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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome back, we've got some news for you!

Any information and images are Work In Progress (WIP) and may change drastically before releasing

We've had a lot of questions about how Equipment Upgrades will actually work in-game, so this week we're showing you some WIP images on the UI, and how you'll be upgrading your ghost-hunting items!

As everyone will be reset back to level 1 (prestige 1), you'll have to start fresh with little money, and only Tier I starter items to complete your contracts. As you complete contracts you'll level up, earn more money than ever, and start to unlock new equipment items in the shop.

As you progress, certain levels will unlock the ability to purchase different Equipment Upgrades. To Upgrade an item you'll need to save up some cash, (as upgrades aren't cheap!) but fear not, each tier of equipment costs the same amount to bring into the contract. Once an upgrade is paid for, it's permanently unlocked, unless you Prestige of course.

For example:
  • EMF readers always cost $45, regardless of Tier
  • Upon reaching level 20 you'll have the option to upgrade from Tier I to Tier II
  • Save up some money and upgrade
  • When adding your Equipment, choose which Tier you want to bring!*

Upgrades are a choice, if you die often and don't manage your money, you may not end each prestige with every item at Tier III. Having to save a lump sum of cash for an upgrade will change how you spend your money and should encourage completing as many objectives as possible! You can decide which upgrades you feel are most important to you, if you're happy with your Tier 1 DOTS Projector, save that money for the EMF Reader Upgrade!

As we're on the topic of EMF Readers and Upgrades, let's dive into some detail.

Tier I is an old-analog Meter, it has a small range, it's not very accurate, and the sounds it makes are reasonably quiet. Luckily enough, the needle will go into overdrive when hitting those valuable EMF 5 spots left by a ghost!

Tier II is the trusted, ol' reliable, K2 Meter. When moving within a medium range of EMF spots, it will display an accurate value from two to five, and make a clear, audible sound.

Tier III is a high-tech ParaReader. This device can track up to three EMF spots at once, not only that, it'll tell you the direction, range, and value of each one, all at once! Additionally, it plays sounds for each EMF spot that's being tracked, so you can hear from a distance how many and how strong the reading is! This makes tracking which objects a ghost has been in contact with super easy! It even has a higher range than the previous two tiers!

*Each player can only bring one Tier of Equipment, but multiple players can bring different Tiers if they bring their own stuff!

That's it for Development Preview #10. We'll catch you with some more teasers soon!

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord: https://discord.gg/phasmophobia

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