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so I reported multiple mnk players with direct proof of them cheating and their gamer tags about 2-3 weeks ago. So today i decided to look back at their page to see if they made a post about them being banned or what not. But come to my surprise they weren't banned and still were playing with an mnk and on the account(s) that I reported. So I'm starting to get the feeling that Ubisoft says they don't want people to use mnk and third party adapters but when presented with proof they don't take action against these cheaters. so my question is why haven't people been banned who post themselves cheating on YouTube/ tik tok ( I know Ubisoft employees are most likely not watching over the siege community on tik tok, but a large number of people out themselves cheating on there.) Although the second platform is a bit harder to monitor you can still have people submit videos of people cheating from tik tok. YouTube though is what I don't get. You can easily monitor it by just searching along the lines of "mnk console champ" or "mnk XIM settings" etc. So I think it would be pretty cool if Ubisoft could put down their fist and say enough is enough and start banning these people.

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I appreciate you’re eager to know Ubisoft’s stance on console players using Keyboard and Mouse in-game. This is a complex topic involving hardware, live services, and security.

We are working to deliver a global and reliable solution for detection but do not have more info yet as investigations are ongoing.

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