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How does vaal flicker strike interact with the action rate limit? With enough attack speed and a good enough source of souls (or lack of soul cost) can I initiate 33 vaal flickers per second? Or does it cap out at 1.32 vaal flickers per second?

Any use of a skill is a single action, no matter how long that use takes or how many times it repeats.


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Would impale be calculated in the same way, calculated for each non-damaging hit and combined into a single stack on the final hit?

No. Impale is an on-hit effect, not part of damage calculation.

Damage calculation determines:

  • The amount of hit damage of each type for the hit.
  • The damage per second of each damaging ailment applied by the hit.
  • Any stun caused by the hit.

Anything else that happens as a result of being hit, including non-damaging ailments, is part of applying damage, not calculating it, so only happens when the damage is dealt.


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Just to confirm, does this mean that if I link Vaal Flicker Strike to Curse on Hit Hextouch, then the initial hits causing wounds will apply the curse to all enemies hit, and the final hit that deals damage can benefit from the effects of this curse?

Just to confirm, does this mean that if I link Vaal Flicker Strike to Curse on Hit Hextouch, then the initial hits causing wounds will apply the curse to all enemies hit


and the final hit that deals damage can benefit from the effects of this curse?

That depends what you mean by "benefit from". The damage was already calculated, so anything the curse does to affect damage calculation, such as resistance penalties, can't apply unless the enemy already has the curse when wounding hit occurs. As noted above, this includes damaging ailments, which are part of damage calculation, but also notably includes stun.

But curses adding on-hit effects, including non-damaging ailments, such as Frostbite's chance to freeze, will affect what happens when actually dealing the combined damage.

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So does that mean that the said final hit will result in a single ignite/bleed/poison that deals the damage of all the component hits that successfully caused an ailment?

Just like the hit damage is combined into one hit, the associated damaging ailments from those hits are combined into one ailment of each damaging ailment type - if multiple of the wounding hits calculate an ignite, the total ignite fire damage per second from all such hits will be combined into a single ignite applied by the final damaging hit. The same is true of other damaging ailments.


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I really hope that it works this way but i doubt it.
If it does work this way then it will be incredibly overpowered for ailments, basically a 2500% more damage compared to normal flicker strike.

Calculating the damage of a hit inherently also calculates the damage of the ailments it will inflict. This combines damage from multiple calculated hits in the exact same way as Dual Strike, Cleave, and (most similarly) Explosive Arrow.

You hit each enemy once each time you wound them, calculating the damage of the hit (including damaging ailments) but not applying that damage. You are still hitting, so do get all on-hit effects that don't require damage.

At the end, for each enemy, you hit them an additional time, causing on-hit effects again, and dealing the combined damage of all the wounds applied to that enemy as a single hit. If those hits calculated damaging ailments, the damage of those ailments is merged the same way. If some of those hits were crits, then the critical multiplier will have applied to those specific hits when they calcualted, and will not apply to others, but if any of the combined hits was a crit, the combined hit counts as dealing a criti...

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The classical way in which it works is that if the gem uses your attack speed to calculate its own damage stats, then modifiers to your action speed do not affect your attack speed itself and hence do not affect that gem's damage. A spell version can be seen with Storm Brand - modifiers to cast speed affect Storm Brand's activation time, but if you modify action speed, that will not speed up Storm Brand's activation time as it's not an increase to cast speed.

So, according to the difference you spotted, Rage Vortex will not be affected. However, since Bladestorm uses attack time, which should be understood as net of action speed, it should be affected by action speed. This is assuming that the two gem descriptions were deliberately written - if they're simply not consistent in description but implemented similarly under the hood, then this is where pretty much only u/Mark_GGG or someone else similarly sited can help us.

The safest way to te...

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since Bladestorm uses attack time, which should be understood as net of action speed, it should be affected by action speed

This is incorrect. Attack time is the base attack time (from weapon), modified by attack speed. Action speed modifies the speed your character does things at at a "higher level" than that. You can see attack time in the character panel and note it doesn't change when you get chilled, for example.

21 Nov


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Sorry to message you on this old topic but do you know if poisons proliferated on death by Master Toxicist or Bino's kitchen knife would inherit the item rarity support effect from the skill that applied the poison chosen to be spread, supposedly the single highest poison but only 2 seconds of duration on it?

Those mechanics do not proliferate poison, they cause you to poison enemies when you kill a poisoned enemy. The magnitude of the poison will be the same as the highest-magnitude poison affecting the killed enemy, but the new poisons are not in any way the same as the poisons on the killed enemy, and their source is the player with the effect that's causing them. That player's generic IIQ/IIR modifiers will apply.

21 Oct


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That's the feeling I am getting from playing the skill too !

I don't have any increase / reduced duration, it would be nice if it was not affected by the "less duration" support gem since I'm eventually planning to use it after I can Vorici my chest piece to use a red gem (5 blue one green 6L Lightning coil, I'm not going to mess with chroms lol). How do you know that it doesn't by the way ?

Maybe the only way to really know is pulling /u/Mark_GGG ? Sorry if I'm not supposed to do it, you guys are GGG are probably pretty busy, it's just that I cannot find the information anywhere ...

It's 0.5 seconds and is not modified by anything. This is not meant as a mechanic you interact with or build around, it's just a way for an on-kill effect that's a major part of a skill to be a little more forgiving in the ambiguous-looking cases where the hit from the skill happens and nearly kills them right before a party member/minion/ongoing other skill hits and finishes the enemy off, where you would have got the kill if the hits had landed in the other order. Power Siphon has the same mechanic, as did the old simpler version of Infernal Blow.

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Stat values are inherently integers. To allow granularity, regeneration values are stored internally as per-minute rather than per-second, and multiplied for display.

I believe the base roll on the belt is 20997 life regenerated per minute, which divided by 60 for display gives 349.95, which is rounded up to 350 because this description can only show one decimal place, and the 5 in the hundreths place is rounded up.

With the quality modifier, the base roll of 20997 becomes 25196.4, which rounds down to 25196 as the stored value. When divided by 60 for display, that gives 419.933333..., which rounds down to 419.9 when fit to one decimal place in the description.

05 Oct

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" hasuprotoss1 wrote: Android: Netrunner in that last photoshoot... I miss that game!
The game's still kept alive as a community-driven project by Null Signal Games (formerly Project NISEI), I just recently got my print-on-demand cards for the Midnight Sun expansion and have been working on new decks.

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This is correct. Being immune to a ground effect means you effectively ignore it's existance entirely, thus you don't count as "on" it.

The mod should not be worded as requiring being affected by chilled ground because as noted above, it does not require that you be affected - being unaffected by chilled ground allows you to get the bonus, which is the main point of "unaffected by" stats for ground effects.

28 Sep


This is not a bug. The entire point of Soul's Wick is to prevent bringing specific spectres with you and use what corpses you find in the area as temporary minions, while providing a generically useful power boost to reduce the power gap between that playstyle and the regular ability to have specific types of spectre all the time and optimise around them.

27 Sep


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Actually it does. The only difference between an aura and an untimed buff is that untimed buffs have an aura radius of 0.

So by hitting a radius of 0 you are now a target for your aura.

I bet If you somehow gave base aura radius to your aura targets, they'd start projecting the aura too.

Yeah, this is correct. An aura is just a buff/debuff with a radius - it can also have flags limiting which things in that radius it can affect, but not having the radius means it's just a buff/debuff, not an aura, so the flags don't do anything.

I bet If you somehow gave base aura radius to your aura targets, they'd start projecting the aura too.

This can definitely not happen. The buff/debuff from being affected by an aura cannot itself be an aura, because the two cases use some of the same variables to store different data.


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that doesnt make much senseto me. when you would do this the straightforward way you would be affected by the curse anyway (with %range), so there must be an additional check in there that this type of ability only applies to yourself with -100% range.

It's the other way around. The default case is that a buff/debuff affects the thing it's on - there's only a check for aura flags that would prevent that if it has a nonzero radius to affect other things in.

This will definitely be fixed, but I don't know when.


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Oh so I tracked down the source for that and it seems to be from a forum post about mechanics discovered during the alpha and beta.

Not sure when that line was posted, but quoted by this guy and dated at least 4 months before what Mark said so that info is either outdated and/or just made up because it wasn't from a GGG source.


Would like to hear an official word about this. Does MF gear work on animate guardian?

My post you linked is still accurate* other than there being more ways for minions to have gear modifiers now than just Necromantic Aegis. Those still won't apply to the kill because the minion isn't the one being rewarded, you are.

The ambiguous quote about minion's loot bonuses being added to yours likely dates to before keystones, at a time when the bonus from the support gem (which is different in that it's attached to the action causing the kill, not the killer) was the only way for a minion to "have" any IIQ/IIR bonuses and thus would be referring only to the support(s).

*With regard to loot bonuses at least - Minion Instability does deal damage now.


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Thanks, it seems that I have previously missed the point of your post with the calculations (subtracting 100% and then adding it back at the end), I see why it is so convoluted now.

As a random thought, it has occurred to me that the player's critical strike multiplayer can be lower than 100%, at least as of this league, with the mirrored negative values on jewelry. Does this lead to any capping or unintended consequences, or is it just "buyer beware" (i.e. your crits will do less damage than non-crits)?

"buyer beware" (i.e. your crits will do less damage than non-crits)?

Pretty much this.


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I'm more interested in monster part of the node.
Does "Nearby enemy monsters' Action Speed is at most 92% of base value" means it will negate any buffs to monster speed or increases will just work on 92% of the monster action speed base?

Neither. It means the exact opposite of the player half - if their action speed without that modifier would be above 92% of the base value then instead it is 92% of the base value.

This is not the same as negating all bonuses because those can still apply in combination with penalties to action speed to partially or fully counter them, just the final result can't be above 92% of the base value.


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Would "Enemy critical strike multiplier against you is reduced by x%" work?

That would allow reducing the critical strike multiplier lower than 100%, which is undersirable for this stat, and is more expensive for performance.


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What it actually does is look at the enemy's total critical strike multiplier (default 130% for monsters), subtract 100% from that to leave only the part which makes the damage higher (30% for monster with no crit modifiers), apply a percentage reduction to that value (e.g. 10% reduced from this stat would reduce the 30 to 27), then give the original 100% back and treat that as the critical strike multiplier to use for this hit.

Would over 100% reduced lead to negative values or is there a cap? Example: 110% reduced:

130-100=30, this is reduced by 110% (30*1.1=33) and ends with -3 (30-33). [Potential cap to 0] Then 100 is added back which would be 97%.

This would make crits deal less damage than non crits which is not intended as far as I understood. So I assume there is a cap to prevent this but for brevity sake was omitted in the explanation above. Is this correct and more than 100% reduced doesn't change anything?

The amount of extra damage can't be negative. In general, reducing things by values greater than 100% in PoE is prevented from negating the value.

23 Sep


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I'd rather to have reduce reflect damage taken to be function like reduce extra dmg from crits.

That would mean it did nothing, because there isn't a critical strike damage multiplier applied to the reflected damage for it to modify.

And that wouldn't change any of what's complained about in the rest of this thread because increases to that stat are still additive with reductions to it.