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Polaris lore is probably the most messed up out of all the tribes.

We went from: Gaamis are extradimensional benefactors who offers Polaris magical ice constructs to help them satisfy their aeon-long thirst of revenge.

Then we learned that the things we call Gaami are just magical (?) ice constructs and the real Gaamis are piloting the robots from their own world, while they wait the Polaris to freeze the whole Square.

But why are waiting that to happen? That's becase the Square it's too hot for them to live in. The Gaamis decieved the Polaris to terraform the world they want to conquer.

Yes, it's canon that once you win a match with Polaris, the true Gaamis invade the Square and kill all the Polaris (and any other Polytopian).

And now we learn that Polaris people don't even do all of that on their own will:

This post clearly shows that Gaamis are tyrants that force (actually enslave) your entire population to declare total war to with the sole intent to invade your own world, that you slowly see die before your eyes because you are forced to terraform it for them.

You don't agree with their intents? Just chill bro

Yeah, pretty much!

We can confirm, though, that 99.9% of the Polaris population is happy or otherwise content with the rule of their "benevolent" saviors.

Yes, the occasional dissident is bound to happen, but ultimately, the Polaris as a whole believe that the Gaami have their best interests in mind (even if it's all a lie).

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What do you mean try to? It got away, I was fully prepared for the Gaami to freeze it

Who says it got away off screen?

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Random thought: how likely are Polaris dissidents to get away, and if they do how likely is it that due to the nature of the Cymanti they get absorbed into them?

Virtually zero.

This Polaran citizen didn't have a chance.

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The Gaami looks a bit too small relative to the Polytopian. Polytopians are 4 inches tall while Gaamis are 3 feet tall, 9 times taller.

We took some creative liberties. :P