Originally posted by JaMenUpptaget

Level ten spells? B-b-b-uut I just finished that playthrough... I shall have to do it again :D

I answered here earlier that it was a bug that they were missing indeed :)

Originally posted by Graal-

How exactly we can achieve this spells? What mythic rank required? I'm playing Oracle 20 / MR 9 Angel with merged spellbooks and my maximum spell level is still 9

Has to be Mythic rank 10.

Originally posted by Modern_Erasmus

Wait what? They just updated the text to make it seem like this bugged summons were intended instead of actually fixing the bug?

Tier 7 and 8 had wrong tooltips, Tier 9 summoned a wrong creature. All of this is fixed.

Originally posted by MrWhite3724

So… We get these spells for last 2-3 fights then?

And a general question. There has been a lot of arguing about mystic level progression( you get last 4 ranks too abruptly, which especially hurts late game paths that get a lot of stuff on their mystic 10).

Any plans to change that?

Technically, yeah, only the last bits of the game. There will be a DLC continuing the same characters further, though, so you'll have the chance to use them more later.

As for mythic levels, we also feel that progression turned out to have a somewhat unstable pacing, with some parts of the game being really scarce on levelups, while some others throw them at you one after another. It's recognized and has been discussed, but it's a complicated dilemma to deal with, as it requires a major overhal of multiple parts of the game. Which is both expensive for production and may produce a new wave of bugs. So it may take some time to resolve, if ever.

Originally posted by Howareualive

Any word on the demon mythic path Yozz not visiting after the first time in your HQ.

A ticket number for the bugreport with the problem would help, if you PMed it to me :)

Originally posted by Fessai

Retraining made some features from items permanent - fixed;

Bugged my char with it. Can i respec Cavalier now and loose Banner buff?

I hope Inquisitor Judge get his sentence ability soon.

All these fixes should repair your save retroactively, so yes, you should be able to.

Originally posted by K0rben88

Does this patch fix some of the gamebreaking mac problems (commander tent bug) ?

Multiple internal technical fixes have been made, so there's a certain chance it will work, but it's still reproduced on some machines, so it's not yet marked as fixed :(
Team's been gathering whole councils on it for the last two weeks, there's something really complicated regarding interaction with GPUs on mac as I heard. I can only say sorry that it takes so long, and ask to wait a bit more. By the looks of it they'll nail it soon.

Originally posted by Jdizzlerino

Fix bloodragers and inquisitor judge please. Having classes that don’t get as they are supposed to is cheap and crummy.

Please report the non-working abilities via ALT+B in-game and PM me the ticket IDs, I'll take a look.

Originally posted by Graal-

Is this confirmed that we gonna continue the story right after finale? It could be just built in act 5 campaign

Yes, it will be a new act after finale with max level characters.

Originally posted by Bobzer

Performance patch still in testing?

i7 and RTX 2070 but my machine is still getting toasty playing this.

In fairness kingmaker was the same though.

Performance fixes are coming here and there by small steps, but major reviews haven't been made yet, current focus is on gamebreaking bugs.

Originally posted by Graal-

It'd very good if mythic ranks progression would be revised in Enhanced Edition or something

That's a realistic expectation.

Originally posted by K0rben88

Thanks for the response! We are just impatient to play your amazing game past act 1 😊

I know, it's absolutely painful to look at you guys being unable to play :\ Team's doing their best, it's just an unusually tricky problem.

Originally posted by Nightfish_

This patch seems to break the gargoyle attack event just before Drezen for me. Patched just before and then went to camp, game freezes a few seconds into the encounter every time. Rolled back to the previous version and everything is fine.

Are you using any mods? If not, if you could report a bug from in-game using ALT+B when you experience this and PM the ticket number to me, it'd help a lot.

Originally posted by Ok-Host-4480

Do you need another report about Loremaster (losing 1 spell progression and not being able to take secret spells)?

Always report if you haven't reported it yet. More data is always better than less :)

Originally posted by Lithrandil2

A quick question: Is it supposed to only be available to non-merged Liches/Angels?

Should be available to merged, too, but apparently it's missing. Something went wrong there, we'll investigate.

Originally posted by mikepm07

Can we please fix touch based heals to work properly in turn based mode? :(

Multiple reasons causing this have been fixed. If you still experience it, report a bug via ALT+B please.

Originally posted by mikodz

And just after a patch my game crashed after killing a mob..

It had insane stutters on kills, now it crashes... progress i guess ?

Using any mods?

Originally posted by unworldlyasgard

Is the animation of greybor stabbing the demon in Drezen during the siege going to be updated? I always laugh when I see him just floating in the air and falling on his back with the weird animation.

Can you record a video of this for me please?

Originally posted by mikodz

Toybox but had zero issues to this point. And now it crashed again.

Can you please use the support portal to leave a crash report, filling all required fields and attaching saves/logs? https://owlcatgames.com/support
Once done, please PM me the ticket number.

Originally posted by mikepm07

Amazing! I didn't see it in the patch notes, so I wanted to ask.

I experienced the bug this past weekend.


Was referring to previous patches, don't think there was a new fix in this build regarding this. There's more to come though, if the bug keeps appearing.

Originally posted by Nightfish_

No mods, no. When it happens the game locks up completely and is unresponsive so I cannot really send any reports at that point. The best I could do is patch to 1.0.8 again and send a report before it happens, but that is probably not useful either.

You can use the https://owlcatgames.com/support portal to leave a crash report, attaching logs and saved game. Then PM me the ticket number you'll get.

Originally posted by MrWhite3724

First, thank you for a honest answer. CM rarely do that.

DLC is good way to prolong the Big Guy experience, but, to be fair, it is more of afterthought problem solving than an actual solution. No judgment here, creating games is hard process and deadline is a b*tch)

Hope you will figure up something ( especially with level 10, since getting it 30 min before final fight is not a good game design decision)

Btw, since apparently you are in a answering mood maybe you can share some insight on Crusade Management Future?

No promises, bug fixing firts etc etc, we understand. Generally the question is “ Are there any improvements(balance and bugs aside) planned for the system? Apart from Act 5 and difficulty it is the most criticized( and underdeveloped if to be blunt again) part of the game.

Again, no judgment here, just a question. Company must think in money spent/money gained. Market works this way.

I am thinking more of Enhanced edition type of thing. Major changes for an ability to sell the game one more time

Crusade is under attention, yes. As you can see, some QoL features already made it into this patch, and this isn't the last of them.

Originally posted by mikodz

Im sorry but how do i get gamefulllog.txt ?

By default it's at C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous

Originally posted by Howareualive

I sent a bug report in game(alt+B) but I am not sure about the ticket number I will check it.

Ticket ID arrives to your e-mail. Note that yahoo.com is known to often block our automatic e-mails, so better don't use that for bug reports if you want to receive the ID.

Originally posted by Moutch

Is demonic rage not supposed to stack with barbarian focused rage?

Currently making a demon path barbarian is a bit useless... was hoping for this to be fixed

Hello, as far as I'm aware, it's supposed to, but isn't functioning correctly at the moment. Hasn't yet been fixed, but will be when the queue reaches it.

Originally posted by VahnNoa

Still no fix for being awarded NO items for crusade action in Act 5?

Not in this patch, but it will be reviewed later.

Originally posted by MrTzatzik

I am still waiting for mythic trick "Knowledge (Arcana) 1 rank" to be patched. Bonus stats will disappear if you stack the items for example and many items don't show bonus stats in description. It's pretty annoying to guess which item got bonus stats

Report it via ALT+B, that's the best way to quicken the fix :)

Originally posted by DrZaorish

It’s not a bad thing that you add new content especially as it was promised on kickstarter. But can we get already existing things fixed/completed, before adding something new, which would (already) also require fixing.

Technically, this is not new content. It's content that wasn't available/visible due to a bug.

Originally posted by ACuteGothGf

So, Owlcat has basically chopped off the endgame due to rushing and is selling it and the experience of being fully powered as DLC for profit.

How disappointing.

That's incorrect :)

Offering a way to experience a new chunk of the story as a max level character is a separate experience that we would like to expand towards, but not something that was ever intended to be in the base game. No chopping there.

Originally posted by Yogg_for_your_sprog

Is it a possibility to just make them unlock at M9 or something at least as a temporary solution? It feels really bad to have an entire level’s worth of spells essentially only available for the final battle.

I would rate that as unlikely. It's a pinnacle of your abilities, a final spark. They were placed there for a reason.

Originally posted by kociol21

Just so you know, it's probably linked to gargoyle death animation or something that is triggered on their death. It's not just attack on camp, I also have this issue in Lost Chapel. Every now and then the moment you kill a gargoyle, game freezes for some time (up to couple minutes).

Yes, we already discovered the issue, seems to be the dismemberment. Working on a hotfix.

Originally posted by Xacktastic

Well this patch completely broke my Azata playthrough. Everytime someone crits and triggers Outflank or Seize the Moment, the game crashes. 100% of the time.

Hello! We're aware of the issue, working on a hotfix.

Originally posted by Creston918

u/OwlcatStarrok Please thank your team for all the hard work in bringing out patches! I mean, don't get me wrong, it sucks they're necessary, but it's better to see things get patched quickly then to have nothing for months on end, to be followed by a youtube video with a few devs going "Patching games is hard, maaaaaan!"

Thank you for the trust! Doing our best.

Originally posted by JN9731

Have you been looking at the bug that causes the decrees that allow you to upgrade forts to disappear and stop spawning after that? Many people still can't upgrade forts in crusade mode thanks to this, especially if they didn't know about the complicated workaround beforehand.

"After loading a save, upgrades could disappear from the projects Outpost to Bastion Expansion and Bastion to Fortress Expansion - fixed; " - from the latest patch notes.

Originally posted by happymemories2010

Is there anything planned to buff AC when using armor? Half of the builds I see use 1 level of monk abd Archmage armor Mythic feat. Its just silly how this outperforms armor. How about adding a Mythic feat to buff armor users aswell?

It's a part of tabletop Pathfinder design philosophy that some builds are clearly more optimised than others and finding the optimal build is a part of the game experience. It's one of those aspects where we strive to be faithful to the original tabletop system as much as we can. Yes, we change values away from the original book sometimes, but usually only when something is broken to the point of being ridiculous. So no, I wouldn't expect changes of this sort.

Originally posted by Twokindsofpeople

Are there any plans to optimize the game? I know I'm not the only one, but there's a weird stuttering issue that happens to a lot of the player base. From what I gather it's most common with the 1000 series Nvidia cards. It's very very distracting.

Definitely yes. We're already doing tweaks here and there, but the serious work on it will be done after most of the gamebreaking bugs are fixed.

Originally posted by Botruc

Is it me or the game has become less stable with the new update? I've had 3 problems where the game freezes, which forces me to close the game. Everytime, when I kill a 'big bug' ennemy (something that sounds like Deskari but I don't remember). It might just be bad luck, I don't know...

Seems to be a problem with dismemberment system, we're already looking into it.

Originally posted by magnuskn

Thank you!

Could you fix the issue with high level Azata abilities just not working, for example the songs which restore spell slots?

Also, a way to turn off Aivu's fearsome presence would be highly appreciated. In the tabletop version dragons can decide to turn it on or off.

Leave bug reports via ALT+B, and at some point queue will reach this problem as well :) More critical issues are many, but not endless.

Originally posted by Dargus007

I can confirm that leaving the game running for 4-5 min does return the game to normal after each gargoyle death (and it seems to be most common with this monster type, but not exclusive).

Something broke in dismemberment mechanics, and gargoyles seem to be affected the most. We're already working on a hotfix.

Originally posted by DangerousCookie992

*sigh* "Mounted Combat" feat is still completely broken with no fix in sight, I'm legit starting to lose hope...

Can you please elaborate?

Originally posted by Djebeo

If you want to play a Court Poet (like I do), basically nothing but the very basic bonus works, not even the stance on your own character.

Can confirm that Court Poet is being worked on, but it takes some time.

Originally posted by Nightfish_

I'm not in TBM but it did happen during battles against gargoyles so that lines up.

Dismemberment mechanic is acting oddly. We're investigating.

Originally posted by Novasry

Mounted combat still isn't working right in turn-based mode for me, Any time my triceratops charges the game stops—doesn't crash—because my MC isn't in reach to attack. I have to turn TB mode off and on again so that I can scoot the mount forward and do my attacks.

Yes, unfortunately not all reasons causing these TBM issues have been pinpointed yet. We keep dealing with them one by one almost every patch, but there's still work to do.

Originally posted by lorddrame

I've noticed a lot of skill checks seemingly not being sure if it wants to use my teams best or just main character. Has this been fixed? - couldn't quite see it in the notes :)

Should be, as far as I'm aware. If you notice any inconsistencies, please report it via ALT+B.

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