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Checking the reactions to the Manifesto and beeing part of a few disscussions, I noticed that there seems to be alot of confusion about where Reaper actually stands and what the deal is with the Bleed penalty changes. The opinions I saw the most was that Reaper Bleed was either nerfed or unchanged, while I believe it got buffed by a stupid amount.

It is entirely possible that I am huffing some serious stuff, so take everything here with a grain of salt.


Potential damage from one bleed application is based on the base physical damage of attack that caused it: 70% per second if the target is standing still over a base duration of 5 seconds.

Minions on the other hand only deal 12% per second instead, or 6 times less Bleed damage than players. Following this thread GGG buffed Reaper in patch 3.15.0d:

Lowered the damage penalty on Bleeding for the Summoned Reaper, overall this means they have approximately 114% more Bleeding damage than before. In future we will reevaluate the Bleed, Poison and Ignite damage penalty for all minions as it is currently too harsh.

That is slightly more than double damage (2.14x) which brings the Bleed base damage up from 12% to ~25% of the base physical attack hit.

The 114% more damage is indeed hidden both ingame and in PoB and you had to add it as a custom modifier in Reaper PoBs if you wanted accurate Bleed numbers.

For 3.19 GGG has finally reevaluated the Bleed Penalty and has come to the conclusion that Minions need 7x the Bleed damage (600% more Bleeding damage).


Minions no longer have hidden penalties to Bleeding, Ignite, and Poison damage. Summon Reaper no longer has a hidden bonus to Bleeding damage that counteracted this penalty. As a result, minions now deal approximately twice as much Poison damage, three and a half times as much Ignite damage, and seven times as much Bleeding damage.

Reaper losing its hidden bonus is whats confusing alot of players. That hidden bonus never fully counteracted the penalty and was most likely just a temporary solution to help Reaper out while they figure things out.

So Reaper is going to lose its hidden 114% more bleeding damage in 3.19, which brings Reaper back down to 12% (0.12) like the rest of the minions before it gets the global minion bleeding buff.

Compared to live where Reaper still has its hidden bonus, Reaper in 3.19 is going to deal roughly ~3.3 times more Bleeding damage than in 3.18. If you never added "Minions deal 114% more damage with Bleeding" as custom modifier in your Reaper PoBs then you will gain 7 times your current PoB Bleed dps or 600% more Bleeding damage.

The Manifesto also indicates that minion bleed will deal 84% (?) of the base physical attack as damage per seconds compared to the 70% (0.7) for players (0.12x7=0.84). I am not 100% sure about his. PoE Wiki lists Bleed for enemy monster at 10% while PoB shows 12% for minions even though they should have the same penalty? This question was already raised in the 3.15 thread and was never answered. One is probably wrong/outdated.

Regardless whether its 0.7 or 0.84, Reaper will slap (bleed) very hard. Edit: Or not.

Edit: https://imgur.com/97XqqIy

Apparently not. Which would mean Reapers damage would be substantially higher on live, infact if its net neutral it would mean Reaper does already 7 times more bleeding damage than pob shows. That seems completely off with boss kill times in game.

In 3.15 I had a 17m PoB dps Reaper after using the 114% more bleed damage as custom modifier. If its supposed to be net neutral this would mean Reaper would have dealt 7x the damage PoB showed (without the custom modifier) which would mean my bleed dps should have been over 50m. Even using the weaker attack the Ultimate in PoB instead of Ultimate Slash it would still be 34m, in case that this is were we are mistaken. Here is Sirus https://youtu.be/CV0aM8YqwWs?t=330 in 3.15 with what we thought are ~17m dps, thats neither 50m dps nor 34m dps (while using culling strike). So something is very off with Reaper if its supposed to be a net neutral change.

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Summon Reaper already had a bonus to bleeding damage before patch 3.15.0d. The removal of the bonus fully counteracts the changes to base minion bleeding damage. Reaper bleeds will deal more or less the same damage in 3.19 as they do now, other changes notwithstanding.