's going to the questions now
611s of course anytime and yeah I definitely
613s value that one that one to login
617s definitely all right so new skill
620s questions
621s um General we'll start with a couple of
623s general ones then we'll go into taming
625s then sailing then Shamanism so the first
628s question is what happens if players
631s don't like any of the skills proposed or
633s what happens if they like all of them
635s can players vote for more than one skill
637s or none at all
640s oh I don't mind taking this one if you
642s guys are okay with it
644s I'm seeing some nods Okay cool so first
647s of all if you don't like any of the
649s skills that we've pitched and vote no to
652s them that's the best thing that you can
653s do the way that we're looking at polling
654s it will be offering you two poll
656s questions one of them will be multiple
658s choice and in that question let's say
660s you actually like more than one skill
662s you're able to tell us that you can
664s select all three of them if you like it
665s basically says which ones would you be
667s happy to see go through to refinement a
669s very general question there's also the
670s option to say I don't like any of them
672s or if you're really not interested in
674s the skill at all and you want the rest
676s of the community decide you can choose
677s to vote to skip on that then the second
680s question that's when we're going to ask
681s you for your specific favor if you only
683s had to choose one which one would it be
686s um so that's pretty much it
688s um yeah if you don't like them vote no
690s we can always go back if we need to we
692s can re-look over the pictures that we
694s put forward we can put new pictures
695s together
696s fingers crossed and it seems like at the
698s moment that we've given enough
700s information and some pretty good
701s pictures that players like enough to be
703s able to vote on them at least
705s um but that should hopefully answer the
706s question
708s and it's important to keep in mind as
710s well there's a whole stage of refinement
712s where we can tweak and amend pictures so
716s you're mainly voting on the concept and
718s the direction at this stage but we can
721s always tweak and amend so keep that in
724s mind you're not looking at a fully
726s finished product yet
728s it's a really good point great just to
730s add on to that very quickly as well we
732s are still not at the stage where we're
734s actually adding a skill into the game so
736s the poll that goes live next week that
738s does ask you those two questions is
741s simply although it's not a simple
742s process by any means but it is just
744s asking you if you're comfortable for us
746s to spend some extra time developing or
749s designing I should say really the actual
751s skill details those extra bits of
753s information that you would expect to see
755s from a more fleshed out design ready for
757s the stage after that to be finally
759s asking if it should be added so there
762s will be another opportunity after we get
764s into refinement should a skill pitch go
766s through for you to be able to have that
768s yes no vote that you're used to with 70
770s majority requiring for it to be added if
773s that fails we go back and revisit
775s revisit all of this all over again if it
777s passes then great you know we start
779s development and we can look to get the
781s skill added
783s awesome
784s um great so next question is there a
786s chance uh even if small that we bring
788s out completely new Concepts three brand
790s new skill pictures I know you touched on
793s this but just to clarify
796s um what's your response to this kind of
798s question
803s I'm sweating
810s okay I'll just repeat what I said before
812s then yes there is a chance that we'll
814s bring out new Concepts I think the I
816s mean there are there are different
817s scenario situations the ideal is that we
820s don't need to because you're actually
821s happy with at least one of them and
822s there is a clear
825s um high level amount of support to
826s justify us putting into refinement but
829s if that's not the case
830s um then we may go back to look over the
833s pictures that we've already put together
834s and we refine them a little bit more to
837s give that level of information to give
839s you the confidence to want to put them
840s into refinement and then if that isn't
843s going to prove successful or just not a
845s viable option because you really detest
846s them all then we would look to go
848s completely back to having entirely New
850s Concept pitches to put forward to you to
853s then ask if you want to send those into
855s refinement instead
858s cool
859s um and another question why are some of
861s the skill pictures in some ways missing
864s certain details we've had a lot of
865s questions saying will this include this
867s and that
869s um well sailing include this piece of
871s content um so why have we kept that kind
873s of vague and open-ended
876s I think that's pretty straightforward
878s we're not done yet this is kind of the
880s it's kind of the start the next stage is
882s going to be us working with the
884s community in what we're calling
886s refinement to help work out what a lot
888s of these details are
890s and we want to do it with the community
891s rather than us telling you ahead of time
895s um and that's the key thing but also we
897s did we didn't want to get ahead of
898s ourselves and go into a lot of detail
901s about things that maybe you're gonna
903s like maybe you're gonna disc maybe
904s you're gonna dislike them and you think
907s less of the skill as a as a whole based
911s on one small detail that's easily
912s tweaked and dropped in down the line as
914s well but yeah because it's coming up
917s right the next day just to work out the
918s details we couldn't necessarily flesh
921s out three entire full skill designs
923s because that gosh that would take a lot
925s longer it'd be so much harder to
926s communicate
927s we're starting with the Core Concepts
930s the themes the direction
932s and that's enough I think to sort of
934s make this choice about where we go next
937s yeah we also shouldn't be at a position
940s right now at least anyway where we are
942s providing three fully fleshed out
943s designs I know that's what historically
946s players have become used to but last
948s year we did reform the way that we
950s looked at polling content that we felt
952s was more in line with Community
954s expectations
956s um and part of that change was that we
958s looked to provide you a concept the top
961s level idea that you then give us the
963s approval on before we start spending the
965s time further developing or designing
967s just in case it's something that you
968s really didn't want and then we've spent
970s countless hours working on something
971s that quite frankly could have meant time
973s being spent Elsewhere on things that you
975s thought were more valuable so
977s I know it's a bit different because it's
980s a skill and it's such a huge thing but
982s we are just trying to stick as much as
983s we can as well to the new polling system
985s so that when we get to the point of
987s actually developing we can bring you on
989s that Journey with us incorporate your
991s feedback Your Design decisions and then
993s really have something that has built has
996s been built for you but also by you at
997s the same time sorry
999s yeah I definitely see the community as
1002s like partners with us in this where like
1004s they're feeding into the design so we're
1007s we're giving them a concept and a
1009s foundation but the community is the ones
1011s dictating where we go with with those
1013s skills so I really like that
1015s um right conscious of time so let's get
1017s into taming uh because I feel like we
1019s haven't touched on taming enough really
1022s um let's talk about firstly why taming
1024s is so awesome in our eyes and why
1026s players should vote for it
1029s um so just basically a question around
1030s the content available for players what
1032s the skill has to offer
1034s um I've seen some people kind of say
1036s that maybe sailing and Shamanism have an
1039s edge right now over taming because it
1041s offers like they offer new areas but you
1044s know what kinds of areas could be
1045s attached to Tami as a skill what's the
1047s potential there
1051s the timing is one that really excites me
1054s because of all of the abilities that the
1058s companions can have
1060s um that is very much like the reward
1062s space of taming and I'll get into the
1064s training methods a bit later but I I
1067s think like rewards are usually what
1069s appeals to most people first when they
1071s talk about any scale or activity in game
1074s really
1075s um and with taming you know
1078s having that companion follow you around
1080s potentially
1082s um and be able to do cool stuff for you
1084s is really appealing to me
1087s some of those things could be stuff like
1089s unlocking new areas that you mentioned
1091s uh it could be assisting with existing
1094s activities in the game like certain
1096s Skilling activities or even like
1098s unlocking new ways to train skills for
1101s example
1104s um and the way you train timing as well
1106s has the potential of taking you to new
1108s places right like say that we introduce
1111s new creatures that you can tame maybe
1113s those creatures are in a new area and
1115s you have to find that area to be able to
1117s tame them in the first place
1119s um
1121s and as for like how you train timing
1123s specifically uh we didn't go too much in
1126s depth about that in the blog and then
1128s the pitch but we then mention a couple
1131s of different things that we potentially
1132s could do
1134s um and I see it a bit similar to sailing
1136s in this regard because sailing also
1139s suffered from within really explain a
1140s trip core training methods like
1143s very in-depth
1145s um but an example I could see from
1147s taming for example uh is imagine that
1151s you're in the desert and you've tamed
1153s say an armadillo or something that you
1156s know travels well in the desert and your
1158s Training Method so the way of getting XP
1161s and getting your companion XP as well is
1165s by
1166s um making the armadillo try to find a
1169s treasure in the desert right so you
1171s follow him around he tries to dig a bit
1173s I couldn't find it oh well we keep going
1175s oh there it is you know pick up the
1177s treasure hunt it in somewhere get some
1179s more XP maybe some money from that
1181s um that's just one example of like one
1183s way to train your companion right they
1185s could be multiple ways of doing that you
1188s could have a similar Loop in other
1189s places uh you could come up with
1192s something brand new maybe it's like
1193s navigating a maze
1195s I know I'm like trailing off on like
1197s everything to aiming could do but I I
1199s find that a really exciting skill with
1201s like a lot of potential that I think
1203s maybe isn't immediately intuitive to
1206s everyone
1208s no it's good I think uh taming like
1210s hearing some of the potentials
1213s um really excites me for the call uh
1215s Kieran did you want to add anything or I
1217s use it I think it's that imagination of
1220s like what are the possibilities that you
1222s could do with your companions that you
1224s can't do today that could well be like
1226s what's the new type of fish you could
1228s catch when you've trained your companion
1229s up to build a pitch whatever it is it
1231s could be new resources it could be new
1233s areas
1234s like I've said before I don't know
1236s obviously again this is we have no idea
1238s yet this before we're fine we don't know
1240s exactly what it would look like yet but
1243s I kind of love the idea of you being
1244s able to like climb a mountain or enter a
1247s cave that you can't access as a human
1249s but you can send your companion in to do
1251s something for you maybe even from a
1253s gameplay perspective we like give you
1255s control of your companion and it's like
1257s you're playing as your companion when
1259s you've got like you know a maximum bond
1261s with your companion something to that
1263s effect but that's again just an example
1266s but I love that I love that scope of
1270s opportunity because we could take it in
1273s so many different directions at that
1274s level obviously that's mostly like
1276s reward space in terms of like what can
1278s you do once you've got a companion whose
1280s trained but but yeah I think it's cool
1283s and I really do think you know
1286s players are misjudging it when you
1288s compare it to summoning because the
1290s similarities really for me stop at the
1292s point of hey you've got a creature out
1294s next to you
1297s me
1301s to Animal Companions in a way because of
1304s the fact that we have you know kittens
1305s in game that are a bit annoying
1307s sometimes to train like rat catchers
1310s doesn't have the best reputation
1313s um so that kind of leads us into how are
1316s we focusing actually like where's the
1318s fun how is this going to be fun to train
1322s so this one
1324s um is something that we discussed quite
1326s a bit in Discord yesterday at the stages
1328s discussion uh but I'm happy to reiterate
1331s like for me it's so so important that
1334s caring for your companion
1337s isn't tedious like it shouldn't feel
1339s like a drawer it should feel like
1341s something that
1343s you know you put in the work you get
1346s rewarded for it and I think with kittens
1349s specifically it just feels really
1350s annoying and I think part of the reason
1352s for that as well is how passive it is
1355s like you you take out your kitten it
1358s follows you around while you do other
1359s stuff
1360s and then you don't really care about the
1362s kid it's just there while you focus on
1365s smithing or whatever it is that you're
1367s doing and so whenever the kitten is
1369s needy
1371s it like disrupts what you're doing
1373s because you're not focused on the
1375s companion right you're not focused on
1377s the kitten and so I think the way I
1380s would go about fixing that I guess with
1382s taming is
1384s it needs to be active gameplay
1386s it shouldn't be needy if you're not
1389s paying attention to it you know like if
1391s you're not interacting with it if you're
1393s not actively
1395s using it I guess
1397s um if it's not with you then it
1400s shouldn't be needy it shouldn't feel
1401s like a chore it shouldn't
1403s impact your gameplay
1407s um that's the biggest thing for me like
1409s it should be really closely timed to
1411s what you're doing so for example say
1415s that I have I don't know a bear and the
1418s bear can help me fish a new type of fish
1420s and every time
1422s that frocks like maybe it's not own time
1425s but sometimes like every time a products
1427s um
1429s the bear can only do that like a hundred
1431s times right before it needs rest or
1433s before it needs you know some food or
1435s something so I feed it and then it can
1437s keep going an alternative is you know
1441s say it was possible to use the bearing
1443s combat and only if it's used that's when
1448s it would potentially take damage and I
1450s would need to heal it up again
1451s and a comparison I did there with
1454s yesterday in stages was
1457s you know when you're in combat and using
1460s damage and you have to eat
1461s is that a chore
1463s not really so why should it be different
1465s if your companion needs to heal right
1467s that's the way I see it
1470s awesome it's a really interesting take
1472s on the on the skill itself and it I
1475s completely agree with the examples that
1477s you gave I think it really opens your
1479s mind as to the potentials of how we
1482s could make that fun and interesting and
1484s engaging to train
1487s um because obviously the way that
1488s players currently experience it with
1490s things like Gertrude's cat and stuff is
1492s a completely different story to how
1494s we're imagining taming to be let's talk
1497s about whether companions need to be
1499s following you because I've seen a lot of
1501s concerns around how it might look with
1505s the map being populated with so many
1507s different companions I mean we already
1508s have pets in the game right that follow
1510s a player so could you talk a bit about
1512s how you imagine that to work and what
1515s kinds of things we could test out
1518s I love the idea of
1521s these companions not simply following
1523s you behind you like pets I see this like
1527s obviously before we exploit any of the
1529s technical questions right we don't know
1530s exactly but like certainly we like the
1533s idea that pets are a separate system so
1535s like the pets you get from the bosses
1536s yeah they still exist they just follow
1539s you behind they're separate to The
1541s Taming system but a companion could
1543s maybe be out as well as a pet like as a
1546s separate thing
1548s um depending on the Clutter and where
1550s how we handle all of that sort of stuff
1551s so
1553s particularly if you've got a wolf a wolf
1556s wouldn't just sit behind you and follow
1558s you around like
1560s probably a bit more defensive it's gonna
1562s guard you it's going to help defend you
1564s it's gonna sit in front of you or by
1566s your side like
1568s that to me
1570s has got to be the case for it to be more
1572s believable and and that sense so that
1574s means we need to add different Behavior
1576s to different types of companion it might
1579s be entirely different for a monkey
1581s versus a wolf for instance so hell yeah
1584s let's look into that give them a bit of
1586s a personality that they represent so
1589s that's one thing
1591s um there is legitimate feedback about
1594s like how many how many companions are
1596s really going to see on screen I'm gonna
1598s go to the Grand exchange it's gonna be
1599s like a zoo
1600s no I I think we absolutely have to look
1603s at that and and make sure that it's not
1605s the case because we don't want to just
1606s clear the screen up with stuff that's
1608s not that important for you to see it
1611s might be you in some places you'll maybe
1613s only see your own companion who knows
1616s we'll have to look at solutions for what
1617s that is but I'm not worried about it
1620s myself
1622s I also saw some suggestions around the
1625s Clutter management as well that there
1627s could potentially be areas that
1628s companions are exclusive to and it's
1630s only in those areas that those show I do
1633s love the the thought of being able to
1635s have your companion out alongside you
1637s just generally adventuring across
1639s Illinois but I'm also personally quite
1641s conscious of the general clutter as well
1643s and as Karen just said we all are right
1645s it's not just a a methink on that but
1648s there are there are ways that we could
1649s look at addressing it for example if um
1652s they all seem fitting or if it was
1653s something that was going to be of a
1654s concern but I did like the idea of just
1657s having you know like I think Elena one
1658s of the examples you've gave at some
1660s point was maybe there's a there's a
1662s course of some sorts that your companion
1664s can complete similar to agility but it's
1666s a companion exclusive event and maybe
1669s that's just where that companion stays
1671s and that could be where its home is that
1673s you have to build for it and you only
1675s get that companion out when you go to do
1677s that ability
1678s activity for example
1686s mentioned there was like the
1688s personalities of the companions I think
1690s that's such a cool part of theming
1693s um the idea that you know like a wolf
1695s could behave entirely different to a
1697s monkey or entirely different to I don't
1700s know a crocodile right
1703s um I I think that's really where
1707s the excitement of many different
1710s companions can come in
1713s especially if they have like quite Niche
1716s but also quite nice
1718s um
1719s abilities for you because that that
1721s creates a lot of diversity like what I
1723s don't want to see is like everyone has
1725s the wolf out because that that's best at
1727s everything
1728s that's not cool the cool thing is like
1730s when you see someone with oh that guy
1733s has like
1734s bird following him and that guy has a
1737s crocodile like waddling after him and
1739s that guy has what even is that thing
1741s like where'd she get that
1743s that is the cool part to me
1746s I'd live there yeah it'd also be based
1748s of like how you've trained them like
1751s everyone's crocodile is different
1754s maybe there's some underlying like seed
1756s but beyond that you if you've you train
1759s them bit largely only like the loyalty
1762s to you or their aggression like are they
1764s for combat are they for something else
1766s like
1767s and that's quite cool you could take
1769s them in different directions so that
1770s it's not just a case of everyone has
1772s Roger the crocodile
1774s maybe maybe your crocodile is different
1778s definitely and I agree with aiza's
1780s comment there I mean I love taving in
1783s the sense that we're gonna need a lot of
1784s the taping skill in order to tame this
1786s twitch chat everyone's being so negative
1789s recently just chill
1791s I regret explaining that there's been a
1794s lot of inappropriate comments
1797s calm down everyone
1799s stop being aggressive
1801s um okay so can we give some top level
1804s examples of the call from taming so
1808s um some players think that we've been a
1810s bit big we've sort of touched on it
1811s earlier but just like quick fire some
1813s cool examples that players could imagine
1815s from teaming
1818s so I'm assuming you mean like in terms
1821s of their abilities right that the
1823s companions could have
1824s well so one thing we brought up
1826s yesterday and Discord was
1828s um the potential for say a monkey to be
1833s able to pick up your marks of Grace for
1834s example uh that's not particularly like
1837s meta impacting or anything it's not
1839s hardly going to affect your XP but
1842s it's just nice like you don't have to
1844s stop what you're doing pick up the marks
1845s you know that you're not missing
1847s anything because your little buddy got
1849s you you know
1851s yeah that's cute
1853s um and I'm sure there's a ton more
1855s things that we could do that aren't
1856s necessarily just flat Buffs to stuff
1858s it's like interesting Niche uses right
1863s absolutely so I've seen like plenty of
1866s suggestions as well as uh like could the
1869s companion replace something that you
1871s normally do like um could they dig for
1874s you instead of using Spade like that
1876s kind of thing like
1878s um could they pick you up a ledge or
1881s like skip an agility obstacle like maybe
1884s instead of agility obstacles like in
1886s some places you actually have taming
1887s obstacles and you need the right
1889s companions across them
1892s cool yeah I mean this this guy's the
1894s limit in terms of possibilities but it's
1896s important as well to remember that
1898s during refinement we can speak with the
1900s players to work that out right it's not
1902s like players need to be worried about
1903s the animal companion abilities being too
1905s strong because ultimately they get a say
1909s um so I find that really really
1910s reassuring in terms of making sure that
1912s the companion abilities are a fairly
1914s balanced in terms of what the player
1916s base wants
1917s um how will players existing pets work
1920s do you think like do you like the idea
1922s of existing pets becoming skins for
1925s tamed creatures or being completely
1927s separate
1930s so this one's come up a lot and it's
1932s something that
1933s um before pitching we thought about
1935s internally and we weren't sure
1938s I guess which direction to go with it
1940s and so we decided to leave it quite open
1943s and rather like focus on it in
1945s refinement so that we can go with what
1948s the community wants essentially
1950s um but the way I see it is there's two
1953s like main options uh with slight
1956s variations of those as well but
1959s um a big one is just you could have both
1961s up right you could have your pet which
1963s is a huge achievement
1965s um even though like the pets currently
1966s don't do anything they're still cosmetic
1969s they're cool following you around
1971s they're cute Etc
1974s um I I love pets and Pat something
1976s myself so like that's quite important to
1979s me on a personal level that like they
1981s don't go away and I don't feel like I
1983s have to choose between my plan and
1985s companion
1986s um so that's one possibility having the
1989s pet and companion out at the same time
1991s another one is the potential of having
1995s similar looking pets like override
1998s certain companions
2000s and the example I've been using so far
2001s is like
2002s imagine you could pet sorry pet same a
2008s bear cub
2010s and the bear cub could then be
2012s overridden by listo who is you know a
2016s pet I guess
2018s um a bear pet and so
2021s what you essentially do then is you
2024s avoid the Clutter because now you only
2026s have one NPC out instead of two but at
2029s the same time you get to show off the
2030s badass achievement of like yeah look I
2033s do have the pet
2035s Yeah well yeah that's that's reassuring
2038s I saw a few comments about you know like
2040s devaluing existing pets but I don't
2042s think we're looking to do that um we're
2044s definitely still looking to incorporate
2046s yeah awesome
2048s um another one is did you ever consider
2051s mounts as an option in taming or like
2054s the travel potential
2059s so quite early on we talked about it a
2062s bit and we really could
2064s like mounting being a skill behave
2067s twitch chat you said it that's it we're
2070s done I know I know it's gonna end stream
2073s here honestly no but really we talked
2076s about it we talked about Manson
2077s RuneScape but it worked intentionally
2080s um it would take a lot of testing and
2082s failure and at this point like we're not
2084s 100 sure if we can do like traditional
2087s a traditional Mount system
2089s um and so it's something that I would
2092s have to like try ourselves before we can
2094s really promise doing that uh the
2097s alternative is obviously like doing
2098s something similar to how we do I guess
2101s travel in game currently like if you're
2104s following or flying with the Giant
2106s Eagles for example
2108s technically that's a mound sort of it it
2111s is an animal that carries you from one
2113s place to another you also have like the
2115s Magic Carpet so we could do like we made
2118s Roots like that
2120s um but whether you would have like a
2121s month that you can control uh
2125s probably not but I would
2128s I wouldn't exclude it honestly we would
2130s just have to try it before I can promise
2132s it
2133s you gave the example in the Discord
2135s sages chat yesterday of a bird like a
2138s rare bird that could take you to the top
2139s of a mountain top
2141s um so that's like a pre-made thing
2143s introduces a new area an interesting way
2147s of travel I think that was a really cool
2148s idea for taming but like you could do
2151s that with Animal Companions
2154s so yeah absolutely um
2157s last question is was taming last
2159s question for taming was taming in any
2161s way inspired by the Popular Community
2164s suggestion of ranching or animal
2167s husbandry was is there any possibility
2170s of like breeding your pets and getting
2173s resources from them
2176s yeah so I quite like that pitch actually
2179s um and I would say part of it was
2181s inspired by it I think the big thing for
2184s me is when I think of like reading pets
2186s I think of farming basically
2190s um and just generally generally like
2193s animal husbandry that that sort of area
2196s feels very farming to me
2199s um and so what I didn't want us to run
2201s into was feeling like the skill couldn't
2204s really stand on its own like it didn't
2205s have its own training methods it's just
2208s a part of farming right and so that's
2211s why we kind of adapted it to to not go
2213s heavily that way but I could easily see
2216s there being you know a crossover between
2219s farming and taming that does introduce
2222s ranching or animal husbandry down the
2224s line
2226s very interesting very cool I'd love to
2228s see what twitch chat thinks
2230s um
2231s and just think about that
2234s quickly go back to the previous question
2236s just very slightly because I was keeping
2238s a Keen Eye on Twitter and I just want to
2240s clarify the the point around mounts is
2243s an option for us in taming and uh Elena
2245s discussing it just keeping in mind that
2248s us discussing it internally doesn't mean
2250s that that's something that that we would
2251s want to necessarily see happen it was
2253s more of a if this comes up from the
2255s community and they really ask us to do
2257s it would it be possible for us as
2259s opposed to we think this would be a
2261s really good addition to taming so we're
2263s going to explore it as a possibility I
2265s think the general consensus that we got
2268s was that mounts don't really feel like
2270s an old school thing which is why it
2272s would take so much time and effort and
2274s development to be able to make them feel
2276s like they could work and it was more of
2279s a if we had to as Elena said would be
2282s open to it but I don't want everyone to
2284s come out of this and think oh taming
2285s means that in the down the line we'll be
2288s looking at mounts added into Old School
2289s it was literally just a case of if
2291s there's a huge demand that comes of it
2292s we're like we try to think of so many
2294s the possibilities that the community
2295s might ask us when we come out with the
2297s pictures that we just wanted to be
2299s prepared enough but it's not a uh
2301s indication of something that we
2303s necessarily feel like that we would want
2304s to add or feel like should be added but
2307s that's the whole point of consultation
2308s it's the whole point of going into
2310s refinement at the end of the day if
2312s there's overwhelming support for
2313s something
2314s it's in our best interests to at least
2316s explore that for you at the end of the
2318s day if that's what you wanted but I
2320s gather that from twitch chat because
2322s people weren't really massively in favor
2324s of the idea of mountains anyway but I
2325s just wanted to make sure that no one
2327s came out of this thinking that's it I'm
2329s sold against taming now I'm anti-taming
2331s because I don't want mounts because
2332s that's absolutely not the thing and if
2334s something like that was to happen we can
2336s assure you that's something that would
2337s get voted on during a refinement and
2339s stuff and like that Beyond so
2342s thank you so much
2348s uh cool so we only have a little bit
2351s longer I guess so let's talk about
2353s sailing guys uh who wants to talk about
2355s why sailing is awesome and why players
2358s should
2361s what do you want to do you want to do
2364s this for the user do you want to do
2365s shamanism
2368s you can take this one yeah I just spoke
2371s I'll give my voice a rest
2373s imagine all the things you can do on
2376s gilino on the land
2380s imagine what you haven't discovered in
2382s the ocean and at sea
2384s because to me that is the essence of
2387s this there's a there's a huge amount of
2389s the world that you've not been able to
2390s discover
2392s having a sailing skill will mean
2394s obviously we need to go and spend a lot
2395s of time on the ocean and see and pack it
2398s full of interesting things to actually
2399s discover
2401s that to me is the essence of why I think
2403s I dream like where the dream of sailing
2406s comes from it's like gosh we can
2407s discover all this stuff
2409s um that to me is the exciting bit what
2411s are those random islands that you've
2413s never been to before what's this sunken
2415s treasure in the middle of the ocean what
2417s if you could sail with the freminix and
2419s go fight down a fearsome beast on an
2422s island somewhere right like
2424s I think there's all sorts I just I I
2426s love this idea of the feminine should I
2428s keep coming back to it it's not just
2430s about the piracy like sailing right like
2432s it could be the big rowing boats with
2434s loads of fragments in a ship that's
2436s really cool as well like there's so much
2438s we can explore and I think
2440s honestly it's it could be really really
2443s cool
2444s um there's a lot to work out I think
2445s sailing quite reasonably is certainly
2449s the biggest technical challenge for us
2451s but we know that the skill will get the
2454s right commitment the right resourcing
2456s we've already had some exploratory
2457s conversations with like our Tech teams
2460s and so on about how how can we make the
2462s ocean look better and feel more like
2465s it's real
2466s and from a gameplay perspective
2469s we know we've got to do something far
2471s better than what's in Bon Voyage and
2473s like the fishing trawler and so on and
2475s we can there's no doubt about it and
2478s that'll be a big part of the topic of of
2480s refinement if we go through with sailing
2483s but to my point about the world it's
2485s essentially a world expansion with a
2488s skill as one of the core tenets of it
2491s that's why it doesn't feel like a
2492s minigame it's more world it's more room
2495s to keep you're on the you're on the you
2497s know it's not instantly on the real
2498s world you could see people fishing after
2500s me all these sort of things like
2502s yeah sorry I'm just glabbing at this
2504s point and going into a lot of the
2506s territory but I think the potential of
2508s sailing is so massive
2511s and that's both exciting and terrifying
2514s love it um any other memes I've seen
2517s like I've seen hashtag scurvy pills like
2520s the the amount of potential memes
2522s involved with sailing is amazing
2525s um so yeah
2527s yeah like I'm just in my head I've just
2530s got the ocean Man song playing and I can
2532s just see crabs on beaches and everything
2535s and it's just it's amazing three like
2539s one two three do it for the memes guys
2543s all right um big question in the
2544s community is this going to be instanced
2547s content are islands permanent locations
2549s or are they procedurally generated or is
2552s there a mix
2555s so
2558s I guess I can just
2560s quite shortly say it's permanent the
2563s idea is to have the C be similar to the
2567s regular plant that that you see right
2570s now in the game
2572s um
2572s you'll be able to take off from like a
2575s port and sail to an island and then next
2578s time you go you can sail to the same
2580s island or you can try to find a new one
2581s it's not procedurally generated
2585s but
2586s yeah I I know that that's something that
2589s a lot of players think and it excites
2592s people to think that because I get the
2595s appeal of like ever-changing content
2597s right
2599s um
2600s it's something we talked about
2601s internally like could we do proc gen
2604s right procedurally generated stuff and
2607s um it's not something that we wanted to
2611s tell I guess or like
2614s have be part of the skill initially
2616s because we think that
2619s the sea just has so much potential on
2622s its own
2623s um but that's not to say that we
2625s couldn't do it down the line it could be
2627s an update to the skill for example
2630s um I'm a big fan of
2633s sort of like roguelites Dungeons and
2636s that kind of stuff uh and I was
2638s wondering like how could that work with
2639s sailing
2641s would be interesting to explore for sure
2644s yeah and on the point around instance
2646s content I think we've said already at
2649s least in the stages and knowing the blog
2651s we've released today that the intention
2652s is for it to be just the same as the
2654s open world so it wouldn't be instanced
2656s you would see other people out at Sea
2658s the dream is that you'd be able to be
2661s fishing at Cafe B and see someone on the
2664s sea in a boat whilst you're fishing and
2666s be able to interact with them just in
2668s the same way you would as if they were
2669s stood next to you fishing at the same
2670s time as well
2676s all right and one thing Jose
2678s recorded video that we did the other day
2681s was like
2682s what if you could customize your ship
2685s and you know like the sales to your ship
2687s and display your clan logo on those
2689s sales I think that would be such a cool
2691s thing like imagine your entire Clan just
2694s sailing your way like that'd be awesome
2696s like you know our motto ships
2699s well I'm loving all the Pug tents in the
2702s chat um people are definitely inspired
2704s by the skill
2705s um let's talk about how this is not a
2707s mini game so we we did survey players
2710s about what a mini game feels like so
2713s that we can make a skill of really
2714s distinct from it and I just see you know
2716s a few people referring back to our old
2718s pitch in 2015
2721s um and comparing them so why is sailing
2723s in the 2023 version not a mini game
2728s I guess straight up it's just it's not
2731s that's that's the first thing I'll say
2733s pretty factually matter of fact not a
2736s mini game uh from the associate design
2739s what is a mini game right
2741s to be a mini game is something that's
2743s probably instance it's localized to one
2746s area of the map
2747s and generally it's got like a point
2749s system that you come out with or
2751s something along those lines depending
2753s how it's gamified
2755s it's not it's nothing like that this is
2757s going to be part of the world the same
2758s way like you know Silly could take you
2760s through like I don't know for the sake
2762s of cliche like dead man's Cove somewhere
2764s right and like but maybe like varrock at
2767s the sea right
2769s it's just getting around I mean in in
2772s that sense but what can you do with
2774s boats that's what we're imagining all
2776s the different things you could do with
2777s boats you travel the world with other
2778s people there's not something like you
2780s enter some Zone and then you've got a 20
2782s minute timer on your screen and at the
2784s end you get points based on how you
2785s performed like it doesn't feel like a
2788s mini game to me
2790s um and I get the criticism I I do know
2792s where it comes from so anyone how we've
2794s talked about sailing back in 2015 in the
2796s old pitch and a lot of the ideas that
2798s have floated around literally flooded in
2801s the in the years in between there's lots
2802s of people sailing for a long time and
2805s there's there is a bit of a
2806s preconception about how sailing would
2808s work and
2810s for us we're so far different to that
2813s that we don't feel like it's it's a mini
2815s game
2816s um and you'll get a chance to tell us
2818s that as we move forward anyway so as we
2821s go into refinement if sailing was the
2822s one we took forward we'll be talking
2824s obviously much more detail about how the
2826s skill will work the community will help
2829s guide us on certain details and we'll
2832s make sure that we shape it to not to be
2835s like a mini game and that's the key
2837s thing but like it'll interact with the
2839s real game world and that to me is the
2841s number one thing whether it's you're
2843s doing work at a port to help set it up
2845s so that you can dock your ship there and
2847s move off from there whether it's getting
2849s crew members from like Barack or
2851s edgewell or whoever you want to recruit
2853s to your crew like it could be all sorts
2855s of things
2856s that key thing being it's not just a
2858s minigame it's not a joke it's something
2860s that's properly integrated with the game
2865s yeah and I I remember sorry I usually
2869s you go ahead before you forget
2871s um I think you said something yesterday
2873s I used about having actual sailing
2875s mini-games in the future and um there
2877s could be it could be yeah exactly go
2881s ahead
2882s no I mean you just kind of said it right
2884s it's you know that runecraft has uh
2886s Guardians of the rift which you could
2887s perceive as a mini game and there were
2890s various other things out there you could
2891s almost look at volcanic mine being a
2893s smaller Mini-Game that is an extension
2895s to Mining and sailing is very similar
2898s that we I can imagine a world that there
2900s are sailing mini games that you that you
2903s enact in
2904s um but
2905s you can't really have a mini game in a
2908s mini game or maybe you can a mini game
2910s section but I think it would be a great
2912s idea so the idea of it just being open
2914s world and extension to the current game
2916s having so many activities and training
2918s methods alongside it rather than just
2920s one localized activity and then the fact
2922s that there could be mini games within
2924s I'm just like there are currently in
2926s game um to supplement it is what really
2928s sets it apart for me in the sense of it
2930s not being a mini game
2933s nice awesome all right um there is a bit
2936s of concern about pulling off the dream
2938s of sailing and we touched on it when
2940s Kieran mentioned about the engine
2941s support
2942s um but can we talk a bit about kind of
2945s number one engine
2947s um potential and number two navigation
2950s mechanics
2951s um so kind of two questions in one
2954s um number one what's the tech looking
2956s like at the moment is there support
2957s number two with the support that we
2960s might have what could players expect in
2962s terms of navigating the sea
2968s I I guess I can take this one
2970s um husky spoke a bit about this in the
2972s pre-recorded video
2974s um but I'll try to reiterate some of
2976s what he said essentially
2979s we are quite open to putting a lot of
2982s resource into figuring out how to best
2986s make the sea feel like the sea
2988s essentially because right now the sea is
2990s really boring and old school like it's
2991s just the water texture and it's flat
2994s like that's nothing like the sea at all
2997s um you just expect waves right maybe
3000s wind out there
3002s um
3003s so that's a big question that we we need
3006s to try to figure out probably in um you
3009s know a bunch of prototypes maybe a
3011s couple of betas or something uh to
3013s really like get that to feel appropriate
3016s at
3018s the other thing is like half thing
3021s it's also something that is really
3022s important right because
3025s sailing is a big area expansion
3027s essentially with a lot of activities in
3030s it relating to sailing
3033s and so
3036s how can you
3038s maneuver
3041s while making it feel like you're on a
3043s boat basically because when you think
3045s about it a ship can turn 180 degrees in
3049s 0.6 seconds like that it just doesn't
3051s work
3052s um and so do we go with realism or
3056s is the content so vast that that might
3059s feel a bit tedious if like it takes
3061s longer to turn for example lots of
3064s questions like that do we want different
3066s ways of steering
3067s potentially just in some areas right
3071s um I'm a big fan of just the point and
3072s click like the traditional method of
3074s moving about and I could see that being
3076s like the majority of time that you're
3078s sailing that is how you do it but maybe
3081s that's specific challenges I would see
3083s you have this navigational challenge
3085s where it's actually changing the way you
3088s control your ship and now you need to
3089s take into account the waves you need to
3091s take into account like the direction the
3093s wind blows and when you try to click so
3096s that your character turns say 90 degrees
3099s you end up like moving a bit forward
3101s before being able to fully turn because
3103s that's just how ships move
3106s um
3107s there's so much potential there so much
3110s for us to explore
3111s I've seen a bunch of player concerns
3113s about
3114s um like the mechanics that we currently
3116s have in games so you know the way that
3118s you use balloons and things like that
3121s like the bone Voyage quests and so I
3123s just want to put those uh worries to
3127s rest in terms of like navigational
3128s mechanics do you feel like you're going
3130s to be able to do a good job at making it
3134s sort of enjoyable if that makes sense
3136s like well players be able to potentially
3139s test it out and see what feels right
3142s the navigation like if this goes ahead
3145s to refinement we absolutely have to
3147s prototype and bait to test the
3149s navigational aspect of it and just go
3151s with what feels right to the players
3153s because
3154s we're painfully aware of bon voyage
3156s we're painfully aware of you know the
3158s balloon system it's um it can feel quite
3161s clunky and
3163s you know
3164s annoying sometimes
3166s um and we don't want that especially if
3168s you're going to have to do this a lot
3170s right imagine if you had the balloon
3172s everywhere that could feel really
3174s tedious so it's vital that this feels
3177s good today
3179s that it's not annoying but can still
3181s feel you know exciting today
3184s so I bet that puts a lot of people's
3186s minds to rest in terms of the
3188s navigational mechanics of the skill
3189s because that was a lot of people's
3191s concern but hearing that I think and
3193s hearing the fact that there's engine
3194s support as well if it should go ahead
3196s must be really reassuring
3199s um I'm conscious of time and obviously
3201s that we need to cover Shamanism so I
3203s think we're gonna be moving on to the
3204s Shamanism questions now
3207s um Elena might have to pop out I think
3208s at six but we we have the time to go on
3211s until 6 30 so another sort of half hour
3215s um let's talk about Shamanism now
3217s um why is it awesome and why should
3220s players vote for it
3224s I reckon you should tell us mud like
3226s because you did such a good job with the
3228s initial pitch
3233s for me
3235s it's our wildest pitch and it's
3239s something different you know it's the
3241s spirit realm we're not looking to make
3244s you guys sort of go 420 blazing it
3247s across gilinore
3249s um and having hallucinations or anything
3251s like that
3252s but we are looking to bring you
3253s something different something unique and
3256s there is this desire in the community
3258s for something brand new I mean we've
3260s seen
3261s skills that are just sort of like from
3264s other games like RS3 we've seen past
3267s pitches but Shamanism nobody was
3271s expecting it there was one comment on
3273s Reddit with the word Shaman as before we
3276s actually published the blog and this is
3279s something brand new this is something
3280s unique
3282s um it's something that offers something
3284s that no other skill currently does at
3287s present it's offering you the ability to
3289s augment gear which we know is
3292s a big deal
3294s um but knowing that refinement is a
3295s thing
3296s we think that we could strike a really
3297s good balance in terms of making it
3299s rewarding and also making it
3302s um balanced at the same time
3304s so yeah it's just some it's something
3306s that came out of community consultation
3308s we put it to the desk we said can you
3310s make a skill that is natural
3312s potentially has an item saying enhances
3316s gear utility and this is what they came
3319s up with and the spirit realm I think is
3321s something really really cool it's
3322s inspired the art team so much with what
3326s we could do and I'm really excited to
3328s see people loving it so far so that's
3331s why I think you should give it a shot
3334s um if that if that's cool and it's also
3336s a familiar gameplay loop as well I've
3337s seen a lot of people reassured about the
3340s gameplay Loop of shamanism in terms of
3342s it feels so
3344s uh familiar to people in old school so
3347s yeah Shamanism y'all
3350s there you go
3356s I don't want people to think that we're
3358s part of the Illuminati though like
3360s that's that's not what we're trying to
3362s do here but it's it's very cool very
3364s interesting very unique
3366s um and I'm so loving the reaction to it
3369s so far so yeah I'm pumped guys
3372s um
3374s what do you mean
3376s yeah
3378s um let's touch on the name that we've
3379s seen a lot of feedback about the name
3381s and boy do we have something to tell you
3384s guys why did we choose the name
3386s Shamanism are we open to changing the
3388s name if we get more feedback on it
3392s I mean yes we are open to changing the
3395s name but this one has been many many
3398s weeks worth of discussion and trying to
3401s figure out what was the best if you
3403s haven't already check the blog out that
3404s released this afternoon just before the
3406s stream out live you can see
3408s um an image that Elena shared yesterday
3409s in our stages discussion that goes over
3411s some of the name potentials that we had
3414s um we knew going into pitching a skill
3417s based off everything that you told us
3419s that the name had to be simple it had to
3423s clearly Define what the skill is it
3425s should feel old school and initially
3427s Shamanism just in my opinion at least
3430s doesn't do that it's it's weird when you
3433s first hear it I had no idea what
3435s Shamanism was
3437s um I was a bit like okay but then when I
3440s started being told to pitch and it was
3443s explained to me in more detail and I
3445s understood what exactly entailed you
3447s know what it started to grow on me and
3449s now
3450s um
3451s don't be influenced by me take make your
3453s own opinions but I actually really like
3455s the name
3457s um I think it fits exactly with what
3458s we're trying to achieve with Shamanism
3461s um and the more I say it the more I like
3463s it which is weird because I really
3465s didn't to begin with but
3468s um Shamanism generally the the issue
3470s that we're facing at the moment and
3472s again just a caveat we're completely
3474s open to changing the name but have a
3476s look at that blog because I assure you
3478s the suggestions that you put forward in
3480s chat that we're seeing we've already
3482s discussed we've already went over and
3484s those conversations have happened
3485s internally where someone just said well
3488s have you thought about this and in that
3489s conversation goes into a massive Circle
3491s and then someone else does the same
3493s thing and it doesn't end but back to the
3496s point of the issue being that the way
3498s that the pitch has been brought together
3499s and obviously we can change that pitch
3501s but
3502s the thematics of it fit really well into
3505s into the name now and if we were to
3507s change it then we would have to look at
3509s changing the skill quite significantly
3510s we're obviously featuring things like
3512s the spirit realm quite heavily as one of
3515s the aspects to Shamanism and if we moved
3517s away from that and went into something
3519s more like witchcraft for example would
3522s have to change the spirit realm from
3523s what it is and offer an alternative I'm
3526s also like witches in Old School are
3527s proceed very differently to how they are
3529s in other Fantasy games similarly to like
3531s Druid craft was another name that came
3533s up and Druid craft has pretty heavy
3536s Association to herbalism within old
3539s school and Druids typically wouldn't
3542s have access to something like the spirit
3544s realm they might still have you know
3546s incense or some things to to bring them
3548s forward different Visions maybe I don't
3550s know but it's more focused around like
3552s the healing aspects and the bombs and
3555s potions and we didn't want to have
3557s players latch onto something that
3559s already exists in game because it's
3561s meant to be offering something new and
3564s already we can see you know with taming
3566s ties to how you could include that in
3568s Hunter and how sailing could just be in
3570s addition to the game anyway and Druid
3573s craft could just be an expansion to Herb
3575s law whereas Shamanism really offers
3576s something unique that doesn't exist
3578s currently
3580s um and that's why we went with it
3582s knowing that it would be a bit of a risk
3584s um but we just couldn't come up with a
3585s better name
3586s um but definitely open to alternate
3588s suggestions and we've been seeing all of
3590s them come through so we'll continue to
3592s read through them too
3595s you said they're about like the name
3598s kind of growing on you so I wasn't sold
3601s on it either initially and I helped make
3604s it like
3607s first and I we sat down and we were like
3610s okay so CM went and told us that we need
3613s to make skill that is magical
3615s and also natural
3618s how do we do that
3621s um
3622s yeah literally
3625s um and so you know Shamanism was what we
3628s came up with uh we talked about Judaism
3630s for quite a bit actually but then we
3632s wanted to add something more uh and we
3635s found Shamanism to be you know
3638s what we wanted to go for and
3641s at that point we were like okay is it
3643s the right name uh because we had like
3645s the name as a work in progress I suppose
3648s while we fleshed out what do you
3650s actually do in the skill and then we
3651s went back to the name and went okay do
3653s we still want this name this is still
3654s fit what we're trying to do yes or no
3657s uh and ultimately we just stuck to it
3659s because it really does fit the Thematic
3663s um and I think because it's our Wild
3666s Card pitch because there is a brand new
3669s like Gathering and production element
3671s both in one
3673s it doesn't necessarily suffer from
3675s having a bit of a mysterious new name
3678s right
3680s um because
3681s I think it almost would suffer more from
3683s having a very basic name because you
3685s might assume what it is and not realize
3687s the intricacies of it Shamanism kind of
3691s grabs your attention and pulls you in
3692s and makes you actually you know look
3694s into Shamanism I've never heard of that
3696s let me read the blog you know
3698s um so I think yeah
3701s it's in a weird spot like uh liking you
3704s just said would be down to changing it
3706s if needed but you know I I'd encourage
3709s people to just kind of have a think
3710s about it you know
3711s let it sit for a bit see if you like it
3714s more
3716s um with that said uh I'm afraid I'm
3718s going to have to leave you guys because
3720s it's already six o'clock I need to go uh
3722s but it's been a pleasure being on and I
3725s hope you have a lovely half hour more
3727s with our uh lovely J mods and lovely
3730s chat so
3731s Caroline Elena thank you
3736s thank you Queen
3745s um cool so I've seen a couple of
3746s comments in chat uh saying you know
3749s let's get over the email so let's talk
3752s about item augments um because this has
3754s been oh boy conversation in the
3756s community
3757s and we want to address that we want to
3760s talk about it so understandably item
3762s augments when you hear it you think
3764s power creep and I want to talk about how
3768s we're managing that problem
3771s um specifically around people who've
3772s highlighted you know I don't want to do
3774s a raid and feel like I need a higher
3777s Shamanism level in order to be
3779s competitive in that raid so let's talk
3782s about that do item augments necessarily
3784s mean flat damage increases could they be
3787s something you know different and more
3789s niche
3790s because I think we keep coming back to
3793s it but there could be anything
3795s um at this point and in refinement if we
3798s go forward of shamanism
3800s the community will get to tell us
3801s whether they want a augmenting to even
3805s be a part of it in as a whole I think
3808s Shamanism can perfectly exist without it
3811s entirely and we could explore something
3813s else for the reward space
3816s um but even if we do go with it there's
3819s a huge scale to how important we make it
3822s a part of the skill it could be small
3824s little niche quality of life aspects it
3826s could well be full-blown like you you
3829s can enhance your gear and Equipment it
3830s affects combat and so on but
3833s I think we're extremely cognizant of
3836s this like fear of missing out feeling
3838s that Shamanism we don't want Shamanism
3842s or taming or any of any new skill we do
3844s probably to feel like you absolutely
3847s have to train it to be the very best
3850s equipment and gear for a raid for
3852s instance
3853s um because essentially if you needed 96
3856s Shamanism to get the best enhancement
3858s for like your scythe and that made it
3861s the best in slot gear somewhere
3863s you kind of makes Shamanism
3865s almost quite like a combat skill like
3868s you have to train it to be good at
3869s combat now
3871s skills already do influence the game and
3873s they absolutely should because
3875s a skill shouldn't exist by itself it
3877s should be interwoven into the game and
3879s different systems touched by it so I
3882s think that comes down to us being smart
3884s about where you do this how powerful
3887s those effects are and also what the
3889s requirements are right it's a very
3890s different it's a very different
3892s situation to say it requires 96 versus
3895s it requires 70. right 70 isn't asking
3898s the world most skills you can get the 17
3900s relatively quickly so it's it the
3904s equivalent is something like us saying
3906s hey if you want the best potion in game
3909s you need 97 herb law you can make it
3912s it's untradable
3914s gosh suddenly you need herbal for a lot
3916s of things
3917s we've done it in a few places like it's
3919s Unique to chambers of zaric but it's
3922s different to it being Global across the
3924s entire game
3926s um and that is the other aspect if it's
3927s untradable
3929s then yeah you would require the skill if
3931s it's tradable you can always buy it from
3934s somebody else who's trained the skill
3935s that's how a lot of other stuff in the
3937s game works so we've got an awful lot of
3939s options on this like augmenting system
3942s but we don't even have to have it at all
3944s if the community doesn't want it
3946s yeah absolutely spot on and like adding
3950s to that as well we don't have to
3952s necessarily see augments as being combat
3955s only I know that that's the first Port
3957s of Call because it's a main concern but
3959s if we were to use
3961s um Skilling as an example uh take and
3965s this isn't to just replace one reward
3967s space and put it into another but we
3968s knew we know out there that the
3970s community has a desire for some form of
3972s Skilling improvements because we saw it
3973s when we offered the ruminous powers
3975s prayer book we initially polled if you
3977s wanted some of those prayers to feature
3979s uh Skilling improvements and quite a
3981s large majority overwhelmingly so in fact
3983s said yes the reality was that when we
3986s looked at actually designing it and
3987s putting it Forward I think we can all
3989s agree that it didn't really seem to fit
3991s to be included as part of a prayer book
3993s but something like augments seem like a
3995s pretty reasonable and in fact pretty
3998s nice way to fit that in so we could look
4000s at having Niche Skilling improvements or
4002s enhancements that come from Shamanism as
4004s opposed to combat and if we did want to
4006s look at combat one of the ways that we
4008s can manage the aspect of Power Group
4010s outside of what kieran's already said as
4012s well is looking at the potential of
4013s things being
4015s short-term use temporary use versus
4018s permanent or even just adding Niche
4021s effects to combat equipment with the
4024s bound Continental Rewards Beta that's
4025s out at the moment you have access to a
4027s whole plethora of Weaponry that has been
4029s updated based off the imbues that we're
4031s looking to add as a reward from bounty
4033s hunter that primarily affect PVP but
4035s they all have uses potentially outside
4037s of the game if players were to want
4039s those to happen and they've gone down
4041s pretty well they don't approach on
4043s current best in slot existing gear but
4045s they bring new life into Old gear that
4047s you wouldn't have otherwise used and
4048s would now use in different scenarios so
4051s there's so many opportunities for us
4053s here it really without trying to just
4056s play it safe it comes down to what you
4058s want at the end of the day but I think
4060s what we're trying to highlight here is
4061s that that's something that we're really
4063s really super aware of on our side as
4065s well and we want to make sure that we
4066s get it right and hopefully this bit of
4069s conversation has helped address
4071s um the fact that at least we're thinking
4073s about it it's not something that we're
4074s just going into blindly and just
4077s um completely ignoring we know that it's
4078s a thing we know that there's potential
4079s so we'll have to tread really carefully
4081s but I'm confident that we'll be able to
4083s get it right and I saw a few people
4085s mentioning in chat in regards to
4086s augments generally and I think this is a
4088s really good point to bring up as well
4090s um old school is very much a familiarity
4094s type of game right you see someone
4095s wearing full Bandos you know what kind
4098s of equipment stats that they have and
4099s what their potential Max hit might be
4101s um similarly with any other weapons the
4103s Cosmetic overrides they typically keep
4106s the same appearance of the item they
4107s just change the color and that's
4109s important and that's something that we
4111s want to make sure that we maintain as
4112s well going forward in old school because
4114s it really is a core part of the game so
4116s if we were to introduce augments that
4118s are suddenly drastically altered the way
4120s your equipment works I think it's
4122s reasonable to expect some form of visual
4125s change to go alongside that as well so
4128s that it may take you some time to
4130s understand what all those different
4131s visuals may be but you would at least
4134s have the opportunity to know what
4135s someone else is using if they had their
4137s gear augmented as well
4140s it's gonna be really interesting to see
4143s what skill comes out for refinement
4145s because there's going to be a portion of
4146s players that see the augments as the
4149s core part of the skill
4151s um and there's some people that you know
4153s want the spirit realm and they don't
4155s necessarily want the augment so it's
4157s going to be a conversation that we're
4158s going to have with the community as to
4160s which parts of shamanism should proceed
4163s and be refined and I'm really looking
4166s forward to what the outcome of that is
4168s but I guess this is all just to say that
4170s you know we want to work with the
4171s community on that aspect of things we
4173s see the value there we want to give you
4175s something interesting something that
4177s makes it feel worthwhile as as a skill
4179s what came out of community consultation
4181s was that there was a big desire for
4184s enhancing equipment we just don't know
4186s to what extent yet that should be but
4188s we're aware about the issues that this
4191s could cause with you know end game
4193s content things like that balancing and
4195s we will make sure that we work with you
4197s on that so hopefully that's reassuring
4199s in some way
4200s uh I want to talk about now the
4203s non-viable aspect of the skill and I've
4206s seen a lot of community chatter about
4208s you know how Shamanism could tie into
4211s existing skills like Hunter or Slayer so
4214s you could be hunting or doing Slayer and
4217s collecting resources that could then
4218s feed into Shamanism and it could make
4221s the skill feel more complete in terms of
4223s the ecosystem of all the skills so
4227s um is this something that we've
4228s considered
4230s um what do you think about this kind of
4231s like ties to Hunter Slayer maybe even
4234s herb law
4236s I think there's loads of potential for
4238s tying in and it like as I've said
4241s the best skills should be interwoven
4244s with the existing systems in the game
4245s right it's not just by itself
4249s it should tie in and help other skills
4251s and have other skills work with
4252s Shamanism as well so totally Hunter is a
4256s great shout because goodness me how many
4258s things in Hunter have completely useless
4260s as it stands there's literally no reason
4263s basically to go and Hunt like kayaks or
4266s rocks or whatever else right
4268s so that's that's huge right we could
4271s absolutely look at using some of the
4273s Redundant resources in game we could add
4275s new ones all sorts
4277s um that said
4280s the non-viable aspect of the skill
4281s players have told us pretty
4283s unequivocally in the in the response to
4285s the surveys and so on that they don't
4288s want the new skill to be viable and like
4290s you know day one of the skill the person
4292s that gets 99 first on that exciting high
4295s scores from this is just the person
4296s who's got the most money to fund it
4298s right
4299s I don't think that's fun either I'd much
4301s prefer it to kind of be a Fair
4303s competition
4305s um so we need to be careful about what
4307s resources are tradable and what are not
4309s tradable but it doesn't mean there won't
4311s be any tradable aspects like we could
4313s feed those into more of the reward
4315s aspects rather than the training
4316s training things for instance so
4319s obviously we don't have all the details
4320s it's not like we have a whole level
4322s guide and everything written down
4323s already that's to come but this is what
4327s this is sort of the process we'll be
4328s thinking about
4330s um but obviously it's a huge chance of
4332s trying other skills
4333s um yeah
4335s um correct me if I'm wrong on this one
4337s but I believe in uh the summary that we
4339s got from the stages discussion I left at
4342s this point but I have a good enough idea
4343s in terms of what's been going on
4344s generally working on the project but one
4347s of the things that we're also very
4348s mindful of um Kieran was obviously
4350s talking about how there's a huge amount
4351s of potential to integrate existing
4353s skills especially something like Hunter
4354s but on the flip side of that is that we
4357s wouldn't want Hunter to feel like a
4359s requirement for you to then have to
4361s train Shamanism it would most likely if
4365s we were to do stuff like that with that
4366s huge amount of potential would be more
4368s for that reward space as opposed to the
4370s general core training Loop so you
4373s wouldn't have to go and spend the next
4374s 15 hours hunting chin Chompers in order
4377s to get the next five or eight levels or
4379s so of shamanism it would be more like
4381s side benefits that you'd be able to get
4383s mostly for reward space I imagine at
4386s least but again those are things that we
4388s can definitely firm up with you emphasis
4390s being that it should integrate into
4393s other skills all of them as Kieran said
4394s should really integrate but other skills
4397s shouldn't be an absolute hard
4398s requirement for you to train any of the
4400s new skills and Shamanism especially
4402s because much like we wouldn't find it
4404s super enjoyable for someone to just get
4407s 99 because they've got the most money in
4408s their Bank we also think it wouldn't be
4411s all that enjoyable if you have to go and
4412s revisit skills that you've already
4414s leveled up and maybe had no intention of
4416s ever really touching again at least not
4419s for you know a considerable portion of
4420s your time spent in game
4423s rate points there it would really suck
4425s on day one if the the way that you train
4428s you know the skill is through another
4430s skill and then you just kind of you're
4432s not actively training the skill that is
4435s released so yeah something happens
4437s summoning
4438s um when summoning came in 2008 first
4440s thing you had to do was not get a
4442s companion and start play with it it was
4444s go do Slayer and get charms so we yeah
4448s we're we're on that and the same the
4450s other way around for what it's worth
4451s like we don't want it to suddenly be hey
4454s if you want to train an account it's far
4457s better to get like 99 taming sailing or
4460s Shamanism before you go and do like
4462s fishing because of the other perks
4463s you'll get from from these skills like
4465s you want to keep it quite like quite
4467s sandboxy that you can choose what your
4469s goals are and do things in any order you
4470s kind of want
4473s awesome awesome guys I'm seeing some
4475s thumbs up in the chat so that's really
4477s good
4478s um let's talk about the spirit realm is
4479s that going to be instance and can you
4481s talk a bit about like the goals with the
4483s spirit realm um are you can you access
4485s it anywhere only at hot spots that are
4488s maybe like Dungeons uh what are you
4490s thinking like ballpark ideas not not
4493s anything defined not set in stone yet
4496s I am so excited about the spirit realm
4499s and the potential of what this can bring
4501s this is why I think the skill can
4504s absolutely Thrive even without the like
4507s augmenting system because we can just
4509s put a lot more effort into the spirit
4510s realm in that case for instance so
4514s probably not everywhere
4516s because at a basic level the spirit
4518s almost basic is like a different
4520s alternative reality like a different
4522s dimension kind of thing of of gillino
4526s we're imagining it like a different
4528s parts of the world it's closer or
4530s further away from the real world and the
4534s places where it's closest that's what
4536s we're maybe calling Disturbed sites so
4539s I'm not saying there will be one here
4540s but imagine there's a disturbed site at
4542s like lumbridge's graveyard
4545s for instance
4547s um maybe you can enter the spirit Realms
4549s there and you'll get this warped weird
4552s version of lumbridge where maybe there's
4554s a door that's suddenly open or a chest
4557s treasure chest that's available that
4559s wasn't there in the real world
4561s and hey depending how close the spirit
4564s realm is to the real world maybe
4565s dictates what level of shamanism you
4568s need to have to be able to access it
4570s so one of the main uses will be
4573s gathering resources that might be a
4575s rather Gathering part of the Shamanism
4576s skill of resources that you get in the
4579s spirit realm and bring back to the real
4581s world but also there's a huge chance to
4584s explore like what else can you do there
4586s What creatures exist there maybe there's
4589s maybe there's a boss you can fight there
4590s maybe there's new types of resources you
4592s can get outside of shamanism hey maybe
4595s one day we do a raid that's Spirit realm
4597s base like who knows and that to me is
4600s why I'm so excited about it because it's
4602s a way for us to kind of
4604s think about the map in a totally new way
4608s um
4608s so yeah probably a little bit more like
4611s hot spots and rather than the whole
4613s world because simply put we probably
4614s could not recreate the entire map size
4617s of
4618s of the world in in the spirit realm form
4620s but
4622s certainly certain areas and so on and
4624s we'll have to think about the rules
4625s right like is it a portal you go through
4627s or can you just chop and change anywhere
4629s in that region like there's a lot to
4632s work out but I really think that's cool
4634s and I really like that you could play
4636s with puzzles and all sorts of different
4637s things and like
4639s yeah it's quite cool
4642s um it's the it's definitely the part of
4643s Charlotte is I'm super very excited
4644s about
4647s yeah like early conversations I remember
4650s we were sitting around a table and we
4652s sort of floated the idea of spirits kind
4654s of needing your help and you go on like
4656s almost like mini quests that they ask
4658s you for help with
4660s and you because you're able to to
4663s Traverse both you know the open world
4666s and the spirit realm
4668s um it was a really cool idea you know
4670s that you're able to see something that
4672s other people can't see and you can do
4674s that and you can help you know Spirits
4676s out and build on that law so I really
4678s like that idea I don't know what I use
4680s if you wanted to add anything about that
4683s yeah for me this the idea of uh the
4687s potentials from like augments are
4688s obviously really exciting but it is the
4690s spirit realm that really sells it to me
4691s from Shamanism and I just love how every
4695s time we talk about it the first example
4697s is oh a door that's over it locked in
4700s the real world is is open in the spirit
4702s world I'm like okay that's a good for
4704s like setting the pace but my God can we
4705s give a better more exciting example
4707s because we always then lead on to it
4708s like what about a raid or a dungeon
4710s that's only and I'm like okay let's
4712s start with that because that sounds so
4713s much cooler than a door although I did
4715s appreciate the Reddit post where
4717s someone's waiting outside the uh the
4719s gates of the bank underneath our Rock
4723s um for the gate to open
4725s um
4726s I I don't want to just
4728s go to this point just on Shamanism
4730s though and I wanted to try and make this
4731s earlier
4733s um when we talked about like
4734s aspirational content and stuff but all
4737s three of the skills have huge amounts of
4739s potential for aspirational Content here
4741s sailing is one of the most obvious ones
4744s because just by virtue of the name it
4746s offers the idea of exploration and an
4748s entire new area of land to discover
4750s Islands dungeons bosses NPCs coral reefs
4753s all that kind of stuff but when you
4755s think about taming and going to tame new
4757s creatures that are in new lands that
4758s you've never explored before could bring
4760s into it new dungeons new NPCs for you to
4762s fight New Slayer tasks new quests that
4764s you have to take your companions on to
4766s be able to help you with Shamanism also
4769s then offers you the spirit realm which
4770s has a plethora of different pieces of
4772s content that are available too there are
4774s maybe some Slayer exclusive Spirit
4776s creatures that you have to defeat using
4778s your Shamanism skill to be able to to
4780s fail them a Shamanism only raid where
4783s you have a limited amount of time to be
4784s able to get in and out and defeat
4786s whatever creature it is in there that
4787s might be impact in the spirit realm and
4789s and hurting the shamans around I don't
4792s know I'm just like I'm getting too giddy
4794s now but there's there's so much
4795s potential with all of them that I really
4797s really really feel like that's why we've
4799s got such strong pitches but the spirit
4801s realm especially the idea of puzzles
4803s where you interact with them in the
4804s spirit world it changes something in the
4806s real world or maybe there's just some
4807s like really cool quirky things that we
4809s can do that I don't know this is again a
4811s random example a random idea but one of
4814s the quests that exists in the game at
4815s the moment what if you could just do
4816s something a little bit differently if
4818s you had a Shamanism level so we can
4820s alter existing content where you don't
4823s need to have Shamanism for it but I
4825s don't know
4826s crap example but it's for some reason
4828s it's just the one that's in my head
4829s right now because we talk about puzzles
4830s but like when you're doing Monkey
4831s Madness and you have to complete the the
4833s puzzle for the glider but what if in the
4836s spirit realm you don't have to do that
4837s because you can just Traverse straight
4838s to like a patola or something like that
4840s as I said crap example but I thought
4841s about puzzles but the the possibilities
4843s really are like
4846s endless in terms of what you could do
4847s with it and I really like that it's it's
4849s a huge amount of excitement the the fact
4852s that you can bring out so much more law
4854s new NPCs and things to interact with is
4856s just really cool
4859s no it's it's so so cool and it's like
4862s during refinement we can sort of like
4864s touch on a bit more
4866s um and then but it's also that
4868s possibility of content Beyond like these
4871s are skills these are things that we can
4872s build on in the years and years to come
4875s um and there's so much room there for
4877s like content drops content launches like
4880s it just gives us that pathway to do that
4882s and I I just absolutely loved that so
4884s all three as you said have that
4886s potential and with Shamanism with the
4889s spirit realm we just have so much
4891s potential to build on that and and
4893s explore that there's so so many ties to
4896s existing you know lore and things like
4898s that so very very cool
4901s um we are actually getting close to time
4903s I don't know if we want to answer some
4904s quick fire twitch chat questions or if
4907s Kieran if you wanted to add anything
4911s let me just first say like
4914s we believe all three of these skills are
4918s totally viable and can be incredible
4920s additions to the game which is why we've
4922s pitched these three right we've had lots
4923s of other ideas we've looked we've really
4925s dug deep
4926s um so
4928s you know as much as like we you know
4931s we're excited about all of them and
4932s we're telling you try to tell you the
4933s benefits of each of them like
4936s no matter which wins we're gonna be so
4937s happy because
4939s it's just such potential whichever one
4942s goes forward so yeah we believe in all
4944s three
4945s um and it's it's so exciting to just be
4948s able to finally talk about them all
4950s because like so many of these ideas like
4952s gosh what if there's a raid at the sea
4954s what if there's a red in the spirit
4955s realm what if you can fight a raid with
4958s your companions or a companion only red
4960s like with taming like we could explore
4963s these kind of electricians
4968s version of bosses oh
4971s gosh and you've had to train them
4974s whenever you can use this magical candy
4975s to like level them up
4977s um but but genuinely it's a buzzing I'm
4981s buzzing because it's just
4983s no matter which wins like there's so
4985s much potential for like where we go next
4986s it really is anyway
4991s by the way guys like we said this at the
4993s start but there's a multiple choice
4994s question for a reason we want to know
4996s what you think about all of the skills
4998s but we obviously want to know uh which
5000s is your favorite because we're only
5001s refining one at this stage so
5004s um just one is going to go through to
5005s refinement
5006s um the poll starts on April the 4th
5009s um so hopefully this q a has helped um
5011s sorry Aiza what were you gonna say
5013s I was just gonna say I just saw a couple
5015s of um questions come welcome in chat and
5017s I thought I could just quickfire a few
5018s out if others wanted to do the same I
5020s would I just had two that I thought I'd
5021s quickly read out and then yeah yeah and
5024s immediately
5025s um the first one I saw was from Norway
5027s 137 and they asked would there be PDP
5030s with sailing potentially and um just
5032s talking on that the has been discussion
5035s internally in terms of like could we
5037s make PVP work in sailing and carry it it
5040s would not if it was ever going to happen
5042s it wouldn't just be like you're out at
5044s the sea and it's PVP enabled everywhere
5045s but I can imagine that the risk as well
5048s like a dangerous area out in the sea
5050s that's got no rules and it is similar to
5053s the Wilderness just out at sea but
5056s without all of the current restrictions
5057s in terms of like the Wilderness law and
5059s Association as to why it's the way it is
5061s I think that would be really cool
5062s something to explore
5063s um could definitely be an option
5065s um for sure
5072s with that one
5075s super P also asked if there would be
5078s quests on release of the new skill and I
5080s think we've spoken about this briefly
5082s before but maybe not in this stream at
5084s least but um I think we imagine that for
5087s each new skill that we introduced there
5089s would probably be like an introductory
5090s quest to kind of like explain the basics
5092s to you especially as they wouldn't be
5094s incorporated into something like
5096s tutorial Island
5098s um and outside of that well I think the
5100s possibilities really are endless that in
5103s the future and Beyond we could have
5104s skills that that's Quest sorry that do
5107s require you to have that skill maybe the
5109s quest is focused entirely around the
5110s skill itself like some examples they
5112s gave about Shamanism or there could be
5114s attainment specific or even a skill a
5116s quest that's out at sea for example so
5119s definitely potential for it there um but
5121s at least to begin with it would just be
5123s a case of adding them to explain it I
5127s don't know maybe Kieran or light you
5129s could touch on this one but I don't
5130s believe we would be looking to
5131s retroactively change existing skills to
5133s incorporate sort of existing quests to
5136s incorporate the new skill it would be
5137s more about new skill editions if
5139s anything
5141s yeah there's no chance we're gonna go
5143s back and say like hey this Quest
5145s suddenly has a sailing requirement or
5147s something like that oh
5151s for the last three minutes
5154s I saw someone say can we get all three
5156s skills and I wish
5160s he likes it in the future not right away
5163s okay okay sorry I do I do over a long
5167s period of time but like do you really
5168s want to sign the two of us up to be
5170s working through adding three skills and
5172s refining at the same time
5175s I've only got so many years left of my
5177s hairline that will destroy it completely
5180s yeah but something I do want to say is
5183s we are very aware that the the first new
5186s skill has to be something really special
5188s and we've seen that in the feedback
5190s we've seen that in the survey you guys
5192s have such high expectations and we want
5195s to match those expectations so whatever
5198s skill it is we want to make [ __ ] like as
5201s good as it can be
5203s and whichever one goes forward the team
5206s are so passionate and good at designing
5209s this stuff like we are going to deliver
5211s which f01 goes forward
5213s um but it's not just you know this is
5216s not the end of the road right we
5217s obviously are talking about this as the
5218s first skill
5220s If Everyone likes it and it goes well
5221s there's no reason why we wouldn't be
5223s talking about another one down the line
5225s right if the community wants another one
5227s we'll explore that that's getting years
5229s ahead of us right but hey next time
5231s around if the one you particularly is
5234s maybe it's your second favorite
5236s um is the one that goes forward this
5238s time
5239s then there's no reason why your favorite
5241s wouldn't be up for the up for discussion
5244s in the future
5245s um if it's particularly if it's popular
5247s and we're gonna obviously see the the
5248s results of the vote next week uh which
5251s is mildly terrifying but also so
5254s exciting to see much to see what I'm
5256s saying how people vote but like
5259s if you're happy with all three of them
5261s vote yes to all three are you happy with
5263s two of them but vote yes to both of them
5266s um ultimately obviously we're looking
5268s we're keen to move forward with with the
5270s one that Beth represents what the
5271s community want to see
5273s um but we don't like the idea of people
5275s being awfully tribalistic about their
5277s favorite like if I can't get my favorite
5278s you're not having one like to me that's
5281s something kind of attitude we wanted to
5282s we want to see right like
5285s that
5297s it's cool just see our minds think alike
5299s really good point though it's it like at
5301s the end of the day there's there is no
5303s real benefit to being uh super angry
5307s about other people preferring a
5308s different skill over you have a
5310s constructive conversation about it talk
5311s about what it is that you like more
5313s without just you know making someone
5315s else feel crap about it because at the
5316s end of the day it doesn't get you
5317s anywhere it's not going to change
5319s anything what will change is giving
5321s constructive criticism good feedback
5324s um and being a little bit open-minded as
5326s towards um things going ahead like
5328s Kieran said there's a really solid team
5329s behind it hopefully all of the effort
5331s we've gone to so far has showed you how
5332s much we're passionate how much we care
5334s about getting this right so if you've
5336s ever had any instance in your time of
5339s playing old school to just have some
5340s Faith now is the time
5342s um we want to do this right absolutely
5344s want to do it right we know how
5345s important it is
5346s um whole goes live on Tuesday it will be
5348s live for just over a week so plenty of
5351s time to be getting voting as well and I
5354s believe not to steal your uh your
5356s thunder him I'd like but they'll be a
5358s AMA on Reddit on Monday next week with
5361s some of the J mods
5363s so head to Reddit our favorite platform
5366s guys we will be doing an idea
5369s oh yes we do
5372s yeah oh no that's maybe a chance to get
5374s all the questions we couldn't answer in
5375s the chat it's obviously a bit different
5376s when we're live and we're having to talk
5378s but it's super easy to type a role you
5380s know Avid typers from our times at
5381s falador so we can get a whole bunch
5383s answered then
5390s and thank you yes Kieran and Aiza and
5394s Elena obviously who's left for being
5396s such wonderful guests and answering all
5398s the questions
5399s can I do one last uh announcement before
5401s we wrap up
5403s rehash what I said sorry I'm gonna be
5405s that guy but if you haven't already seen
5409s it we put some socials out we've updated
5410s our News Post drag X accounts it's
5413s currently in closed beta and we've just
5415s expanded it so that 50 of all players
5417s have been invited
5418s let me just tell you now and I'm not
5420s saying this to be a shill it is serious
5423s all of the times that you've been asking
5425s for improvements to our systems
5426s especially around things like account
5428s security well they're here now jagex
5430s accounts brings in the majority of those
5432s things that you've been requesting it is
5434s the safest and most secure way to play
5436s Old School it's also super convenient
5438s because you have the ability to just
5440s click play at an instant and it will
5442s load up your client of choice whether
5443s that be the the normal client or roon
5446s light all of your settings will populate
5448s over so if you want to check if you've
5449s been invited you should have been sent
5451s an email but honestly the best thing to
5453s do is just log into the old school
5454s website head to the accounts section and
5456s right there on that screen it will show
5458s you a button that will say you're now
5460s eligible to upgrade to a jagex account
5462s check out the blog that is on our
5464s webpage at the moment it's literally on
5465s the front page I think it's like the
5467s second listing it was updated earlier
5468s today it shows you all the screenshots
5470s that you need to look out for so you can
5472s see if something's legit it will tell
5474s you all the steps and everything you
5475s need to know about but seriously super
5478s super super super super convenient is
5480s quite literally the best way to make
5482s sure that your account is secure as
5483s possible it puts you in a position where
5485s realistically you are the only person
5487s that will ever be able to recover your
5488s account going forward so make sure you
5491s have a check it's going into open Beta
5493s in early April so everyone will be able
5495s to have access to it then that's all
5497s I've got to say for now I find it
5499s genuinely awesome I've really enjoyed
5501s today's stream thank you and if there's
5502s anything anyone else wants to say I'll
5503s stop talking now
5510s videos not to just follow on the carry
5514s on Shilling but I've been using it
5517s for since business since I've been able
5519s to uh we got the first access to staff
5521s but like it is so much nicer to just
5525s have one account handle everything and
5527s just be able to just one one click and
5529s be in the game it's it's really
5531s convenient
5533s um but on on the topic of the of the
5536s skills I'm so excited as maybe as you
5539s can tell I've tried to be like try and
5542s calm down how excited I am right but
5545s it genuinely is like a really big moment
5548s for this game I mean old school is 10
5550s years old that in itself is astounding
5552s to me
5553s this is the major type of update we've
5556s never done and
5558s I'm really Keen to be able to deliver
5559s something off this ilk because and
5562s whichever one we go forward with I'm so
5563s excited for essentially the future of
5566s the game and how amazing this is going
5569s to be
5571s absolutely this is such an exciting time
5574s the people in twitch chat the people
5576s I've spoken to there is a buzz there is
5578s such a hype going out and it's it's
5581s amazing to be part of it every single
5583s person who's left us feedback a message
5585s anything like that um viewed our posts
5588s you are helping us to make history to
5591s make waves with this game and we're so
5593s excited so make sure that you vote on
5597s eight for the fourth
5599s um and yeah just thank you so much for
5601s being a part of it thank you for
5602s building this skill with us we can't
5603s wait to see what happens and what goes
5606s out so yeah thank you so much guys we'll
5609s see you next time
5610s bye bye