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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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We’ve made the decision to increase the rewards for custom difficulty by changing the reward reduction from 80% to 60%. We have plans to add harder official difficulties in future content updates to help balance the game progression.

We are aware of a bug causing the Holiday trophy to not be obtainable. We are looking into this however for now you will need to use a VPN. This is a top priority for us and we hope to have this fixed as soon as possible.

  • Added support for HTC Vive Focus 3 Controllers
  • All doors in Sunny Meadows now have hands in VR when grabbed
  • Added a Christmas tree to the lobby

  • The Intern badge now has a visible button to change the badge
  • Decreased the custom difficulty reward reduction from 80% to 60%

  • Keybinds will no longer reset after closing the game
  • Cameras will no longer be very dark
  • You can no longer place equipment on walls behind door frames
  • Interaction photos now work for radios and telephones
  • Having “smooth monitor view” set to off will no longer render a black screen on your monitor in VR
  • New players can now get past level 1 if you did not level up in the last game you played
  • Potential fix for getting “failed to load” if you fail to connect to the unity services server
  • Content page now displays the “Payments” section
  • DOTS no longer clips inside the surface it was placed on
  • The stats will no longer show a 15% sanity loss after dying in singleplayer
  • You can now pick up the brown suitcases in Sunny Meadows
  • You will now always get a burned crucifix evidence photo before an interaction photo
  • Crucifix interaction photos will no longer fail, if it was used by the ghost when placed
  • Haunted mirror camera no longer uses SSAO
  • The willow front window fingerprint will no longer be facing outside
  • Fixed Phantom and Oni flash rates during hunts

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord : https://discord.gg/phasmophobia
The Kinetic Games Team