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Hey Reddit,

I'm a dad of a 13-year-old who is really into gaming, and recently, they've been asking to play Phasmophobia. I did some research and found out that the game is rated 16+. This has me a bit puzzled, as I want to understand why it's not considered suitable for younger teens, say around 13. From what I've seen, it's a cooperative ghost-hunting game, and while it seems spooky, I wonder if the content truly justifies a 16+ rating.

I get that the game involves players communicating with ghosts and investigating haunted locations, which can be eerie and intense. However, at 13, my child has already been exposed to similar horror elements in movies and other games that are rated for younger audiences. Are the themes and scares in Phasmophobia significantly more mature or disturbing compared to those? What specific elements push it into the 16+ category?

I've read that the game doesn't feature gore or extreme violence, which are often reasons for higher age ratings. The primary focus appears to be on atmosphere and psychological horror. Is it the level of tension and fear that makes it unsuitable for younger teens? I want to ensure my child is not exposed to content that might be too intense or traumatic, but I also don't want to overly restrict their gaming experiences if the rating might be overly cautious.

Any insights from parents or gamers familiar with Phasmophobia would be really helpful. I'm trying to strike a balance between being protective and allowing my child to enjoy age-appropriate gaming. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Hey, the main reason is because of "drug references" which is from the sanity medication. As well as some light use of blood, the ghost kills you and the multiplayer aspects. Without the sanity medication, we would have a lower rating.