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Bug fixes
  • Unintended items from upcoming content have been removed. Sorry for the spoilers! 
  • We fixed an issue where the introduction movie caused crashes. 
  • The Knowledge shrine now gives potency points as intended. 
  • The mission "Vulture and Scavengers" has been fixed. Now spawning angry hordes as intended! 
  • Gauntlet chests now give loot, as they should.  
  • Seriously, sorry for the spoilers. We removed some exclusive Gamescom items from the game. 
  • Wolves have been undomesticated. Dameer’s "Feral Souls" ability now works as intended. 
  • We gave some visuals a coat of debugging paint. Act V: The Last of their Kind now displays as intended. 

  • Knowledge Shrine and Shroud Cage spawn chances have been increased! 
  • Rewards for endgame missions have been rebalanced. This adds a higher chance of getting better quality items.