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I have notice that the server is working properly on pc but my game stuck at the "please wait while we connect you to the Rainbow Six Siege server". Sometimes I would be able to enter the main menu but it said that the alpha pack is not available and i can buy any more operator. During operator picking phase, the operator that I do not own would just vanish in the screen.

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Hm. Which API are you running for Siege? Also, just as a precaution, are you running BitDefender on your PC at all?
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Originally posted by Zarq: I have no idea, and I have no idea, how to check it?

So, if you boot up in Vulkan you usually have to clock on something that says "R6 Siege Vulkan"
Bitdefender is an antivirus! You can just check you computer to see if you're using it as an antivirus.
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Hey @SongQii, thanks for reaching out, welcome to forums and sorry to hear about the multiple issues you've been facing.

These are all likely to be related to connectivity, therefore so that we could look into it, if issues persists, can you advise us what platform you play on?