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I have started with 30 Elo a game at the start of the season instead of 100+

Hello so I have had a Issue with My Rainbow 6 account since day one of the season.... and I even spent the extra 10 bucks to get the battle pass for skins and cosmetics for the game. The issue developed when on R6 tracker the site I was checking my MMR per match after my 5th match into the season even in my placement matches i was making 30 - 35 MMR a game compared to the 100+. I have contacted the Ubisoft Support for 4 times and this time I am reaching out into the forum to see if it can get fixed by the developers or whoever can actually fix it, so I can actually enjoy the game and have progression. Is there anyone who knows a willing fix to the MMR bug or am I just gonna have to deal with 30 MMR a game or is there a way where developers can reset my MMR placements so I may be able to actually enjoy the game. At this moment in service of the Ubisoft Support / Developers they have done poor service and I have been asking for this fix for DAYS so far this company is being a 3 / 10 for me.
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Hey there folks.

We are looking into this at the moment. Please keep an eye on the forums for updates.