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I got disconnected during an unranked game today while we were leading to 3:1. This is my second disconnect and I got a ban of 1 hour now. This is absolutely idiotic, unfair and not user friendly at all. Fix these or I will stop playing your game. FYI I was playing with my clan mates and they got DC and Ban too. So it is not isolated only to me. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum, VeteranGralorn, and thanks for posting about this disconnect. That sounds very frustrating indeed.

We've had no reports of any issues with our servers recently, so I recommend making sure to check out our connectivity guide. In particular, make sure you've reset your network hardware, gone wired if possible, and consider contacting your ISP so they can help you set up your router as per our guidance in the article.

If you're still getting connection issues after those steps, let me know, and I'll have some further troubleshooting steps for you