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I've been playing WotR on and off for some time now, and have about 300 hours put in, but I haven't gotten past act 3 yet, due to constantly rerolling to different M Paths and constantly trying new builds. I'm getting burnt out on not actually progressing, and am looking for some advice.

The first issue is choosing a Mythic Path. So many of them sound like so much fun (Lich, Demon and Angel especially, maybe Aeon later too) but I keep running around in circles trying to decide which to do first as it will be the one I see the rest of the games campaign through for the first time. Demon seems the most interesting, but I hear Act 4 drastically changes if you're a demon. That makes me think I should wait and see what Act 4 is usually like, then do Demon later. Small thoughts like that keep me glued to Drezen lol.

My other issue is teambuilding. I'm not bad at throwing together a single character that does ok, but building a cohesive team seems to be harder for me. I tend to favor melee as casters just have felt weak so far. Even when spells land it feels like it only hits as hard as a single swing of a melee's weapon most of the time. Any advice on building a well-rounded team (I mostly hire mercs as I like having complete control over stats and classes fyi)

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u/OwlcatStarrok can you advise?

They will, yes.