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i just got this one for the ps4 from the 2nd hand game shop and i will have to give it a try in a bit but absolutely dreading it as my ps4 console has this random eject disc problem, it could do it at any time and i remember playing the last of us part 2 and it kept ejecting disc over and over again about 15 minutes in to the game lol i have to restart ps4 and keep trying again. all being well i should get some play on seige. from what i heard it was the 1st wave of ps4 consoles that had this eject disc randomly thing, i really should get a new console to start enjoying the recent gaming experience. ive got the standard edition version of the game and ill probably play offline abit to get the feel but it's probably similar controls to rainbow 6 vegas 2 anyway.
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Hey, chokeslam007!

Thanks for getting in touch about this. As this is not something you need support with and is a console-specific issue we have moved this thread to the general section.