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Added a priority system for the photo evidence detection (top to bottom)

  1. Ghost.
  2. Bone.
  3. Fingerprints.
  4. Footprints.
  5. Dead Body.
  6. Interactions.
  7. Cursed Items.
  8. Dirty Water.


  1. Removed Christmas event decorations and changes.
  2. Maple Lodge Campsite will now have random weather again.
  3. Lowered the volume of the bulb smash sound.
  4. You can no longer take multiple photos of a Ghost, instead it will search for different evidence within the photo.
  5. Ghost photos are now much easier to take, especially when the ghost is partially hidden.
  6. Removed the double chance for the Mimic to spawn.
  7. Lights will no longer randomly flicker away from the ghost when the ghost is hunting.


  1. Fixed a bug where the ghost could not hear host players during hunts.
  2. Fixed a bug where you could not take a photo of some door and light switch interactions.
  3. Fixed a bug where the refrigerator audio was still playing if the power was off at the start of the game.
  4. Fixed a bug where the Mirror was showing the wrong area on some maps and outside the map on Asylum.
  5. Fixed an issue where the Prison Ouija Board was spawning sideways.
  6. Fixed a bug where the ghost would kill you if it heard you in a closet and then you moved into a different closet.
  7. Fixed a bug on Willow where some sounds near the ceiling on the first floor would get muffled.
  8. Fixed a bug where the ghost could interact with the DOTS Projector when it was turned off.
  9. Fixed a bug where you could get a ghost photo if the ghost was directly behind you when taking a photo.
  10. Fixed a bug where the small house candle did not emit any light.
  11. Fixed a bug where you could hear dead players after being revived.
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Originally posted by jaxrains

Have they fixed that weird crouching bug yet?

Hey, which bug is that?

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Originally posted by jaxrains

If you crouch and run at the same time, sometimes you will move in a different direction than you are running. It feels like you get caught on something invisible or something like that. It seems to happen randomly, but it might have something to do with the carpets I’m not sure. It has happened to me and my brother and it happens kind of often. It happens in non-vr mode, I’m not sure if it happens in vr I haven’t tested it yet.

Oh ok, I know exactly what is causing this. It's not an easy fix unfortunately and is a problem with how the player physics are handled. It will be fixed eventually however it's not a big priority at the moment.

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Originally posted by aguadoy

50 minutes trying to hear the special sound of the banshee with the parabolic microphone, always pointing directly at the ghost, without success. Bugged?

They are bugged at the moment, it is fixed for the next patch

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Originally posted by Kougeru

I loved the audio bug in solo since can't mute mic which is ridiculous. I have a chronic cough but my XLR doesn't have a mute button on it. I can rarely play solo because a cough will kill me. I don't understand why solo mic is always on

Hey, next update will allow you to use push to talk in solo

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Originally posted by ceej-jupitor

It's definitely not just me, been on lots of forums with equally frustrated peeps that can't play. Crashes during every load for a map. Got nothing helpful to say? Maybe leave it alone.

We are currently in the middle of upgrading to the latest stable version of Unity which will hopefully fix most crashes