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6s hello there I'm Sasha discord dweller
9s and community manager for pagan online
12s seconds
14s being on this corner okay okay
20s sorry about that okay today you're going
24s to meet some very important people from
26s the pagan online team the dedicated and
28s brilliant folks from QA they're the ones
31s working tirelessly diagnosing we're
34s producing bugs and issues to make sure
36s that you have a smooth and regionalist
38s experience in our game before they tell
40s you more about their jobs and how you
42s can help them in their endeavor I want
45s to stress just how crazy thankful we are
47s for each and every one of you whether
49s you've been with us from trials or
51s during early access and soon to release
53s Piggin online would not be the game that
55s it is without you we love your faces and
58s we can't wait to show you our next
59s evolution if you're making big an online
61s content or thinking about it I want to
63s do just a bit more than say thank you
65s make sure to check out the might enjoy
67s club in the link below to find more
69s about how we're going to support you I
71s will be leading an AMA on this on reddit
73s Monday August 12 at 4 p.m. UTC and now
77s I'm passing the mic to my own books take
80s it away
81s hi guys hey guys I Maya and I'm Bucky
84s and we are part of the method games QA
86s team there are six of us currently
88s dedicated to the pig and online project
90s first of all we would like to thank you
92s for our awesome feedback and posts on
94s Park Dickson channel with full release
95s just around the corner we're excited to
97s bring you a ton of your stuff that being
99s said we're aware of all the issues you
102s guys are experiencing when playing pagan
104s online we working very hard to reproduce
106s every single issue you report and bring
109s them to our dev team so they could fix
111s it for the next update patch or ha fix
113s however we have to prioritize which
115s means even though your back didn't make
117s it to the latest patch that doesn't mean
119s we are not aware of it or working on it
121s we also share your struggle and
123s frustration regarding some of the most
124s persistent issues those are usually the
127s hardest ones to reproduce and fix and
129s that is why we're poking you with
131s additional questions steps you've taken
134s system specs whatever the case may be
137s there is a lot of work behind us and a
139s lot of bugs fixed forever fingers
141s crossed but still there's a long way
144s ahead of us we are currently working on
146s several features this includes coop new
148s heroes new axe fixing spells etc making
152s sure everything is working like it
154s should but sometimes Pantheon God's work
157s in mysterious ways
158s as with mystic said or not I guess
163s cutting this narrative so we still need
166s your help in catching and fixing some of
168s those issues we are glad to see that you
170s care about the game just as we do to
173s make our job easier and your game
174s experience even better our plan for the
176s future is larger presence on our social
179s networks more direct communication with
182s you guys and making sure that none of
184s the questions are left unanswered we
186s also have a special place in our hearts
187s for the Guardians who work so hard
190s behind the scenes helping us improve the
192s game so this one's for you green guys
194s keep it up in conclusion please keep
198s sending us your butts questions doubts
200s feedbacks anything you have we
202s appreciate everything you send us it
204s helps us make baingan online even better
206s syrian pantheon
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With heaps of new content out and still to come, it's a great time to talk about QA. Find out what the team is working on and how they deal with those pesky bugs in this week's Devlog.


Pagan Online wouldn't be what it is without you, and we want to do more than just say thanks. Find out more about the Might and Glory club here: https://www.reddit.com/r/paganonline/comments/co401y/pagan_online_might_glory_club_ama_with_sasha_jp/