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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/992640/announcements/detail/1644303778578917030]here[/url].
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We are very excited for this patch, where we will be bringing you a highly anticipated feature - campaign co-op! While we didn't set out to have the campaign available for multiplayer, and we built it as its own solo experience, we saw your overwhelming feedback requesting it and decided that it was worth the time and effort to bring it to the game. This was no small endeavor as we had to overhaul some major aspects of the experience, but we are happy to say that you will finally be able to partner up with a friend and live through Pagan Online’s adventure together.

As Halloween is almost here, we are also bringing some of that spooky spirit to the Pantheon as well as a new companion, available exclusively this week.

Alongside more fixes and implementations, we continue our work on stabilization and optimization of your online experience - and we also hope to be able to bring you even more ways to play together soon!

The Pagan Online Team

CAMPAIGN CO-OP We worked hard to deliver this first experience for playing co-op in a party with a friend and we plan to keep improving it. Since we didn't set out to have COOP in the campaign, and had to make some deep changes in our systems to account for your interactions, progression, and the many instances in which you unlock the next stage of the campaign, were you to play alongside another player. We had to come up with some creative solutions for these reasons - and are still polishing some aspects of it - as there are some glitches still present. They occur due to our technology setup and we are still ironing coding wrinkles out. To minimize the frustration of possible glitches here is how it works:
  • Once two players enter any mission in co-op, the first one to load is proclaimed the “instance owner” by the server. This is not related to the party leader or to suggesting missions in Pantheon.
  • This “instance owner” is in charge. They will be the one to trigger all of the interactions, dialogues, and events during a campaign battle.
  • KNOWN ISSUE 1: In some cases, the “instance owner” dies and cannot be revived at some points of the mission because of how our revival system works, and the next quest event cannot be triggered.
    Future Hotfix: We will address this in some of the hotfixes to come by making revive a manual action by players who are alive after the encounter.
  • KNOWN ISSUE 2: If the “instance owner” gets disconnected from the game, that mission cannot be finished because the other player cannot trigger mission events.
    Future Hotfix: We will try to address this by making a check to see if the other player has the same quest, then transfer ownership to that remaining player.

The Campaign can now be played cooperatively in its entirety, alongside one other player.
Missions still work as they previously did and support 2 player co-op.

HALLOWEEN To celebrate the spookiest time of year, Halloween decorations will go up in Pantheon on October 28th!

Introducing a new Pet: Arachnid Assistant
This creepy-crawly is an invaluable resource for the lazy arcanist. Arachnid Assistant can even remember spells and page numbers. Tends to mutter pop music when frustrated!
Bonus: Grants +3% Critical Chance

To get Arachnid Assistant, log in between October 28th at 18:00 UTC and November 1st at 18:00 UTC.