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We need to talk about Cymanti. I'm beating a dead horse, I know. But I dont care - it needs to be said again, and I'll keep saying it.

Prior to the update Cymanti made up about ~40% of players on tiny and small multiplayer maps. The rest was approx 20% Bardur, 20% Elyrion, 10% Vengir and 10% other tribes. This was bad enough.

Since the update, Bardur has been nerfed to hell. They can no longer rush giants and catapults like they used to, so it appears that Bardur player counts have dropped off a cliff. Vengir players have also noticeably reduced.

The team divide I'm seeing now, is quite literally, about 70% Cymanti, 20% Elyrion, and 10% Bardur/Vengir/Oumaji. This is insane, and it is ruining the game. I actually MISS Bardur and Vengir now.

Im not here to debate whether Cymanti are OP or not - it's not really relevant to what im saying. I've played about 4000 multiplayer games, many against Cymanti. Some I win, some I lose. They are frustrating to play against, but above all, they are so unbelievably common and so incredibly boring to play against. Every single game is just fending off boosted hexapods and desperately trying not to let the centipedes they rush to build out of control. This is no longer fun.

inb4 the "skill issue" crew appear. This is a sentiment that has been echoed by players over and over and over and over. Look:












Im certain Midjiwan knows the player counts are overwhelmingly high for Cymanti. Why they wont do anything about it, I dont really understand. Besides, its not my business.

But please, please for the love of god, let us disable tribes in multiplayer. All I'm suggesting is let it be 1 and only 1 tribe. Please u/Zoythrus. We're begging you.

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Originally posted by Samuel505952

I'll speak for u/Zoythrus here, and say that he has said many many times again and again that there will be a special tribe rework planned for all of the specials. That, and also a fix/update to the new map generator. All we can do is just be patient

Thank you.

Yes, we know, we're getting there.