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The new "lead artist" is in the process of bring new stock assets into the game and claiming their are his own original works. He's been posting screenshots on their discord of assets you can find on the asset store that he's changed the colors on or tweaked a few things in the models of them. DKnighter screwed up with hiring this guy tbh.

Uhhh... doesn't sound good then.

Let's see. How a German saying is telling you, "you never eat the dinner the hot you cooked it".

Ignore the troll, he's not happy that he's not getting what he wants.

Everything i've shown or will ever show will be assets made by me.
Im a Game artist and have been in the industry for years. I made 90% of the art in Mass Exodus, and all of the art in Revenant Runner and Starcaller.
What would be the point of replacing paid assets with paid assets.

Lastly, the models "look like paid assets" because they are all based on real life, funnily enough 3D models of a specific torch will always look like the specific torch (unless it's not a very good model).

To answer the thread, we are working on the entire game and improving every aspect. You can follow the progress on the Phasmophobia Trello.