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This appears to be a Siege issue as I can not use steam overlay/screenshot ONLY in siege when I'm in gameplay (prep phase / during the match as a whole, even in Training Grounds/T-Hunt).
I have re-enabled steam overlay through Steam itself, and through the game properties, and reinstalled Siege. I do not have this issue otherwise.
I can access the overlay while
- During pick phase (spawn/operator)
- Main Menu
- End-match leaderboard
I think the Y6S2.1 Patch may have done something as the problem occurred one day prior to the issue, (probably due to the patch going live) and continues to this day.
I haven't seen anyone else have this problem.
It's been a minor inconvenience sure, but greatly annoying overtime as I can't share if something funny happens or to use as evidence for problems in Siege.
19 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link
Thanks very much for reporting this to us, gamerrman123 - certainly very unusual to have the Steam Overlay not function during gameplay, but work fine during menus I'd really like to investigate!

Please start by verifying the game files in Steam, just in case something about your install is blocking the overlay during gameplay.

If it still doesn't work, please try changing your Steam Overlay shortcut, just for testing purposes. Their guide shows where this can be done. Can the overlay be launched when set to another keybind?

Once I've got answers to these questions, I'll go ahead and report this to our dev teams to investigate further. Thanks very much for your help!