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Originally posted by Odd_Passion_3518

/u/Mark_GGG is this intended?

No, this is a bug, and one I fixed last week. I don't know when the fix will be put live, but discharge is fundamentally supposed to scale from the charges you remove, not ones you never had.

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The community doesn't agree with this. Ive already quit the league but seeing discharge get a midleague nerf pisses me off, as you havent allowed this skill to shine since strands meta. This is clever use of mechanics. Discharge takes your current charges, and removes charges down to your minimum charges, and deals damage based on the difference between current and minimum. Having negative minimum charges should work this way. Discharges sets you to -x charges to deal damage, but that value cant currently exist, so it sets you to 0 instead. Instead of totally patching this out, why don't you allow players to have negative/inverted charges, that debuff the player, but allow interactions like this to exist, instead of just killing things like this, embrace them.

I have no idea why me saying "I don't know when this will go live" is being intrpreted to mean "this will definitely go live before the next league", but that's not what I said. I was directly asked if this bug was intented, which is isn't, and responded to that. My job is to fix the bug, not chose when the fix is deployed.

I'd be 100% down with introducing negative charges as an actual mechanic, but that would mean actually following through with the concept, so e.g. the player's per-charge bonuses should also go negative if their current number of charges is negative. That wouldn't change the fact that Discharge specifically says it counts charges removed, so until it can actually remove charges below zero, getting bonuses as though it did so is clearly wrong.