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Since support chat is unavailable atm I've been wondering has anyone had a similar problem - I kept getting the 2-0x0000d00a error, so I've reset my internet card settings, and now there is no error, just no match can be found. The game has been trying to find one for over 11 minutes now. Any ideas what could be causing this? The server status is ok so its clearly something on my side.

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Hey @Dokka-BAE4EVER, thank you for reaching out about this connection error! I'd be more than happy to look into this issue further and assist you with some troubleshooting. To start off, let's get the steps in this FAQ article completed including port forwarding. Those steps will eliminate most common causes for similar connection issues and help me to further narrow down what is making this error. After they are all completed successfully, please let me know if you're still unable to find a match and I'll be able to assist you further. πŸ™