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Note: 2 or 3 people replied to my recent suggestions saying that my suggestions are too "Modern" So, This is less "Modern" And some 1991 stuff. Idea #1: Tractors, Tractors are added with the Farming tech, They Increase The Benifits of a Farm, They Produce 2 Stars Per turn, When you upgrade the tractor, it Turns into construction vehicles (Visible when level 2) It gives you 3 or 4 stars per turn. Idea #2: Fishing Boats, Fishing boats where a idea I pulled out of cities skylines and I thought it could be here. The Fishing Boat Automatically collects fish, Giving 1 resource point (Fish) Every 7 turns. Idea #3: Education Tech tree upgrade: This upgrade allows for Schools and School Busses to be made, Schools are built next to the Capital City, Once a upgrade is made, 1 school bus will be added to the school (1 extra star per turn) and if the school is level 5 (max) All workshops in all of the owners cities will produce 16 stars Automatically (once) and It costs 19 stars to upgrade a school by one level. Extra Note: I am not Organized and this is a "Mid Effort Post" So I didn't describe many details and I am not 100% And I am pretty sure that this is a overdone post, I probaly won't check over this and I will take this post down if I find a issue.

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We have no interest in moving the game outside its "Medieval" theming and setting.