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What we learned from the AMA

  • Owlcat is aware of the issues armor users (especialy heavy) are facing and they have plans for mythic abilities regarding thoses.

  • It is hinted that we could have some new mythic abilities on the horizon. No set dates.

  • No plans for expansions yet.

  • It is highly unlikely we will get another mythic Path in the future.

  • New classes in the game is a possibility but nothing is confirmed yet.

  • Buffing Macros are not planned for EE, or in general, as Owlcat believe it to be a part of the experience.

  • Ratfolks may comes into the game in the future.

  • Most Mythic Paths received some updates in EE (Dialogues, epilogues) including (but not limited to) Swarm, Devil, Azata. Legend got a whole new quest.

  • It is unlikely we will get new ending slides for DLC 1&2.

  • The Season Pass 2 DLCs will include the following of DLC 2 (Through the Ashes), new content for the Commander and something yet to be revealed.

  • Owlcat is trying to think of a solution to the huge amount of gold you can reah endgame.

  • No new portraits planned for the game.

  • Owlcat announced that the game wasn't balanced around the possibility of Soloing, and thus no effort would be done in balancing the game for that.

  • No buffing of the weaker Mythic Path planned.

  • No additional content for Arue Romance planned.

  • No Romance planned for Regill of Nenio.

  • Initially there were 14 Mythic Paths. Phoenix, Neutral Nature and Super Golem didn't make the cut.

  • No informations on a future Pathfinder game yet. be it 1st or 2nd edition is yet to be determined. Owlcat is focusing on what's on their plate for now (Rogue Trader, Season Pass 2 for WotR).

  • Console version should be better optimized than Kingmaker. But Owlcat says that porting this type of game is difficult and stuff may happens. They are ready to monitor and act quickly if necessary.

  • No official Woljif romance planned, you can instead use a mod for that.

  • Owlcat is considering adding Mythic Options for Poison, like Ascended Element or something the like.

  • One of the Mythic Path got a new secret boss (but we don't know which one).

  • EE adds no spells or abilities. It's focused around UI QoL features and story elements.

  • Blood Kineticist is being fixed but encountering some technical difficulties.

  • There may be a Director's Cut or a Definitive Edition in the future, but nothing set in stone yet.

  • The EE allows to recolor armor and change the appearance of it.

  • No mods will be available on console at release. Maybe in the future.

  • Shake it Off and Greater invisibility are currently bugged, Owlcat is working on it.

  • No full voice acting planned, it is too expensive.

  • There may be some changes in the DC of unmerged spellbooks in the future, but nothing promised yet.

  • The next DLCs may have new romances.

  • Previous saves will be compatible with EE.

  • It is not planned to have other Mythic Paths than Angel and Lich, have merged spellbooks.

  • No plans for revamps on the Late Mythic Paths.

  • Owlcat would like to rework a bit the Mythic Path special units.

  • Gamepad support is coming in EE.

  • We may have an expanded Ncticula Romance one day.

  • No Co-op mode planned.

  • The Green Faith will be added in Season Pass 2, other faiths may be added if necessary.

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Originally posted by No-Mouse

I don't think this is true?

When asked about being able to play as Ratfolk in the future, u/OwlcatStarrok said they're "currently not on the list" but u/AlexanderMishulin said "absolutely!"


"Absolutely" was in regards to Nenio being the best :)

But regardless, we see the significant amount of people interested in ratfolk, so that's something to at least ponder on for sure.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by lampstaple

The thing that really has me worried is owlcat saying that the buff spam is a “part of the experience”. I am praying to every god in every pantheon that the wh40k game isn’t going to require the community to mod the game to set up buff macros.

RT is not built around buffs. It's a completely different experience.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

"No plans for revamps on the Late Mythic Paths."

This is incorrect. EE does give a number of updates to them story-wise, and more mechanical updates and fixes are to come in future patches. Plus, there's some content left out from EE itself due to budget cuts, which may be finished and added later along patches or DLCs if we dig up some resources for that.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Grimmrat

A solid 80% of the answers are “eh maybe”, jesus that’s frustrating

What was even the point of the AMA

There's a lot of things we'd like to do, and most of them will eventually end up in, it's mostly the ETA that's missing, hence the "we're thinking of it" kind of answers.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Bingtastic007

Hi Starrok, appreciate you taking the time to answer q's etc, but may I ask why none of the questions regarding the console versions were replied to in the AMA?

Even basic Q's asking about performance/resolution settings for PS5 were skipped over?

Considering the game is launching on consoles later today this seemed strange that there was no mention of it at all.

Hey there! Unfortunately all dedicated console devs were extremely busy with pre-launch deadlines and we weren't able to get any to speak at AMA for consoles. So we were only able to answer some basic questions about it. We'd love to answer more, but it'd require additional time to check it up with the console team which we didn't have during AMA.

Regarding performance - there should be an overall improvement over Kingmaker. A big work was done on optimization. But it's important to understand that Wrath is a generally 'heavier' game than Kingmaker, and there are severe technical limitations (mainly the amount of memory on consoles) that have no visible workaround at the moment. So at release most likely you'll see an fps drop in some of the larger areas such as Drezen or Alushynirra, at least for now. We continue the work though, and will keep doing it after release.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Guthixian_VALUE

Plus, there's some content left out from EE itself due to budget cuts, which may be finished and added later along patches or DLCs if we dig up some resources for that.

Is the 300+ lines of new Devil content where you corrupt queen Galfrey coming with EE or was it left on the cutting room floor? Seeing as you and other devs have repeated that EE's main new story feature is the Legend quest and every other mythic path gets "interactions" instead, I would really like some clarification here if possible.

Hello, this is the reason why we don't encourage datamining - besides potential spoilers it leads to dissapointment when you see unfinished or draft bits of content and begin to expect them to 100% go live, and then your expectations may be ruined.

This particular bit was a possible option that we explored for EE (and let's be honest, the one I was pointing to, in my old post), and the narrative designers even had spare time to write a draft for it, but unfortunately we weren't able to allocate enough resources from other departments to actually implement this in time for EE. Thus it never went beyond a text draft and never got directly teased or announced.

Generally, with game development, feature cut happens all the time, and it's a normal part of the process (albeit always painful for the authors). Usually players never see what was removed, but this time the information slipped out, and that of course makes it frustrating.

In the end, yes, sadly it's not due for EE. HOWEVER, while as usual without guarantee, there's a certain chance that this will be revisited and implemented within nearest months. I'm hoping for that outcome, at least.

You are free to begin throwing tomatoes if you wish though. It's understandable.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Bingtastic007

I appreciate the reply, and sure I do understand the limitations with the console versions compared to PC and also it makes sense that it's a separate team but I guess I was hoping for some sort of promotion or reassurance that the console versions were good so close to launch.

FPS drops I can handle tbh it's bugs and crashing that's the worrying part. As for the limitations with consoles the main Q would be are these alleviated somewhat with the PS5/Series X etc or are there any plans to optimise for these systems going forward?


The version for consoles is based on the current PC version of the game, which went through a year of bugfixing. While there are still bugs out there, you can already call it relatively clean. Most of the remaining bugs are either relatively minor or related to very narrow parts of the game (like abilities of certain subclasses). So this shouldn't be much of an issue.

What we are more cautious of are potential performance issues and crashes due to memory problems. Mostly on older gens, shouldn't be as much of a problem on newer ones. Either case, we'll be monitoring the release closely in order to fix issues should they arise.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by LysanderFlare

Ah... i was at least expecting this one since GD content get cutted... Really hope you add GD and Devil content latter...


2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by krispykremeguy

I don't have tomatoes, but I'll throw my free silver at you. It's close enough, right?

Seriously, though, thanks for putting forth the extra effort to engage with the Reddit WotR community. It seemed like the AMA was a bit harsh, but your efforts to keep us engaged are appreciated.

Aww :3

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Fire_is_beauty

Did you choose this license because it was "easier" to make ?

I mean Pathfinder has a lot of complex mechanics and it takes huge amounts of work just to make sure that it does not turn into a bug fest.

There were a lot of factors in that choice. Definitely not because it's "easy". It isn't 'easy' at all in fact, depth of the system and amount of choices is similar to that of Pathfinder's, it's just dice rules, accents and details set differently.

I suppose one of the biggest reasons is because we're big fans of 40k ourselves. Me not an exception. It's exciting to be working with this universe.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by shinros

Wait I don't understand does devil have new story content or not?

They do. Just not as big as a whole quest. It's dialogue options and some new choices.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by MimirQT

How do you plan on doing the ship battles? As they are in the rpg system is... Well, let's just say it could be better.

Stay tuned to updates at https://www.reddit.com/r/RogueTraderCRPG/ , there we are revealing something new about the game a few times a week.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Eborcurean

Does the console release come with any/all of Inevitable Excess, Through the Ashes or Treasure of the Midnight Isles?

If not when can console customers expect them to be available?

Will be available on launch on most platforms, as far as I'm aware only Nintendo version will lag behind for some time.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by FriesAddiction

anything that says a "maybe" basically means no. They are not gonna do it. Wish they were transparent at least

That is incorrect. When thing is completely out of the question, we say no. And usually explain, why. A maybe means it may be an option in future as a part of a patch or new DLC, depending on available resources and direction of changes we choose to take.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Eborcurean

On the playstation, digital launch, Inevitable Excess and Through the Ashes both show as options, no mention of Treasure of the Midnight Isles.

Selecting them shows 'You don't own this scenario yet'

There is no option to buy them. So not available on launch.

Also PS digital download shows the version as 1.0. That's the same as the disc version others have had for x time before, so the claim that the day 1 patch was included in the digital download does not seem to be there.

These might seem like small issues, but given the original console launch of KM, people deserve to know the state of the game on console, especially given the total absence of any reviews.

Day 1 patch is coming at 4 pm UTC along with official release on all platforms. All DLCs should appear with it.

2 months ago - /u/OwlcatStarrok - Direct link

Originally posted by Steravian

If there is no chance (or very little) that Devil gets said quite promising corrupting quest alongside with all other mythic paths that got so little in comparison to Legend...then how about a "Expansion for Late Mythic Paths" DLC?

Sure, folks might not be overjoyed that they need to pay to see the content they expected for free in the first place but its better to see a paid satisfying expansion to these late mythic paths than risk them remaining "incomplete" forever.

If there are not enough funds to give fans truly satisfying late mythic paths for free then if paid content is needed to make it happen then so be it IMO.

A big quest for every mythic path, a couple of unique sidequests for each of them, more reactions from everyone to those transformations, a couple more Mythic dialogue options for each and maybe a few more unique epilogues (maybe an Ascension ending for Swarm at least for example). Then those late mythic paths would not look so underwhelming anymore.

I heard that there are already 3 new DLCs on the way that are meant to be a part of a new Season pass but an extra DLC (whether as part of said Season pass or not) that focuses on those late mythic paths would be great IMO.

This is something that we are considering, yes. We're doing a lot of research and analysis on the subject.

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