07 Jul

Hello Pagans,
Since the launch of Pagan Online, Wargaming and Mad Head Games have been working to ensure the best possible gaming experience. Unfortunately, over the last year, it has become clear that supporting Pagan Online as a multiplayer game is no longer sustainable.

To ensure the continuity of our game, we will be converting Pagan Online from multiplayer to single player. This will happen on August 4, when the multiplayer servers will be switched off.

To all our players who joined this adventure with us, your feedback and insights have been invaluable on this journey and we could not be more thankful for the heart and passion you put into helping us deliver the Pagan Online experience. Thank you, and we hope you continue playing the game in solo mode.

Moving forward, we want to make sure that the Pagan Online community is cared for, and that the game remains available for players to enjoy. To ensure this, we have come to an agreement with Mad Hea... Read more

18 Dec

With Christmas creeping nearer and Santa stealing all the glory, we decided to give out some gifts of our own to spread some cheer.

In this patch, we introduce some highly requested balance changes, fix a large number of bugs, and introduce new tools for challenge: Steam achievements and post-battle stats. We’ve also decorated the Pantheon and introduced holiday-friendly login and loading screens. Last but most certainly not least, in the spirit of giving, we added a new pet to the game: Sasha of the Far East!

The seventh in a line of reincarnated hero companions, the proud Sasha will only accept the greatest of champions as her ally. She does accept snacks as payment, though.

Pet bonus: Drop chance increased by 10%. To acquire our latest pet, log in between December 19th and January 9th.

Steam achievement... Read more

27 Nov

We've been looking forward to this one since the first days of our Trials - and now it's here! After some work on stability and backend, we're raising the party size to a maximum of 4 players with Patch 1.1.1. and adding some Quality of life improvements to support this extended feature. Grab a handful of friends and take on bigger, badder challenges starting tomorrow.

  1. COOP parties are now from 2 to 4 players.
  2. A Revive option has been added to COOP.
  3. Spectator mode has been added to COOP.
BUG FIXES We also took the opportunity to add bug fixes and improvements.

  1. Survival and defense wave timers are shortened if the wave is cleared with a lot of time remaining.
  2. Fixed an issue with geo blockers in expeditions.

24 Oct

We are very excited for this patch, where we will be bringing you a highly anticipated feature - campaign co-op! While we didn't set out to have the campaign available for multiplayer, and we built it as its own solo experience, we saw your overwhelming feedback requesting it and decided that it was worth the time and effort to bring it to the game. This was no small endeavor as we had to overhaul some major aspects of the experience, but we are happy to say that you will finally be able to partner up with a friend and live through Pagan Online’s adventure together.

As Halloween is almost here, we are also bringing some of that spooky spirit to the Pantheon as well as a new companion, available exclusively this week.

Alongside more fixes and implementations, we continue our work on stabilization and optimization of your online experience - and we also hope to be able to bring you even more ways to play together soon!

The Pagan Online Team

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14 Oct

Let your School of Magic colors shine in the Hero forge! While the team finishes and polishes Campaign COOP, we're bringing you one more hotfix- packed with localization improvements, a COOP bug fix, gamepad v2.0, and more. 

Read the full notes below!

Controller support improvements v2.0

Easier loot pickup  

Target decal
  • Moving Target decal now follows the camera position - not a position on the map
  • Activating abilities with target decal now rotates the hero toward the decal instead of toward the cursor
Targeting closest enemy
  • Implemented logic of targeting the opponent closest to the player by placing the targeting decal on the closest opponent the player is facing (or the closest in general if there is none in line of sight)
Targeting with Hector's abilities
  • 2-Rats Abilit...
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08 Sep


It was a long journey that happened in a flash! In this Devlog, we reminisce about our road to release and what we have achieved since the game went into Early Access.

With our official launch, a new journey begins.

02 Sep

We're introducing Hotfix 1.0.1. on September 3, 2019 at 06:30 UTC. Expect 1,5 hours of downtime.

Bug fixes

Stash wipe issue — Fixed
The client now waits for save games before replicating the stash
A loading screen will not be removed until stash is replicated fully

Controller issues — Fixed
The cursor hides automatically once we enter the arena or when the encounter starts
The cursor will be shown after opening the inventory or in-game menu in the arena

COOP issues — Fixed
You can now suggest party again even if the previous suggestion is canceled

Crafting issue — Fixed
Recipes will be removed immediately after crafting

24 Aug

    Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey folks. Just letting you know that we're at Gamescom all week and I am typing this on my phone! We'll be back to being present in this space after the convention is over. In the meantime, most of your questions are likely to find good answers on Discord thanks to the support of our mods.

17 Aug


Meet our programmer triad! Voja, Vlada and Damir have much to say about some top subjects of interest from the Community: optimization, CO-OP performance, campaign CO-OP, and more.

Watch it in full here!

15 Aug

Get your hands on exclusive game content and great prizes at our booth.

WHERE? Hall 8.1, Booth A031

WHAT? ↓↓↓↓

BUILD Be one of the very first people to play the release version of the game before it’s out!

CONTESTS Win some fantastic merch with the two contests we’ll be running from the booth daily! Take a selfie with a Pagan Online celebrity – the little critter who likes to tease you with THOON – and the best or funniest one will take home goodies. You can also win big by testing your mettle in one of the hardest game modes the Pantheon has to offer, if you dare.
Please note: if you are a winner, you will be required to come to the booth to pick up your prize.

PETS If you try the game at the booth, you will get a gamescom exclusive in-game pet – Decimator, The Death of Worlds. Of c... Read more
    Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey Kosrona. Moving this to HELP.

Yesterday's hotfix should have fixed this. You downloaded patch 0.6.1. correct?
Have you tried verifying your game files?

14 Aug

13 Aug

Servers will be unavailable from 05:00 - 06:30 UTC.

Bug fixes
  • Unintended items from upcoming content have been removed. Sorry for the spoilers! 
  • We fixed an issue where the introduction movie caused crashes. 
  • The Knowledge shrine now gives potency points as intended. 
  • The mission "Vulture and Scavengers" has been fixed. Now spawning angry hordes as intended! 
  • Gauntlet chests now give loot, as they should.  
  • Seriously, sorry for the spoilers. We removed some exclusive Gamescom items from the game. 
  • Wolves have been undomesticated. Dameer’s "Feral Souls" ability now works as intended. 
  • We gave some visuals a coat of debugging paint. Act V: The Last of their Kind now displays as intended. 

... Read more
    Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
It's not a bug - although it does bug us :3

Full voice acting for Acts 6-7-8 will be there for full release! Soon you'll be able to hear the Tidemancer's giddy old tune.

12 Aug

    Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey Ciningerzock! Unfortunately, we have a bug preventing the additional potency points from dropping properly in a few cases. This should be hotfixed into oblivion shortly as we have a bug fixing patch coming this week!
Hey folks! I'm doing an AMA on Reddit tonight to answer all your questions about the Might and Glory club and more. AMA?

11 Aug

    Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey folks!

We had a server restart about an hour ago. We always announce those on Discord as well as Twitter, so keep on eye on either (or both!) for quick info about server status.

10 Aug


With heaps of new content out and still to come, it's a great time to talk about QA. Find out what the team is working on and how they deal with those pesky bugs in this week's Devlog.

Pagan Online wouldn't be what it is without you, and we want to do more than just say thanks. Find out more about the Might and Glory club here: ... Read more
    Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
We won’t! With our first big patch, we sorted all of the compatibility issues and we never had a reset scheduled going from Early Access to release, so the road is clear! Hope that brings you peace of mind :)

07 Aug

    Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Xtreme|Delta|Twosplits: My steam is connected to one email and then i found that my wargaming account was to another , found it there, remember to check email connected to wargaming and not to steam =).

If you found it, it's all that matters! Cheers.

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