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“Our metrics indicate there are no widespread problems impacting the entire community”

“Ping times are acceptable”

“There will definitely be cases where some players encounter issues”

That entire comment reads like a kick in the gut. It reads like PCF has no idea how bad and frankly unplayable multiplayer is.

Do they even play their own game?

Me nor any of my friends nor anyone on Reddit I’ve spoken to has ever played a single multiplayer game NOT as host, where they haven’t experienced:

  • ammo mods not working

  • ridiculous rubberbanding

  • “on kill” effects not registering

  • cyclone resulting in you being locked in place even after skill ends

  • time rift straight up not working

  • hunt the prey often bugging out, much more than sp

PCF not acknowledging these obvious issues, and not stating publicly that these issues are a priority, and instead posting a comment which blows them off and acts like they are a fringe experience...... this has pretty much destroyed the last bit of confidence I had in this game.

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Hey there,

A bigger follow up patch is coming as has been mentioned a few times throughout our previous mega threads.

Pasted the latest information below:

Patches:Our team is continuing to work hard on upcoming patches to address a variety of bugs and performance improvements as well as a few other things. More news on these soon.

Balancing:As an additional small note, we haven’t forgotten your feedback on previous balance changes and are working on a post to provide more background on past changes and our overall balancing plans for the game. We will share an update with you in the near future.

The next patch will be our biggest patch to date and will address a lot of issues you're seeing. It's currently undergoing testing and I'm working through the patch notes for it and will share news on it's release when we know when it will land.

As for the response you quoted me on, please note that you did lift individual sentences rather than the message as a whole, which warps the intent of the reply. To quote my latest clarification on the reply in question:

I also want to reiterate that this reply is not us refuting that some players are experiencing problems with co-op. Rather, this reply is intended to explain the kind of information we need in order to better understand and resolve the issues you are facing.

As a additional note:

The "combat puzzles response" as mentioned here by /u/Pangolier was in fact NOT our "response" to an existing situation.

Rather, the interview information had been previously banked by the news outlet (possibly during launch day interviews) who then released it at a later time. This is standard practice, but in this case it unfortunately looked like a response to the situation at hand, which it was not. All our responses to date we've posted here on reddit first, and not in a news article.

If we haven't been more communicative on certain issues this past week, it is because we do not want to detract from the ongoing Inventory Restoration, but it does not mean things are being ignored or swept under the rug, as I'm sure you will realize once the next patch releases.

Edit to clarify on this last paragraph: The most effective communications we do are our mega-threads & updates, which I count to now be 14 since demo launch. 5 of those in the 3 weeks since launch.

While I do reply in threads, just as I am here, more comprehensive news updates and fix confirmations will always be mega-threaded, mainly because a reply such as this is inherently less visible than a fresh thread.

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Originally posted by RyanTheRighteous

Excellent response. Your transparency is both refreshing and greatly appreciated. Transparency is sorely lacking in this industry, so it's nice to get an idea of how these issues are being handled internally.

Thank you!

We set ourselves the goal to be as transparent as we can possibly be with Outriders and we're not wavering from that commitment.

The difficulty, however, is that transparency requires longer communications and explanations to provide background details on a matter. Longer replies in turn are much easier to be taken out of context with a negative "hot take" or be entirely misunderstood because a reader might not have read the complete message.

It's a difficult thing to balance, but we're still trying and still learning how to improve every day.

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Originally posted by FreaQo

I do not envy you. You get so much shit from the people here yet you remain civil and constructive. I for one appreciate the effort you put into this. Other than the, more often than not, horrible rubber banding multiplayer connections (I have gigabit internet) I'm happy with the game and I'm really enjoying myself.

Thank you and keep it up.

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and support. Such messages (including the acknowledgment of your rubber banding issue) are more helpful than you can ever imagine and they help me/us power on with addressing such things and improving the experience for you.

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