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I play the game as usual but like every 10 seconds my frames drop from 160 to 5 and it is really irritating playing with it especially when I see someone and try to shoot them but the game freezes for a second and I miss. Please fix this, it is super annoying and irritating.
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Hi TickleMyArmpits! I'm terribly sorry to hear that you've been experiencing frame drops like this in Rainbow Six Siege. Your annoyance is absolutely understandable since this has such an effect on your gameplay and experience in-game overall. That being said, I'd be glad to provide some suggestions to help get this improved. For starters, please verify the game's files in Uplay. Doing so will replace any missing or corrupted files that may have popped up and started causing problems, like crashing, FPS drops, etc. I generally recommend completing this after patches since it ensures everything required for the game is properly installed! Then, I would advise running the game as an administrator. Granting games admin rights is great to do as it unlocks permissions and allows the game full rights to operate on your system. Afterward, please be sure to complete the other steps in our technical troubleshooting guide. That guide contains steps that are often the solution to varying technical and performance problems.

However, if none of these suggestions help or make any improvements, please upload your MSinfo file in a case at support.ubi.com. Our technical team would be more than happy to provide the necessary assistance to get your FPS stabilized. Thank you!

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