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So I recently got a pc which im using now, and made a new xbox account. When I tried to link my old xbox account to my ubisoft account so that i could get all of my cross progression stuff, it had automatically linked my new xbox account with nothing on it. I then tried unlink the new account and link my main account but it doesnt let me because It linked the new account permanently. I tried to make a new ubisoft account so that I could link my original xbox account to it, but then when I tried to load up siege on pc, it says I dont own the game. I am extremely frustrated and broke so i do not want to spend another $20. does anyone have advice for what i should do?

2 months ago - ubi-smash - Direct link

Hey @BUG-YOKO! Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums, and welcome! My apologies for the issues you are having with linking your accounts, but we'd be happy to check this out with you one-on-one! To do so, please create a support ticket with the accounts you would like to link correctly. You may also contact us via private message on Twitter and Facebook. Any inquiries you may have, please feel free to let us know! 🙂

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