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Me and my freinds played as a full stack in ranked. after a couple of secondswe all got kicked because of a connection failure. We all got a ban. some hours. others 24hours. so we got BANNED just for a connection failure because your server are terrible? this gotta be a joke. we all lose MMR.
18 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link
Hey there Z4RO, welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear you got disconnected, causing an MMR loss and a ban. That certainly sounds very frustrating.

I've mentioned in Keenact already, and just to reiterate, we've had no reports of issues with our servers over the past few days. As such, I'd recommend making sure to check out connectivity guide, and make sure to follow all of its steps (but especially resetting your network hardware, going wired if you can, and contacting your ISP to request their help in setting up your router correctly).

If you find you continue to have connection issues, let me know, as I'll have further troubleshooting steps you can try.