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In the lobby it says I am on US-West-2 servers with 24 ping, but in game it automatically switches to Central US servers, where I have 70 ping. Why is this? This has definitely caused me some inconvenience as I’ve been on 80 ping consistenty for the last couple weeks and I can’t beat people on lower ping. I know you can not change your data center manually on console, but I believe there is a glitch where Us-west-2 servers aren’t working properly, all my friends are experiencing this issue and I know other people on Twitter as well. I’ve tried all trouble shoot steps. I’m playing on a Xbox series S, i have talked to Ubisoft support on twitter but they told me to talk about this on Ubisoft discussions. It is definitely not my wifi as on other games my ping is on 20.

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@itsxsaith Hey there! Thanks for reaching out about this. I'll be happy to pass this information along to our teams. As you know, you cannot manually change your data center on console, however, can you please go through the steps in our Xbox Connectivity Troubleshooting guide to see if this helps at all?

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