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Solar Raid has been an amazing Seasonal addition to Siege already. Solace is balanced and Nighthaven Labs is a great Map. There are some main concerns though that everyone on PC, including Console players, have been complaining about though. (1.) Placement Matches will probably need added back by Year 8 Season 1 because players are already realizing how long grinding is actually going to take. Currently in Y7S4 it takes 38 Matches without losing to achieve Emerald Rank status which would arguably be considered a Challenger League type of Rank next to Platinum, while Diamond and Champion would be considered top Pro League Team/Player gameplay. Players around Platinum to Diamond, which are the Ranks players start taking Siege seriously, are reporting the grind time is too much. Players will not have enough time to even enjoy all the other Modes/Content that is a part of Siege if they are spending it in Ranked, because lets face the truth players will not be winning 38 games straight. An estimated Emerald win rate will probably be around 63% avg which leaves enough room for adding in loses which will be around 12 to 20 extra Matches on top of 38 from Copper to Emerald. Most players at that skill range are only playing about 50 Matches max per Season then playing other Modes. Ranked is a fun competitive mode, but players usually tend to move towards the other Modes after hitting a preferred Rank. Rainbow Six Siege is primarily played for the experience it offers, not just for its Ranked Mode. Ubisoft should focus more on allowing its player base overall to enjoy everything Siege has to offer including QM, TDM, T-Hunt, UnRanked, and the permanent Arcade Mode that will be added in the future. In total, including Ranked, Siege would offer 6 Modes. (2.) Ranked needs updated by Y8S1 to read your last 6 Seasonal Placement Ranks to be your avg MMR total. Ranked has changed dramatically since Secure The Area & Hostage were removed from Ranked which adds a differentvalue to your MMR value that is currently meshed with Bomb Game Mode statistics. Let's find out what each players avg MMR for Bomb is by updating to an avg MMR value for Y8S1. Another change that could add pleasantry to UnRanked is by adding the same way we matchmake in Ranked to be applied to UnRanked based on Y8S1 changes, not by UnRanked functioning like QM. UnRanked is supposed to be Competitive but also fair. Currently in Y7S4 I as a Gold player can vs Diamond & Champion players, this is unfair and when I'm practicing to vs Gold/Plat players I need to be ready for their playstyles not out of my skill range. QM should be the Mode where anything can happen and you can vs anyone along with TDM & Arcade Mode.

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