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To ensure the continuity of our game, we will be converting Pagan Online from multiplayer to single player. This will happen on August 4, when the multiplayer servers will be switched off.
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/992640/announcements/detail/2510143001828061813]here[/url].
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Hello Pagans,
Since the launch of Pagan Online, Wargaming and Mad Head Games have been working to ensure the best possible gaming experience. Unfortunately, over the last year, it has become clear that supporting Pagan Online as a multiplayer game is no longer sustainable.

To ensure the continuity of our game, we will be converting Pagan Online from multiplayer to single player. This will happen on August 4, when the multiplayer servers will be switched off.

To all our players who joined this adventure with us, your feedback and insights have been invaluable on this journey and we could not be more thankful for the heart and passion you put into helping us deliver the Pagan Online experience. Thank you, and we hope you continue playing the game in solo mode.

Moving forward, we want to make sure that the Pagan Online community is cared for, and that the game remains available for players to enjoy. To ensure this, we have come to an agreement with Mad Head Games to maintain Pagan Online as a single-player experience hosted on Steam. Mad Head Games will also be taking over daily operations for Pagan Online and be your contact for technical support for the foreseeable future.

On August 4, 2020, a Steam update will make Pagan Online into a single-player game.

As a thank you for playing Pagan Online, Wargaming would like to offer you a set of gifts: 7 days of Premium Account and one vehicle from each of our major games will be added to your Wargaming.net accounts shortly after the August 4 patch. If you bought a copy of Pagan Online via Wargaming.net Game Center, you will receive a Steam key inviting you to the new version by email on August 4.

At the time of this announcement, Pagan Online is no longer available for purchase on Wargaming.net. Steam purchases are also turned off until the single-player patch goes live.

Thank you for being with us,

The Pagan Online team

Frequently Asked Questions Is Pagan Online shutting down?
No, but we are closing the multiplayer servers down. Pagan Online will be available on Steam as a single-player game for the foreseeable future.

I play on the Wargaming Center launcher. What will happen to my game? On August 4, you will receive a Steam key inviting you to play Pagan Online on Steam, sent to the email you registered your Wargaming account with.

What happens to my old progress from Wargaming Center? You will be able to transfer your progress in Pagan Online if you choose to. Since our last update, your progress is currently stored both locally and server-side. After we roll out our new single-player client on August 4, there will be an option to “restore” your progression on the log-in screen. Simply insert the invitation Steam key you received to claim your progress.

What are my gifts and how can I redeem them? Your gifts will be as follows:

7 days of Shared Premium Account
- Shared Premium Account is available for World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes and World of Tanks Blitz.
- One Tier III vehicle from each of our major games
The MTLS-1G14 for World of Tanks, the Dreadnought for World of Warships, the Boeing YP-29 for World of Warplanes, and the M2 Medium for World of Tanks Blitz.

I can’t find my gifts! Your gifts will be sent directly to the account you registered in Pagan Online on August 4. Make sure to check your Wargaming games in the proper region for your account. If you need further help, please reach out to wargaming.net/support.

Can I get a refund for Pagan Online on Wargaming.net? Purchases are now discontinued on Wargaming.net, and we will not be issuing refunds.

Can I still buy a copy of the game? Pagan Online will be available for purchase on Steam as a single player game from August 4.

Why are you shutting down the multiplayer servers? Despite the support from our players and the best efforts of our teams, supporting multiplayer servers for Pagan Online is no longer sustainable.

Can I really play Pagan Online in single player? The contents of Pagan Online have always been playable either in solo or co-op mode. The only changes to the single-player version of the game are that we are removing the tutorial for grouping and adding a button on the log-in screen to allow you to retrieve your progress.

What happens to the Community channels? The Community channels for Pagan Online will not be shutting down.
Mad Head Games will be taking over daily operations, including Customer support and daily interactions with our players. They will also take over the management of our official Discord server.

What about the website and social media? Mad Head Games will also manage Pagan-Online.com and our official Twitter account.

Will there be more development done on Pagan Online? The Pagan Online team will continue to monitor and perform maintenance on the game, as well as push fixes when necessary. Mad Head Games does not currently have plans to add more content to Pagan Online, although that may be reconsidered once we settle into a single-player mode.

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