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This problem is there for quite a time, but only recently i've realized this happens, with an "artillery barage" of freezes of at least 3-4 seconds, after i alt + tab. Dunno why, but when i do this, maybe when i am dead and meantime i go search google or youtube for something, when i alt tab back, this happens, latench message in the corner, then alot of freezes. Is there a reason why this happens? Because months ago didn't happened this at all. And any possible way to fix this?

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@Sirius_Tenzo Hi !

I've taken note of your report regarding latency Issues when using Alt+Tab in Rainbow Six: Siege.

The thread has been moved to the Player Support section of the forum, to bring it the bets possible visibility.

For the purpose of our investigation, in order to isolate the Issue, I invite you to let us know the following :

👉 Does the problem still happen after using another display mode, such as borderless for example ?

👉 If yes, I invite you to check the steps of our dedicated PC troubleshooting guide, which helps solve most of the problems encountered on that platform

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions, or for any other Issue !

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