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Originally posted by Marcus101RR:
Originally posted by Karl: I was having a little session with my buddies and one of them who is new to the game, the ghost spawned on his ass which scared him, and suddenly he screamed a slur. Next time we tried to play together, he said he had gotten banned. Was this automatic or did one of our friends think it would be funny?
(They all decline reporting, and it certainly wasn't me)

I remember testing this out that 3 roughly reports is enough to get a user banned. The number of reports seem to be what leads to a ban, not the legitimate actions. Clearly, the developers cannot "confirm" if you had fly hacks, or used a slur, there is no recording device, nor a cheat log that keeps track of your actions.

Hey, no one you have reported has ever got banned. None of our reports are automatic and we do not ban after a set amount of reports.

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