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Ubi should really fix the hit-detection because most of the time people just kill people by shooting air (i know the game is server heavy)
i was playing a game with some friends where i was running on the roof of coastline where a person with 80 ping shoot after my head put didn't hit me and the kill-cam show him shoot the air (had a ping around 28 atm on "EU-west")

same thing happens on skyscraper where i was running out into a Kali and then Kali shoot at me first but i still got him/her even tho it had picked up the shot at my end and there was a hit sound too but no DMG taken from it.. (Me and Kali almost had the same ping "20-30")...

(Note: No red plug or connection problem in those matches)

Year 4 was not this bad in hit-detection after what i remember so something has changed in Year 5 and should really be fixed..
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Hello! Apologies for not seeing your thread sooner.

We have received more reports as of late that hit detection is not working correctly; I believe you are correct in what you are saying.

Feedback has been forwarded back to the R6S team and they will improve in any way they can.

Thank you!