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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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  • Moved the games room fire gate to stop an unintended hiding spot
  • "Lights out" now has UV Tier II instead of Tier I

  • Fixed several safe spots
  • Spray paint cans now have impact sounds
  • You will no longer crash if you have an event badge set if you fail to connect to the unity servers
  • Badges will no longer show the unlock popup again if you have already unlocked them
  • The tutorial can no longer be chosen as the challenge map
  • If you failed to receive your apocalypse badges, you will now receive them after your next game
  • The TV in the Point Hope living room will no longer be required to be on to negate sanity drain
  • You can now pick up the parrot in VR on Point Hope
  • Placing a sound sensor in the closet in the Point Hope living room will now register as the correct room
  • You can now place sensors consistently on the blue rug in the Point Hope living room
  • The chess pieces in Point Hope now have the correct visuals when placing them
  • Players can no longer get stuck inside buckets
  • Sounds are now audible on the correct floors in Bleasdale
  • Bleasdale hiding spots will now be blocked correctly
  • Bleasdale sound sensors, breaker, CCTV camera and player icons will now be set to the correct floor
  • Removed Tanglewood's Point Hope riddle
  • Photo cameras no longer break when the journal is full, these photos are not counted towards objectives
  • Taking a photo of a phantom when the journal is full will now make it disappear
  • Firelight III interaction photo will now work
  • Igniters and Firelights will no longer blow out in heavy rain in the entry house and maintenance room of Point Hope
  • The wood burners in Point Hope will no longer blow out in heavy rain
  • Tapping the flashlight button will no longer sometimes fail to do anything
  • Tabbing out will no longer turn off other players thermometers
  • When reviving, players will now return to 4 equipment slots, instead of 3

The next update will include many more fixes including the swap over to a new voice chat system.

If you experience any issues, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord: https://discord.gg/phasmophobia
The Kinetic Games Team