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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome back we've got some news for you!

As we're nearing our testing phase, this will probably be the final preview before the Custom Difficulty update is released!

Any information and images are Work In Progress (WIP) and may change drastically before releasing

We've had a tonne of questions on what settings will be available to customize your games, so we thought we'd shed a little light on what's to come!

Every single setting that you can change in Custom Difficulty is tied to a reward multiplier. This means you could recreate Nightmare difficulty, and only change a couple of settings, to get similar rewards!

We've tried to make every setting's multiplier fair, based on the advantage or disadvantage it may bring to your investigation.

Do you want the ghost to be slower and the player to be faster? Sure thing, but you'll get fewer rewards!

Fancy making the ghost a speed demon and disable player sprinting? Go for it! And you'll get extra rewards for doing so!

A quick peek at the Player settings you can change

Custom is all about choice, and in the future, we may add more settings to push the boundaries even further.

Want more cursed possessions? Want to choose which ones? How about none?

We've even added presets to get you started!

You can load up any of the default difficulties as a starting point, or you can make something from scratch. Also, you can save up to three of your custom settings as presets for future use!

We can't wait to see what games the community comes up with, and the carnage that will come from it.

Finally, we'll be setting a special challenge with an in-game reward, for those brave enough, with the launch of the Custom Difficulty update. More details on that soon!

Unlike it's predecessor, Sunny Meadows is crammed full of things to make it feel used, abandoned, and messy.

The hallways are far from empty, they're scattered with the remains of what used to be; beds, moved bookshelves, rubble, and chairs. Not only does this create more visual diversity, but it also makes those tense chase sequences more stressful, as you have to find the path between these new obstacles.

Even the hospital wing has dividers, beds, and wheelchairs blocking your path...

Sunny Meadows has several different sections, each with their own theme and assets. Some areas are designed to be completely different, like the yard or chapel, to make each investigation feel unique.

Dont get caught out in the open while searching for orbs...

What other secrets does this abandoned asylum hold?

That's it for Development Preview #5. We'll catch you with some more teasers soon!

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord: https://discord.gg/phasmophobia
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