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The games been out for so long and yet the **** operators are still **** and the best are still at the top.

It's become a bit of a running joke with me and the person I play with that whenever we see someone main ash and jaeger, they are guaranteed MVP, but more often than not it's genuinely how it goes.

I find it mad that the game has been out this long without the meta ever really changing. 3 speeds have been better than their alternatives since the game first launched. If you averaged out who you played against in terms of attackers and defenders over a bunch of ranked games there not really that many picks that you will see..and yet new ops keep coming out.

At this point I would much rather they tried to balance existing ops to change this stale meta than keep releasing new ones. Especially as 3 armours seem so pointless. Anyone else agree? Or am I alone in wishing they would stop releasing new ops?
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How do you feel about the changes we just recently made to both Jaeger and Ash on the TTS? Do you think that will change things up a little bit?