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Co-op play, hero progression, three new playable heroes – play Pagan Online this weekend.
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The new version of the game will be released on Origin soon.

Dear Cube World Community,

I think this is the right place for this. This is where it all started, where my little passion project came to life and became something much bigger.

Here is my explanation why everything took me so long, why there were no updates and so on...

When I released Cube World back in 2013 on our homepage, I was enthusiastic to finally share my game with you. It was a dream come true for me, I wanted to be a game developer since I was a kid.

As some of you might remember, we got DDoS'ed as soon as we opened the shop. It might sound silly, but this event traumatized me and kind of broke something inside me. I never told anyone about it, and I don't want to go into the details, but I'm dealing with anxiety and depression ever since. Social media didn't improve it, as you might imagine. I'm still not sure if it's a good idea to tell the world about it, but I wanted to give the fans an explanation.

There were several points in the past years where I considered releasing an update, but every time I was afraid it wasn't good enough. I'm also a bit pefectionist and it made me rework everything from scratch several times. The version I'm planning to release is basically Cube World 2.0. There are still many things I'd like to add in the future, but I think the version is already fun.

I hope some of you will enjoy the upcoming release. I'm currently working on the new homepage and still want to add some lore-related things to the game before the release.

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All PC & PS4 servers will come offline at the below times/dates for maintenance:
  • PC: Monday, November 25 at 3:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM GMT
  • PS4: Tuesday, November 26 at 2:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM GMT
Downtime for each maintenance period is expected to last up to 1 hour. Patch notes:
  • Reduces performance hitches related to input processing
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when logging into multiple characters
  • World Map screen now correctly sizes at all supported resolutions
  • Brings data and assets required for 31 days of Auraximas Holiday sale
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Read the letter HERE. Watch the EG7 Community Update video HERE.
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We appreciate the response and suggestions! If you have further feedback around the plans shared in our development letter, please add them to the thread, this feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks!
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