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For the past week or so now all of my friends on siege come up as offline even when they're online. I've tried clearing my cache, reinstalling both ubisoft connect and siege, pretty much every solution ubisoft support has thrown at me and even after the most recent update, my friends are still showing as offline. I bought siege on a different account too and my friends show up as they should on that so I've been using that to play with friends. I'm kinda running out of ideas on how I can get my actual account back working, I don't really play solo and I wanna get back into playing ranked.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? If so, how did you sort it out? I'll take any suggestions lmao

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Hey there @Cpt_Buff, thanks for reaching out! I can confirm that this has been reported to our investigation team and they are aware of the issue. They are working on a fix, but we do not have an ETA at this time. As soon as we get an update, we'll announce it through our official channels for everyone. πŸ™