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I’m in a game with my friend, it seems that I have the upper hand on the middle and the left side, but he is conquering on the right. I put some catapults with the hope that those kill his tridentions, but they don’t one-shot them… I think some cities on my right are gone. Do you have any suggestions about how to win and become more powerful? I have many of those battleships, but he’s spamming tridentions and has a lot of them already, I can’t enter a city, because he kill every troop who enters, I tried with that capes, I don’t know if they are called so, but I meen the troops that are invisible to him and can infiltrate a city. It didn’t work; he kills all the troops in 1 turn with his tridentions, also I’m getting lower on the left and middle; he’s killing all my battleships, please help me! I’ll try to take tomorrow a screenshot and upload it, I’ll be very grateful for any help.

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Originally posted by Krraddogg

Yeah, well... You're probably f**ked.

Given the map size you should have an eco advantage (because Aquarion sucks at this), and once you do : Battleships are a lot more expensive but still stronger than tridentions. If you can't win these fights, it means that OP tridentions (best unit in the game.), won.

Hopefully the upcomming naval rework will make this more entertaining both for the Aquarion and non-Aquarion players.

I'm a very experienced player, but I have yet to see how you are supposed to defeat truly-late game Aquarion... Because these f**king tridentions are OP.

By the way, dear u/Zoythrus, please do something about that (10hp) before release.

Don't worry, we're very aware.