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My game crashes sometimes towards the end of a match and we just won 4-1 against a team, while there was 1 person on the enemy team left and we are about to win my game crashes. not only does it count as a loss for me but i also get a penalty. i was contributing to the team the whole game and was even alive when i crashed. ubisoft please do something. the game detects i crashed and ask me to send a crash report. so why do i get a penalty if i crashed. and count as a loss.

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Hey there @frownclown and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions!

I'm sorry to hear you experience crashes towards the end of your matches in R6S. To attempt to resolve this issue, I'd recommend following all the steps from this article, regarding the troubleshooting of technical issues on PC. These should prevent your game from crashing!

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